HDTV Antenna 101 – Your Guide To Free Over-The-Air TV in Canada

It’s a smart choice to cut off your cable bills and jump on the HDTV antenna bandwagon. Combined with Internet and streaming services, a TV antenna is a perfect accessory. Tap into real-time TV signals aired for free 24/7. No more monthly bills. HD-quality images and a range of programming.

Where Do I Buy A TV Antenna?

There are two differences in how HDTV antennas are built. There are antennas for indoor and outdoor use. There are also antennas differentiated by reach. The longer the reach, the more channels and signals you are likely to receive.

Some will say outdoor antennas are the best but, in most regions, you can buy an indoor HDTV antenna and more or less receive what you would receive outdoors. With how technology’s progressed, indoor antennas have come a long way.

The best place to buy an HDTV antenna for the best price is online through shops like PrimeCables.ca.

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How Do I Set Up My HDTV Antenna?

Direction is everything when you set up an HDTV antenna.

You may need to aim your antenna towards different directions, scan for channels, and see what it picks up. Experiment with it.

Experts will tell you that you lose about 50% of signal when it’s an indoor antenna but as stated earlier, this hasn’t exactly been our experience. If you do have an outdoor HDTV antenna, reconfiguring it can take a lot of work. You may want to research where the nearest broadcast towers are and to aim there as best as you can.

A lot of the channels you receive will be in Full HD quality though some may be less. It depends on the station as to whether they broadcast in HD or not and is not tied to the quality of your TV antenna so long as you do have a high-definition design.

What TV Channels Are Available Free Over-the-Air in Canada?

There is a long list of free over-the-air TV channels in Canada that may or may not be available to you. They include NBC, CBS, CBC, ABC, LAFF, GRIT, ESCAPE, CTV, CHCH, PBS, PBS Kids, FOX, MyTV, Global, YesTV, WNED, The CW, TVO, and others.

The amount of channels you can get varies on where you are located in Canada. It all relates to proximity to the nearest broadcast tower. Some cities get as many as 20-25 channels while rural regions may only receive 1-2 signals.

If you become a cord-cutter, you might miss live TV. With an HDTV antenna, you don’t have to anymore. Buy an HDTV antenna from PrimeCables.ca today and get free TV in HD quality you don’t ever have to pay for. It’s the perfect way to accessorize an existing home theater or entertainment setup. Find small indoor TV antennas starting at under $10 on sale for a limited time.

How To Get Better Reception On Your TV Antenna In Canada – Read Here!

Get the best reception possible for your TV antenna. Do this by experimenting, scanning, adjusting, scanning again, and knowing where the towers are that you’re aiming for. Here are all the tips and tricks that come with buying a TV antenna in Canada and how to get the most free HD channels.

Find Your Transmission Tower

Signals are broadcast from a transmission tower. There are towers located all across Canada. Discover where yours are and where you are situated in relation to it. You want to angle towards your transmission tower.

You can find your transmission tower either online through an antenna locator website or a smartphone app that does the same.

How Far Does Yours Reach?

TV antennas are not one-size-fits-all in reach. They all extend to different distances. A 30-mile range is quite common.

There are also 60-mile ranges which are the antennas you ideally will want. They’re the standard in long-range indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas.

People obsessed with maximizing their reach may choose to go with a 100-mile range or try to extend themselves through other means to nab signals even further out.

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Experiment With Different Angles

Things can get in the way. Trees. Buildings. Even our home’s own construction can cause deflection or outright block signals.

Do some experimenting by adjusting your TV antenna’s position and re-scanning to see what channels you nab. You may have to angle it slightly away from a transmission tower to pick up on the most channels you can. This isn’t typical but it does happen depending on if you’re in a basement, at ground level, or high up.

Buy A Better HDTV Antenna

If you live in a major city, you probably don’t need much more than an indoor HDTV antenna.

That said, there are also outdoor TV antennas out there and typically they are the go-to for maximum signal reception. If you aren’t satisfied with what you’re receiving, despite all your efforts, try a better antenna and see where you end up.

The Higher The Antenna, The Better The Reception

This is why outdoor TV antennas are used more often than indoor TV antennas. They are placed higher and are associated with better quality signals. This doesn’t mean, however, that indoor antennas don’t get great quality pictures. They can and often do.

Use A Signal Booster

A signal booster is a gadget you can buy that helps extend your HDTV antennas capabilities. They increase the signal from your antenna to your television tuner, helping to clear up low-quality pictures.

