8K UHD Video Cables to Get Your Home Theater Ready for What’s Next

The world’s loving their 4K right now but what home theater lovers know all too well is that 8K video’s already on the market.

The next iteration in high quality video quality is 8K, a significant step above its predecessor. Although streaming services like Netflix and cable TV providers haven’t introduced 8K video capability yet, when they do, we’re ready.

An underrated and large part in the 8K home theater buying process is the cables. After all, if you’ve got an 8K signal being transmitted on a 1080p cable, you won’t ever achieve the 8K experience. You’ve got to have 8K-ready HDMI cables to make it happen. The same issue occurred when the world moved from 1080p to 4K. Home theater owners had to upgrade all cables to 4K. Instead of waiting for that reality, prepare in advance.

Buy 8K HDMI cables ultra-high speed 48Gbps from PrimeCables today and be ready. Very inexpensive, they’re just like having a 4K cable expect the tech in them takes things even further. We also have 8K DisplayPort cables which are another way to approach getting your home prepared for the revolution that’s on the cusp of hitting. 8K TVs are here and while 4K’s become a standard, it’s almost made 4K old news. For now and in the future, 8K is where the home entertainment world is focused on.

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Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and cable TV channels are all exploring a potential upgrade to 8K level video content. It’s only a matter of time before it happens. Just to put that into perspective, 4K delivers a perspective of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels. If you’ve seen it, we do not have to tell you, it looks amazing! Get ready to be blown away by 8K though, which a big perspective upgrade at 7,680 by 4,320 pixels. Not only that but 8K screens will arrive with more evolved upscaling features that helps to make older content look even better.

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Is now the time to switch to an 8K home theater system – that’s not for us to say. An easy, affordable purchase you can make to get your current system closer to 8K is through a readied HDMI or DisplayPort cable. Keep in mind there are already 8K TV models available to buy from Samsung, LG, and others. If you want to do 8K today, you absolutely can.

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Get all your 4K cables, 8K cables, and other home theater accessories from Canada’s PrimeCables. Get them sent right to your front door and equip your home entertainment setup with everything it needs to be absolutely top-of-the-line. 8K’s worth the upgrade, cable-wise. Purchase yours today.

What’s the Best Screen to Watch 1080p Quality On – Choose Yours!

An incredible home theater is built all around the screen. Whether you are working from a flat-screen, projector screen, or computer monitor, the quality of the screen and the components included in its design dictates everything about the picture you’re viewing.

This September’s Home Theater Month at PrimeCables. TVs, monitors, mounts, projectors, and more are on big discount. You can go super big with a 55” screen, tap into the powers of a projector, or save space with something more economical and beneficial to your needs.

Let’s start with your 55” 4K home theater TV. A home theater system on automatic will always choose a large sized TV like this. Depending on the room and if you’re watching with a family, this may be the right screen to enjoy HD TV on. Alternatively, if it’s a smaller room, a great viewing experience doesn’t rely on size for enjoyability.

A step down in size are 43” and 32” models which will bring down that cost by 50-75%. If you’re working in a condo or bedroom, a flat-screen like this may be all you need. Team it with a wall mount and a Bluetooth stereo sound bar, and you now have everything you need to consume amazing larger-than-life media.

For a picture that’s equally crisp and large, and if you really want to make an impression with friends and family, a projector for home theater is a great investment. This may be an anti-screen choice but it does create a very immersive environment. It’s like having your own private home cinema. I mean, that’s essentially what it is, isn’t it? With a projector, you can enlarge video as needed. There aren’t any boundaries to how big or small a picture can be, though you may sacrifice some quality on super, super large viewing.

If you’re a gamer, you likely know the challenges that come with playing a game on a home theater flat-screen. A lot of gamers forego the usual 1080p TV and choose a gaming monitor, curved or flat. All in high-definition picture quality, you’re getting a lot of added support to maximize your game play while minimizing quality interference with your video. The most popular contemporary computer monitor is a curved gaming monitor, of which there are still a few remaining on sale 27 inches in size right now!

If home theater begins and ends with your screen, like we would argue, choose wisely. PrimeCables deals are on for the remainder of September but the end of the sale is coming fast. You’ve only for a few weeks to pick up your next home theater screen. Urgent! It’s only while supply lasts. Don’t wait. Drop on by to PrimeCables today.

What Are Our Best Selling Home Theater and Tech for August – read here!

Canadians love shopping PrimeCables every summer as they find deals here they won’t find anywhere else. Save $100s off premium home theater cables, accessories, tech, and more. Inventory’s been flying off our warehouse shelves all summer long. Here’s some of our best-selling tech in Canada this August 2019.

HDTV antenna

Enjoy free local over-the-air TV as well as programming from major American networks with this indoor HDTV antenna. Built thin and easily placed almost anywhere in the home, keep it in plain view or hide it as you see fit. It’s as easy as unwrapping it, plugging it in, and scanning channels.

720p 32” bedroom TV

The perfect TV for any small condo, dorm, apartment, or bedroom, this 720p 32” bedroom television is a great starting point for a home theater. The picture looks great, the 60Hz refresh rate’s a smooth feature, and dual 10-watt speakers work well at delivering high quality sound.

Android TV box

4K HD streaming direct to your TV. This X96 4K Android smart TV box is absolutely amazing, connecting you to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Do you want a smart TV but don’t want to buy another flat-screen? This is your workaround, running fast and stable for home entertainment setups anywhere in Canada.

HDMI Ethernet cables with Nylon protection

Fast speeds encased in an HDMI cable with Nylon protection and Ethernet functionality never came this cheap before. For less than $6, receive a gold-plated HDMI cable perfect for your computer, TV, and home theater needs.

