HDTV Antenna 101 – Your Guide To Free Over-The-Air TV in Canada

It’s a smart choice to cut off your cable bills and jump on the HDTV antenna bandwagon. Combined with Internet and streaming services, a TV antenna is a perfect accessory. Tap into real-time TV signals aired for free 24/7. No more monthly bills. HD-quality images and a range of programming.

Where Do I Buy A TV Antenna?

There are two differences in how HDTV antennas are built. There are antennas for indoor and outdoor use. There are also antennas differentiated by reach. The longer the reach, the more channels and signals you are likely to receive.

Some will say outdoor antennas are the best but, in most regions, you can buy an indoor HDTV antenna and more or less receive what you would receive outdoors. With how technology’s progressed, indoor antennas have come a long way.

The best place to buy an HDTV antenna for the best price is online through shops like PrimeCables.ca.

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How Do I Set Up My HDTV Antenna?

Direction is everything when you set up an HDTV antenna.

You may need to aim your antenna towards different directions, scan for channels, and see what it picks up. Experiment with it.

Experts will tell you that you lose about 50% of signal when it’s an indoor antenna but as stated earlier, this hasn’t exactly been our experience. If you do have an outdoor HDTV antenna, reconfiguring it can take a lot of work. You may want to research where the nearest broadcast towers are and to aim there as best as you can.

A lot of the channels you receive will be in Full HD quality though some may be less. It depends on the station as to whether they broadcast in HD or not and is not tied to the quality of your TV antenna so long as you do have a high-definition design.

What TV Channels Are Available Free Over-the-Air in Canada?

There is a long list of free over-the-air TV channels in Canada that may or may not be available to you. They include NBC, CBS, CBC, ABC, LAFF, GRIT, ESCAPE, CTV, CHCH, PBS, PBS Kids, FOX, MyTV, Global, YesTV, WNED, The CW, TVO, and others.

The amount of channels you can get varies on where you are located in Canada. It all relates to proximity to the nearest broadcast tower. Some cities get as many as 20-25 channels while rural regions may only receive 1-2 signals.

If you become a cord-cutter, you might miss live TV. With an HDTV antenna, you don’t have to anymore. Buy an HDTV antenna from PrimeCables.ca today and get free TV in HD quality you don’t ever have to pay for. It’s the perfect way to accessorize an existing home theater or entertainment setup. Find small indoor TV antennas starting at under $10 on sale for a limited time.

Why 2021 Is The Year To Get An HDTV Antenna

We’ve all thought about it. Cutting the cord, that is. Getting rid of our cable bill. That’s the life!

Every month, Canadian households spend $100s on a lot of channels they don’t watch, programming they haven’t any interest in, and an overpriced bundle sold to them by corporations like Bell and Rogers.

For the average home, if they got rid of their cable bill, that adds over $1,000 into savings. This is money you can reinvest in yourself and your interests, use to pay down debt, or put towards groceries and the essentials.

People who quit their cable bill are surprised to learn how freeing it is. What they don’t have to watch live, they can often get online through various means or through an HDTV antenna if desired.

Should I Cut The Cord?

The biggest fear behind cutting the cord and getting rid of cable is what you lose – all those channels.

Most of us have grown up for years – decades even! – with the same cable subscription. We’re accustomed to having live TV to watch. You aren’t going to lose that by cutting the cord. An HDTV antenna picks up the slack.

An indoor HDTV antenna sets up by your set. It picks up free over-the-air TV signals, just like your radio does in the car. All the time, TV signals are being sent through the air and into receivers throughout Canada. They cost nothing to pick up. Channels like CBC and CTV are readily available to be watched.

On top of all this, a TV antenna is a one-time purchase. There’s no monthly fee.

More and more Canadians are choosing to cut the cord and save a ton of money while still enjoying basic TV channels with an HDTV antenna. Especially if you live in a city with strong TV signals or if there’s a signal-receiving tower nearby, you will have no problem picking up a few channels if not a dozen or more.

Do You Still Want To Pay $100s For Cable TV?

Ditch your cable. Replace it with an HDTV antenna and some streaming services. Netflix. Crave. Amazon. And so much more. These streaming services exist with 1,000s of hours of movies and television for you to enjoy.

The only thing that isn’t covered with streaming is live TV which you would get through your antenna.

At the end of the day, anyone can try this. An indoor HDTV antenna costs less than $10 to purchase. So give it a trial run! At the very least, you’ll probably have your cable company begging you to come back with a promo offer in a month or two.

Cut the cord. Get free TV. Pay less. Shop high-quality, far-reaching HDTV antennas today at PrimeCables.ca.

How To Get Better Reception On Your TV Antenna In Canada – Read Here!

Get the best reception possible for your TV antenna. Do this by experimenting, scanning, adjusting, scanning again, and knowing where the towers are that you’re aiming for. Here are all the tips and tricks that come with buying a TV antenna in Canada and how to get the most free HD channels.

Find Your Transmission Tower

Signals are broadcast from a transmission tower. There are towers located all across Canada. Discover where yours are and where you are situated in relation to it. You want to angle towards your transmission tower.