Shop high-quality TV antennas on sale in Canada at PrimeCables.ca and never have to pay for cable again! Enjoy free over-the-air TV whenever you want it! You will find if you work at it, a number of free TV signals are ready to be picked up any time. Adjust and experiment.

Buy An HDTV Antenna in Canada For Free Over-the-Air TV Channels 24/7

Are you looking for an HDTV antenna – they’re a great buy! In the air, there are dozens of free channels zooming by us every day. Especially in Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, there are up to 30 free TV channels that all you need to watch is an antenna.

Do You Need An HDTV Antenna?

A TV antenna allows you to quit your cable subscription if you so please. Why we pay $100s monthly for cable is to watch live TV.

An HDTV antenna gets you live TV at no cost. Granted, a user has fewer channels to select on an antenna.

Many home theater enthusiasts use an HDTV antenna for their local news and sports, and then supplement that with Netflix and other internet-based streaming services. It’s a perfect combination that’s at a far reduced cost compared to Bell, Rogers, Cogeco, and other subscriptions.

Should I Get An Indoor or Outdoor HDTV Antenna?

Deciding between an indoor or outdoor HDTV antenna is a big choice. Each has its pros and cons.

An indoor TV antenna is convenient, does not require any sort of special mounting, and the installation is very simple. The drawback is its kilometre reach can be limited. An outdoor TV antenna has an extended reach, however, requires a lot of work to put up and adjust to the optimized angle.

What Channels Do You Get With An HDTV Antenna?

HDTV antenna channels vary per region. You are relying on the signals and broadcast towers around you.

CBC, NBC, PBS, FOX, GRIT, MyTV, HSN, The CW, ABC, CTV, and Global are some TV channels someone might receive. A lot of these are high-definition, if you are using a high-definition TV antenna.

What Can Affect Signal Strength On A TV Antenna?

To get the most from your HDTV antenna, understanding what affects signal strength is very important.

You can have a building obstructing some signals from reaching you. Proximity from the TV transmitter also has a role to play as does distance from any signal. Dense forests can cut down on TV channels. The terrain you’re on has an effect. The orientation of your home and antenna placement is also key.

Experiment with your HDTV antenna. Adjust the positioning. Try it in different spots. Angle it in different directions. After a few scans, you will have a decent grasp on where to put your HDTV antenna.

Watch live TV whenever you want. Watch it free at no cost. No monthly subscription. No bill. An HDTV antenna is all you need. Shop high-quality indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas at PrimeCables.ca today.

Is an Outdoor TV Antenna Better than an Indoor One – See the Benefits

Despite impressively modern designs and functionality, the perception of TV antennas are that they are old-fashioned, bulky, and aren’t overall a great option for free over-the-air TV. High-definition TV antennas have come a long way over the years.

Subscription streaming services aside, a little over-the-air TV access isn’t a bad thing with local news and programming something you won’t necessarily find on any service like Netflix. Surprisingly, indoor antennas work rather well at finding and receiving signal. Even so, there are limitations. Is an outdoor TV antenna better than an indoor setup – well, yes. Here’s why.

How does an outdoor HD TV antenna work?

Any HD TV antenna is a transducer which means it receives electromagnetic waves and then converts them into electricity signals. An outdoor TV antenna is both a receiver and transmitter. Any waves – radio or TV – intercepted by an antenna is converted to either video or audio according to what’s possible by the type of the wave.

Digiwave® UHF Ultra Clear Outdoor Digital TV Antenna

Why to get an over-the-air TV antenna in the first place

Using an indoor or outdoor TV antenna, you’re immediately saving on cost with free TV. No subscription or cable bill. If you don’t watch a lot of TV, here’s your solution and you still get up to 20 channels – a lot of which are local – with news, sports, and common television programs.

PrimeCables® Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Can’t I just use an indoor TV antenna?

An indoor TV antenna is a more budget-friendly, affordable solution. While it works well, it also compromises a lot. For example, an indoor antenna isn’t mounted on any kind of high point meaning that there will be interference. Signals have to travel through walls and objects, which reduces signal quality.

Why an outdoor TV antenna is a better option

An outdoor TV antenna is better than an indoor model because it operates interference-free, boasts a higher frequency, and will provide a better signal quality.

If you live in a major city like Toronto, you can receive a lot of signal from an indoor antenna. In more rural areas though or even outside of the downtown area, you’re going to start seeing worse and worse capture.

