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Is an Outdoor TV Antenna Better than an Indoor One – See the Benefits

Despite impressively modern designs and functionality, the perception of TV antennas are that they are old-fashioned, bulky, and aren’t overall a great option for free over-the-air TV. High-definition TV antennas have come a long way over the years. Subscription streaming services aside, a little over-the-air TV access isn’t a bad thing with local news and programming something you won’t necessarily…

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Here is the HDTV Antenna Basic that you Should Know About

Imagine a basic HDTV antenna for under $6 from an established Canadian-made brand. That’s what you get when you browse the pages of PrimeCables. In our catalogue, you’ll find an amazing HDTV antenna which easily stands up as one of the best in Canada.   So what makes it special – well, it’s flat, super thin and easily concealed if…

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See the Advantages of an Outdoor HDTV Antenna compared to an Indoor Model – a Discussion

Choosing to cut the cord in Canada, the next big decision consumers have to make is whether to go with an indoor or outdoor high-definition TV antenna. If this is just dipping your foot in the water of free over-the-air TV, keep in mind that an inexpensive indoor TV antenna for under $5 can be purchased from PrimeCables. For those…

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Set up Free TV for Back to School with this HDTV Antenna for University Students

Imagine free 1080p high-definition TV for a university student. We know how old-fashioned traditional TV might be with the internet out there. That said, nothing beats being able to catch the local news, hockey games, and their favourite shows in real-time. Even just to have a little bit of noise in the room, buying an HDTV antenna on your back…

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PrimeCables’ 48h Birthday Sale – Buy an Outdoor TV Antenna for Cheap in Canada!

PrimeCables’ 48h birthday sale is going to be one for the books! As we are expecting our biggest monthly numbers yet, come and celebrate PrimeCables’ birthday with exclusive deals on TVs, wall mounts, home theater accessories, and yes, outdoor TV antennas. If you have been looking for ways to cut the cord or lower your cable bill, now’s the chance.…

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A Complete Guide for Choosing a TV Wall Mount and Stand

Finding the right mount for your TV has never been easier thanks to the large selection of TV wall mounts and stands at Prime Cables. Please feel free to browse extensively through our TV wall mount category. With free shipping on all orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada, save money today on all 4K, LED, LCD TV wall mounts.…

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How to Choose your TV Antenna

There’s a wide range of different TV antennas to choose from, each designed to amplify digital signals and with varying reception distances. Above other reasons, it ultimately comes down to your preferences and priorities as they pertain to what you need a TV antenna to do.   This amplified digital indoor TV antenna comes with a reception distance of 100…

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