Something Important you Should Know before Choosing Curved or Flat Monitors

The debate in the gaming community between curved and flat monitors is something with no definitive answer. Choosing a gaming monitor, you have to think about what you need to use it for.

It’s not all about price. Things like size, resolution, and display aspect ratio are also important factors. Does the picture have the smoothness you want it to or do you need something with a higher refresh rate and faster response time – questions like this are so important in gaming.

Curved monitors are no doubt a tech advancement over standard flat gaming monitors. As manufacturers continue to produce more curved monitors and pricing has come down, you may be persuaded to choose a curved monitor.

Here’s the way we see it in the debate between curved and flat monitors. Going back to where curved monitors come from, contemporary curved monitors were inspired by movie theater screens which have a slight curve to them.

From no matter where one sits in a movie theater, this curve creates a truly immersive viewing perspective for all to see. In your living room or at your gaming station, it works the same. Curved monitors are all about immersion and they accomplish this better than any flat monitor can.

For Canadians who can’t justify paying the extra for a curved monitor, some might be able to justify a flat monitor. There are some 1080p 4K flat monitors well worth considering. That said, curved monitors still offer a style that is more natural to how the human visual system works. The viewing angles are wider and you may find your game play more enhanced. Be it a car chase, sports simulation games, or an action-adventure, it all tends to look more impressive in a curved monitor.

One of the most impressive curved monitors for game play in Canada is the 27” curved monitor 1080p from PrimeCables. Built in a super thin design, it has a fixed base but can also be used in conjunction with a TV wall mount. Delivering a premium gaming experience, see improved gaming precision, a higher refresh rate, a fast response time, and customize it with multiple inputs.

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