Outdoor TV antennas reach further, and will ensure you’re getting the maximum quality and amount of signals as possible.

PrimeCables® Professional HDTV Fishbone Outdoor Antenna

An outdoor TV antenna is well worth it for anyone who doesn’t watch a lot of TV, who want to reduce their cable bill or get rid of it altogether, or who wants an upgrade over an indoor model. Pick up yours today from Canada’s own PrimeCables.

Here is the HDTV Antenna Basic that you Should Know About

Imagine a basic HDTV antenna for under $6 from an established Canadian-made brand. That’s what you get when you browse the pages of PrimeCables. In our catalogue, you’ll find an amazing HDTV antenna which easily stands up as one of the best in Canada.


So what makes it special – well, it’s flat, super thin and easily concealed if you don’t want it on public display. The price is also right, at under-$6. The basic HDTV antenna will pick up FM, VHF, and UHF signals, all free over-the-air and in high-definition full HD quality. The installation is also fast and easy. Unwrap it, plug it in, and scan for channels. Within minutes, you’ll have anywhere from a few channels to 20 or more.


Let’s say you want to take things a little further though. Maybe you want an outdoor HDTV antenna, further range to receive more channels, or a different antenna setup. That’s understandable. PrimeCables has plenty of HDTV antennas in a wide range of styles, different price points, and with different features. These are all worth exploring if you’re going beyond the basic. That said, to get started, all you need is a basic under-$6 high-definition antenna!


Setting up a TV antenna, you’ll receive TV signals with less compression which means they have the potential to look better than what you see on cable or satellite. There’s also no monthly fees, no monthly bills, and no subscription required. After you have your 1080p HDTV antenna, the rest is absolutely free.


If you live within a few miles of a TV broadcast tower, you’re as good as gold. If you’re not and are in a rural area, you may need an HDTV antenna which is outdoors and which may have some additional range to it. This way, you’re most likely to maximize your channel selection. Using the basic HDTV antenna, you can still receive channels in a rural area however there may not be as many. To learn what’s reasonable to expect for your location, input your location online and browse one of the databases relating to broadcast towers and where to position your HDTV antenna. Save $100s this year by getting rid of your cable bill and choosing a TV antenna.


Needless to say, the basic HDTV antenna is our top pick and very impressive! At this price point, nothing comes close to the basic in performance. Shop this antenna and dozens of others at Canada’s own PrimeCables today. Free, over-the-air TV is just a purchase away!

See the Advantages of an Outdoor HDTV Antenna compared to an Indoor Model – a Discussion

Choosing to cut the cord in Canada, the next big decision consumers have to make is whether to go with an indoor or outdoor high-definition TV antenna. If this is just dipping your foot in the water of free over-the-air TV, keep in mind that an inexpensive indoor TV antenna for under $5 can be purchased from PrimeCables. For those serious about maximizing the amount of free television channels they receive, an outdoor TV antenna is oftentimes the recommended option.


A great option for an outdoor antenna is the Professional HDTV Fishbone Outdoor Antenna (mounting pole not included) – PrimeCables® for $19.99. Receive free local HDTV, VHF, and UHF signals. See a reception distance of up to 60 miles. The professional fishbone structural antenna maximizes the receiving distance all-around. For no monthly fee and no contract, don’t worry about having to pay a monthly subscription of any kind. For those on a tight budget, this outdoor HDTV antenna is an unmistakable steal.


Just set it up, ensure it has a mounting pole to keep it stable, and experiment with the angle to get it just right. In the days of old, an outdoor TV antenna was big, bulky, looked ugly, and did not get the best quality picture. Today, the technology has evolved to the point where the signal distance it covers has extended big-time. Subsequently, the visual of an outdoor antenna like this has improved to make it resemble something closer to other high-tech items. Impressively, the picture quality is also crystal clear in high-definition 1080p. Though some channels come in standard definition, those with high-definition capability are captured in full glory.


These are all things to consider when choosing the best HDTV antenna for your home. There are some indoor HDTV options, yes, however they come with their limitations. In most cases, what we’ve found is that Canadians want something bigger, more powerful, and better. The Professional HDTV Fishbone Outdoor Antenna (mounting pole not included) – PrimeCables® is everything you want. Move away from traditional cable subscriptions and tag onto a Netflix subscription everything you can get from an outdoor antenna. Never have to miss local programming, news, sports, and some of Canada’s most popular TV networks.


