What You Need to Know About Buying Ethernet Cables in Canada

So much focus is put on wireless Internet and wireless connectivity that it’s forgotten that it’s Ethernet cable which is the most common network cable for homes and businesses in Canada.

Ethernet cables can come in the form of Cat 5e cables, Cat 6 cables, and Cat 7 cables. ‘Cat’ standing for ‘category’, of course. The number that follows is the generation of the cable. There are specific benefits to obtaining each of these cables and for a limited time, you can buy Ethernet cables from PrimeCables at 30% off!

Cat 7 Ethernet cables are particularly very impressive. They boast an impressive performance, with excellent durability and flexibility. They’re a go-to for gamers and home theater enthusiasts seeking a faster, more reliable connection than what a wireless connection can give. Buying PrimeCables Ethernet cables, you can rest assured you’re going to receive a high quality cable Canada-made. See excellent features as well, such as interference protection, something that’s space-efficient, and always a secure, reliable connection. Speed and reliability is key for any Ethernet cable, and this has it.

If you’re running a complex office network with multiple computers tapped into your Internet, there’s a lot of room there for the connection to go down or for problems to happen. Wireless connections are advancing at a rapid pace but a wired connection has a level of stability to it. Ethernet uses cable which is faster than wireless and more consistent. For businesses and homes downloading large files, an interruption can really mess things up. Fortunately, an Ethernet Cat 7 cable isn’t going to go down. You’ll always be connected. This is why it’s a go-to for offices, gamers who don’t want lagging game play, for anyone downloading large files, or for home theater enthusiasts streaming large-sized Blu-ray level HD videos.

Let’s not forget security – another key point for office connections. WiFi can be hacked while Ethernet can’t. To get into an Ethernet connection, you need to be wired and have a physical attachment. There’s no chance of any hacking or data loss. A WiFi signal can also be interfered with unintentionally with dropped signals, greater latency, and lower speeds. Ethernet doesn’t have this problem.

There are certainly situations wherein WiFi is the preferred selection. If you can’t risk an unstable connection, need to stream or download HD videos, have over a half-dozen devices connected at any given time to your network, or want the utmost security, Ethernet wins out. Buy quality Ethernet cables at 30% off from PrimeCables today for a limited time.

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