Something Good to Know about TV Wall Mounts

TV wall mounts produce a more immersive, theatrical look in a home theater environment while elevating your screen to a more natural, comfortable position from which to view. 1,000s are purchased every year by Canadian households looking to upgrade their home theater setups.

Regardless of the type of TV wall mount – such as basic, tilt, fill-motion, or pull-down – you’re also going to save some space in the room as well. As if you don’t already have enough of a reason to check out a TV wall mount for your TV room, here are a few other things we think are worth sharing.

The right TV wall mount for your home.

There are pros and cons to various types of TV wall mounts. Flat mounts are the most basic type, allowing you to position your TV at eye-level and which keeps your flat-screen completely flat against the wall. It’s no frills and inexpensive.

Then, there are tilt mounts which can add a slight adjustment to the angle. This is done to minimize glare from light sources in the room or from the window. Tilt wall mounts tend to stick out from the wall a little bit which can help if you have devices or cables to connect as well.

Lastly, there are full-motion articulating TV wall mounts and pull-down models. These are the most useful. They are perfect for use over a fireplace or when you want to put your TV in the corner. You can also angle the position any which way you like. That said, they are heavier and require more caution in the installation.

Where to position your TV wall mount.

When mounting a TV, you need to ensure it’s in the right location in the room. Measure the size of the TV so that you know it fits. Find the studs in the wall on which you can install your TV and rest assured in knowing it’s properly supported. Decide what the best viewing angle is so that you’re not installing your mount too high or too low.

Cheap v. expensive wall mounts.

A TV wall mount isn’t just a metal bracket design. Cheap mounts are built from soft steel usually and generally don’t have the same hardware to them. They can also struggle to maintain the weight of a flat-screen long-term, could rust and fail if positioned in a humidor outside environment, and are generally not so great to use.

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