Browse exclusives, discounts, and promotions with PrimeCables, and save literally hundreds off of antennas and other home theater TV accessories. Also, enjoy free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, free returns, and more. Be it an outdoor HDTV antenna, indoor HDTV antenna, a media streaming device, or something else, we’re sure you can find it in the pages of Canada’s own PrimeCables.


Set up Free TV for Back to School with this HDTV Antenna for University Students

Imagine free 1080p high-definition TV for a university student. We know how old-fashioned traditional TV might be with the internet out there. That said, nothing beats being able to catch the local news, hockey games, and their favourite shows in real-time.


Even just to have a little bit of noise in the room, buying an HDTV antenna on your back to school shopping might help keep your child connected to the world and being able to share in live, real-time experience with them. Set up free TV with an HDTV antenna for university students available exclusively from PrimeCables.


The Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna – PrimeCables® capturing FM/VHF/UHF can be purchased today for $4.99. Receive free high-definition TV broadcast signals by simply unwrapping, plugging in, and scanning channels. Some of the channels you might be able to tap into using this indoor TV antenna includes FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, Global, CTV, CBC, and possibly others. Depending on where one is situated in relation to broadcast towers, you may be able to capture up to 20 channels and possibly more. Keeping this in mind, there are no guarantees though so it’s the sort of thing you’ll have to experiment with, regarding antenna placement.


The one thing that so many buyers appreciate about the Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna – PrimeCables® for $4.99 is that it doesn’t look like a traditional antenna. It can be easily blended into a position on a bookshelf, behind the television set, or wherever you need it to be. Place it high on a window or flat on the table – either way, you should be able to receive crystal clear reception from at least a half-dozen stations. Coinciding with buying all the usual back to school shopping stuff, a free TV antenna for university students can be a cheap way to add in some fun.


By early August, the average Canadian family will have completed approximately 45 percent of their back to school shopping. Instead of waiting, now’s the time. Take the deal and get a break on how much you’ll have to spend this upcoming summer on back to school supplies. PrimeCables offers numerous deals and discounts on products including cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, and other back to school items. Feel encouraged to browse thoroughly. Receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.


Offering shoppers the lowest prices in Canada, get your back to school shopping done this summer through PrimeCables. Now’s the best time to buy, with the possibility of saving hundreds! Get a free HDTV antenna for $4.99 and enjoy countless other bargains found throughout the PrimeCables catalogue.

PrimeCables’ 48h Birthday Sale – Buy an Outdoor TV Antenna for Cheap in Canada!

PrimeCables’ 48h birthday sale is going to be one for the books! As we are expecting our biggest monthly numbers yet, come and celebrate PrimeCables’ birthday with exclusive deals on TVs, wall mounts, home theater accessories, and yes, outdoor TV antennas.


If you have been looking for ways to cut the cord or lower your cable bill, now’s the chance. The PrimeCables TV antenna can be placed outside the home and angled towards the most favorable direction for signal. The PrimeCables outdoor TV antenna comes cheap in price but still retains a high quality. Examining other brands’ outdoor TV antennas at this price point, it becomes quickly evident how they cannot compete with. The best deal on a TV antenna in Canada, search out your favourite outdoor TV antenna using the PrimeCables birthday coupon this June!


Some of the most popular TV antennas for cheap in Canada include the Digital TV Antenna Digiwave BMX Innovative Super Flat-Digiwave for $14.99, the PrimeCables® HDTV Outdoor Antenna High Gain for both VHF/UHF with a 65-Mile Range for $22.99, the UHF Outdoor Digital TV Antenna- Up to 70 Mile Range for $32.99, and the 360 Degree Adjustable Multidirectional Super 8 Bay TV Antenna – Up to 70 Mile Range for $105.99. Needless to say, these outdoor TV antenna products and the others that are featured in the PrimeCables catalogue come highly recommended.


All you need to do to own these at discount pricing is to visit PrimeCables during its 48h birthday sale, pick up the coupon code we provide, and then check out! All orders above $49 receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, and all items purchased will be provided with a 1-year product guarantee and free returns included.

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Via an outdoor TV antenna, you can receive free local and network TV without having to pay a monthly bill. In many cases, households cut out their cable bill entirely after buying an outdoor high-definition 1080p TV antenna. A cord cutter’s best friend, you can’t go wrong with the quality of the antenna nor the price. Ditch the cable bill and still see yourself able to enjoy live network TV at 1080p quality – that’s free HDTV in Canada whenever you want it.