Bookshelf speakers 2-way pair

Though small in size, the quality of the sound in these bookshelf speakers is quite profound. Listen in with excellent clarity and detail. Perfect for a small home theater system in a dorm room, condo or apartment, or in a bedroom, this is your opportunity to get excellent sound regardless of what you’re working with budget-wise.

Stereo Bluetooth soundbar

If you don’t want to go the bookshelf speaker route, another way to have high quality sound is through a stereo Bluetooth soundbar. With Bluetooth capability, this means you can not only connect TVs and laptops to it but you can connect iPads, Androids, smartphones, tablets, and anything else with connectivity built-in.

Magnetic 360-degree car mount

A summer road-trip must-have, instead of struggling with your smartphone or GPS in seats, cup holders, and around the driver’s seat, get this magnetic smartphone car mount. All you have to do is stick your smartphone on it and you’re good to go on your next adventure!

Get these trendy, affordable home theater and tech products from Canada’s own PrimeCables this August. Save yourself hassle and inconvenience. Get yourself the products you need to live comfortably and enjoy your media the way you want to have it!

Why an X96 Smart TV Box is a Must-Buy for Your Flat-Screen

A monthly TV subscription in Canada is very expensive, with companies like Rogers and Bell seemingly raising prices with each passing year. A smart alternative is the X96 smart TV box. No smart TV? Now you can have one and you don’t need to spend $100s or $1,000s on a new TV either. The X96 is a mini Android TV box, a recommended purchase for anyone who doesn’t already have access to built-in smart functionality on their flat-screen.

The technology of a TV box is simple. It runs on Android, and provides you a way to watch TV, movies, and streaming services on your TV without hassle. If you’re unfamiliar with smartphones, computers, and how to stream to your TV, this is a very, very easy way to do it. This makes the x96 a popular Christmas, holiday, or birthday gift for parents and grandparents, is a nice back to school gift for college or university students, and is a nice way to upgrade any TV. In fact, more and more Canadians are choosing a TV box like the X96, for all these reasons.

The X96 mini Android box comes with some pre-installed apps including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Think of it like having a smartphone in your TV, without having to connect anything other than the box. Specifications on this box include a quad core processor up to 1.7 GHz, an HDMI interface which supports 4K Ultra-HD, and a reliable, stable home entertainment interface ready to be customized to your liking. You also have the ability to get connected to WiFi or Ethernet via your box.

Smart TVs have become all the rage, in this day and age. Apple TVs are highly sought after, expensive though. There are a number of other smart TV manufacturers but the problem with enjoying a smart TV is you need to replace your whole TV and on top of that, you’re going to pay more. A smart TV box is an easy work-around, letting you enjoy videos, music, photos, movies, media, Android games, and more. For a family, this is the perfect device to step up your game entertainment-wise.

As if that wasn’t enough, when you buy your X96 Android smart TV box from PrimeCables, you receive an advanced OS and high-performance configuration optimized for a flat-screen, a loaded KODI interface with unlimited films, music, videos, and TV waiting, saving you time and trouble downloading them, and H.265 high efficiency video coding capabilities which saves on average 50% bandwidth resources allowing you to watch 4K movies easier than ever.

Shop all your favourite home theater accessories in Canada, smart TV boxes, TVs, TV wall mounts, and more from PrimeCables. Receive premium pricing you won’t find anywhere else and fast, free shipping on all orders above $49.

Is a TV or Monitor Better for My Entertainment System – read here!

Computer monitors used to be exclusively the gamer’s choice for setting up with their console while HD TVs were reserved for home theater enthusiasts. These days, the tech is so advanced that some home entertainment systems will choose a monitor over a TV and vice versa, with gamers installing a 1080p HD television to host game play on. To find out which one is better or more appropriate for your home setup, you’ve got to weigh the pros and cons.

Why a computer monitor for a home theater

Be it curved or flat, computer monitors have many advantages. As they are more in-tune for gamers, they are sometimes more technologically advanced with things like 4K UHD resolution, high resolution gaming capability, HDMI outputs to connect consoles to, and more. Through a gaming monitor like this, you can also pair it with a monitor mount which can range from full motion to dual display setups, or mounts for three or more monitors.

Some of the drawbacks of choosing a computer monitor for a home theater system is that they aren’t necessarily ideal for a traditional living room setup. For example, monitor mounts are designed for desks, not walls. This can make installation tough. The curved monitor concept can also throw some people for a loop, when watching a movie or Netflix on it.

Why a TV for a gaming station or home theater setup

Alternatively, choosing a flat-screen can be a more diverse purchase with the capacity to accommodate a gaming console via HDMI as well as being able to handle regular TV. HD flat-screens are oftentimes less expensive than gaming monitors, which is another plus. In different sizes, they can also be placed in a bedroom, kitchen, or living room with ease. The mix of TV mounts also come in various designs and make installing a TV against a wall way easier than a computer monitor.

A drawback of a HD flat-screen TV is that you may find the quality of picture is less. Unless you want to pay a lot, 720p or 1080p is what you’ll find on most televisions. These are still HD though and to most people, it’s perfect. You don’t need 4K. That said, for other people, 4K’s their preference. Also, gaming on a TV might not have the same technology to work with resulting in several issues attempting to watch game play. If you’re not a gamer though, this evidently shouldn’t be a factor.Choosing between a TV and TV wall mount or a computer monitor and monitor mount is tough. Fortunately, PrimeCables has both as well as all the HDMI cables, gaming accessories, speaker systems, and home theater products you need. Drop on by our website to see more!