Some TV Mounting and Installation Tips

So you’ve just received your TV wall mount on your front step and no you’re ready to install. Upgrading your home TV setup with a wall mount can make for truly immersive viewing experience, something you’re sure to enjoy. Regardless of  how handy you are though, you may encounter certain challenges in mounting your TV. Here are some tips, guidelines, and installation tips to hang onto before you jump into setting up your TV wall mount.


Every TV has VESA specifications. Ensure the TV wall mount you have matched up to your VESA specifications. VESA measurements identify where the holes are placed in the back of the TV.

Ensure it’s level.

No one wants to install their TV on a wall mount and step back to find that things aren’t level. Adjusting a TV wall mount after installation is very difficult. You’ll have to take things down and start from square one. So be sure to use a level to verify a solid install.

Find the studs.

Your TV needs a sturdy stud to hang on and so you’ll need a stud finder. If your studs aren’t correctly spaced out to hang a TV, you’ll need a mounting plate. Thankfully, most TV wall mounts from PrimeCables come with mounting plates. Please note that without studs, your wall likely won’t support a TV. If you try to install anyway, the TV could create a tear in the wall that’s hard to fix.

Hiding your cables.

As pretty as a TV can look after it’s installed on a mount, when you see tangled home theater cables hanging down, things suddenly don’t look so great. Thankfully, there are cable ties and other strategies which you can use with your TV wall mount to help keep things looking good. Consider picking up a few of these inexpensive accessories while you’re shopping for a TV wall mount.

Choose the right spot.

Installing a TV wall mount, you can’t just do it anywhere. You need the right angle and position in the room to help minimize glare and to combat lighting conditions. You also don’t want your TV to be positioned too high as it could be tough to watch. Anything above a fireplace needs to also be handled with care. Give some serious thought to the different positions in the room you may be able to use.

These are just the basics to TV mounting and installations. Shop a variety of TV wall mounts from Canada’s own PrimeCables today.

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