After you have the 48h PrimeCables birthday coupon code, browse our selection of TV antennas to find the one that is right for your household. Tap into free broadcast high-definition over-the-air 1080p signals and get the best price in Canada for it!

A Complete Guide for Choosing a TV Wall Mount and Stand

tv wall mount primecables.jpg

Finding the right mount for your TV has never been easier thanks to the large selection of TV wall mounts and stands at Prime Cables. Please feel free to browse extensively through our TV wall mount category. With free shipping on all orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada, save money today on all 4K, LED, LCD TV wall mounts.


If you’re not already mounting your flat-panel TV in your home, we recommend it and here’s why. These aren’t the bulky and heavy TVs of yesteryear. A flat-panel TV is light enough and thin enough to be easily mounted, creating a more theatrical viewing experience for you and your family. Also, it saves a ton of space and can help elevate the general aesthetics in a room.


When you’re browsing TV wall mounts and stands, it bears keeping in mind what kind of movement you want the TV to have. Many consumers prefer a fixed position, while others may want to have some motion to their wall mount. Though a fixed position can save on cost and works for most families, many opt for motion-friendly TV wall mounts which allows you to modify a TV’s position in accordance with where you are stationed in the room. Beyond the fixed v. motion TV wall mount consideration, you also want to ensure that the item you select is able to carry the size and weight of your TV. Not every wall mount is built the same and each comes with recommendations on what size TV they can safely carry. It’s important to follow these restrictions as a mount can bend and sag with a TV too heavy, or worse, may break causing property damage or personal injury.


If you have any concerns about a TV wall mount dropping your television monitor, know that if they are properly installed, they are built to last. There also shouldn’t be any problems as long as the TV is accurate in its placement. Fortunately, installing a TV wall mount does not require specialized training and can be easily done by any adult. Be sure to read instructions on where to place screws or bolts. Also, it makes sense to anchor the TV to studs in the wall. We say this because standard drywall or plaster may weaken over time, causing the TV to eventually fall. If you do have any reservations about installing a TV wall mount yourself, there are plenty of professionals and home theater businesses who would be able to help.


After you decide on what kind of TV wall mount you need, it’s as easy as buying and taking a few minutes to set it up.

How to Choose your TV Antenna


There’s a wide range of different TV antennas to choose from, each designed to amplify digital signals and with varying reception distances. Above other reasons, it ultimately comes down to your preferences and priorities as they pertain to what you need a TV antenna to do.


This amplified digital indoor TV antenna comes with a reception distance of 100 kilometres, is priced at $39.99, and comes with a range of features. Though somewhat basic, receive minimal interference, external high gain and low noise amplifier, and a strong reception on digital, freeview, and analog TV signals.


This electronic master remote controlled HD TV antenna is a little higher end. Priced at $59.99, this TV antenna is built for 360 degree rotation for full reception. The infrared remote control complements long distance reception and anti-interference, and two direct configurations keeps the reception strong and the image clear.


This right here is the Digiwave triple-boom UHF outdoor TV antenna which works well up to 75 miles and more. Among the product highlights, receive a release time to only one second, a fast and tool-free installation, and it is priced only for $42.55.


Another option is the Digiwave ANT4700 high digital TV antenna which can be found here for only $68.99. The Digiwave ANT4700 TV antenna can receive HDTV, SDTV, RCA’s DDTV, and analog signals. This model is designed to get you the clearest definition picture possible. Receive high gain, significant signal enhancement, increase the reception of TV programs, eliminate the pause of mosaic images, and it has a multi-directional design pulling in signals from all directions.


These are just some the products offered via Prime Cable to assist in choosing the optimum TV antenna for your home entertainment setup. For more options, we encourage anyone to browse our selection here.


As evidenced here, there are low cost options that can provide a decent selection of signals to browse. It does vary depending on a number of factors. For example, in a basement, you’d be lucky to have a TV antenna pick up much of anything.


If you are confident you can pick up a signal however, we do recommend considering whether you want an indoor or outdoor antenna, as well as identifying how you are going to angle it to receive the best signal.


Now more than ever, consumers are choosing to save money by seeing what TV programs they can nab over-the-air. There are plenty of channels out there to browse. It’s just a matter of finding them. Browse through our TV antenna collection and enjoy the advantages that come with free HDTV.