What’s a Wireless Display Adapter and How Does it Work

A wireless display adapter allows you to project what’s on your smartphone to your television screen. This makes it easier to share photos, videos, or web content with family and friends. No crowding around your phone needed. If you have something you want to show everybody, screen sharing at its best is found with a wireless display adapter. Here’s a little more info on the specs and where to find one in Canada.

A 4K WiFi Display Dongle can be paired with a TV or projector, taking images and video from Android, Apple, Windows or Linux systems. It’s as easy as plug and play, using an HDMI port. PrimeCables’ model supports 4K UHD display, AirPlay, DLNA, Miracast, and wireless connection. For many home theater smartphone users, having this device can be a big upgrade. It doesn’t get any better than 4K!

Some other creative uses of a wireless adapter in a home theater system is sharing of Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, casting web pages to the TV screen, and playing games. Immediately you will notice when you use one of these that it runs smooth and with no delay. Not all adapters or functionality like this is as smooth. In fact, a lot of the built-in casting systems have such an ugly delay that, for a lot of people, it’s almost not worth using. With this wireless display adapter, you’re good to go with high quality 4K image.

All it takes is plugging it in. Share a funny video at a family gathering, share travel photos with friends, or use it in a professional business presentation. You don’t need excessive wires or computers to make it work. It enlarges the exact image from your smartphone – or laptop – and sends it direct on the big screen in front of everybody. The alternative is using an MHL cable, providing a wired connection to do the same. A wireless display adapter evidently is way more convenient and simple to use.

Buy a wireless adapter in Canada today, connect it into a TV’s HDMI port, and use Miracast to pair your device with it. Anything you feel the need to share, go for it. You can even play downloaded videos or music. This can make DJing a party infinitely more easy to do. Give your image a big, broad presentation without any sacrifice in quality. This is screen transferring or casting at its absolute finest. Get yours today from PrimeCables.

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