You can find your transmission tower either online through an antenna locator website or a smartphone app that does the same.

How Far Does Yours Reach?

TV antennas are not one-size-fits-all in reach. They all extend to different distances. A 30-mile range is quite common.

There are also 60-mile ranges which are the antennas you ideally will want. They’re the standard in long-range indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas.

People obsessed with maximizing their reach may choose to go with a 100-mile range or try to extend themselves through other means to nab signals even further out.

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Experiment With Different Angles

Things can get in the way. Trees. Buildings. Even our home’s own construction can cause deflection or outright block signals.

Do some experimenting by adjusting your TV antenna’s position and re-scanning to see what channels you nab. You may have to angle it slightly away from a transmission tower to pick up on the most channels you can. This isn’t typical but it does happen depending on if you’re in a basement, at ground level, or high up.

Buy A Better HDTV Antenna

If you live in a major city, you probably don’t need much more than an indoor HDTV antenna.

That said, there are also outdoor TV antennas out there and typically they are the go-to for maximum signal reception. If you aren’t satisfied with what you’re receiving, despite all your efforts, try a better antenna and see where you end up.

The Higher The Antenna, The Better The Reception

This is why outdoor TV antennas are used more often than indoor TV antennas. They are placed higher and are associated with better quality signals. This doesn’t mean, however, that indoor antennas don’t get great quality pictures. They can and often do.

Use A Signal Booster

A signal booster is a gadget you can buy that helps extend your HDTV antennas capabilities. They increase the signal from your antenna to your television tuner, helping to clear up low-quality pictures.

Shop high-quality TV antennas on sale in Canada at PrimeCables.ca and never have to pay for cable again! Enjoy free over-the-air TV whenever you want it! You will find if you work at it, a number of free TV signals are ready to be picked up any time. Adjust and experiment.

Our Review for the Best Affordable Indoor HDTV Antenna in Canada

PrimeCables.ca’s Super Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna is one of the cheapest HDTV antennas available. How does the HDTV antenna rank compared to high-end antennas? What do the reviews say – let’s have a look.

What is An Indoor HDTV Antenna?

An indoor HDTV antenna is a TV antenna that picks up free over-the-air signals. They make antennas for outdoor installations as well as those meant for indoors. An outdoor TV antenna generally has more range and is considered a better option for most.

Why Buy An Indoor HDTV Antenna?

A high-quality HDTV antenna for indoors is convenient because it does not require any special mounting or installation. It can be put anywhere. They also make thin indoor antennas with similar reaches so that you aren’t losing any of the free TV signals available to you.

How Many Channels Can You Get With A HDTV Antenna?

How many channels you get with an indoor HDTV antenna varies city by city and region by region. In some cities, you can nab more than 20 channels. In rural areas, you may only get three or four. This won’t change for the most part so long as your antenna is working.

What Are the Features of this HDTV Antenna?

The best cheap HDTV antenna is equipped with minimal features. Capture FM, VHF, and UHF signals. The PrimeCables.ca TV antenna is able to receive HD TV broadcast signals. The main advantage is its thinness. A super-thin indoor HDTV antenna, it can be tucked away out of sight with ease.

How Do You Install An Indoor HDTV Antenna?

An outdoor TV antenna has to be mounted in the right location and repeatedly adjusted. An indoor HDTV antenna does not require nearly so much work. After it’s unboxed, the antenna is plugged in via HDMI connection and then you simply scan for channels.

How is the Reception on An Indoor HDTV Antenna?

The reception on the PrimeCables.ca thin indoor TV antenna is strong. In cities like Toronto and Montreal, customers get over 20 HD channels gaining access to their favourite live TV series, local news, sports, and more.

Do You Need Something More?

You may see the much larger and more expensive HDTV antennas in comparison with this flat antenna and think there’s no real comparison. The truth is the PrimeCables.ca antenna is very capable and delivers nearly as many stations. You save money on an antenna like this and it’s hardly the eyesore that some other models are.

PrimeCables.ca has 100s of home theater accessories on sale. The super-thin HDTV antenna is remarkable for being one of the best antennas in Canada. Get over-the-air TV channels for absolutely nothing. Shop HDTV antennas and more today.

Buy An HDTV Antenna in Canada For Free Over-the-Air TV Channels 24/7

Are you looking for an HDTV antenna – they’re a great buy! In the air, there are dozens of free channels zooming by us every day. Especially in Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, there are up to 30 free TV channels that all you need to watch is an antenna.

Do You Need An HDTV Antenna?

A TV antenna allows you to quit your cable subscription if you so please. Why we pay $100s monthly for cable is to watch live TV.

An HDTV antenna gets you live TV at no cost. Granted, a user has fewer channels to select on an antenna.

Many home theater enthusiasts use an HDTV antenna for their local news and sports, and then supplement that with Netflix and other internet-based streaming services. It’s a perfect combination that’s at a far reduced cost compared to Bell, Rogers, Cogeco, and other subscriptions.

Should I Get An Indoor or Outdoor HDTV Antenna?

Deciding between an indoor or outdoor HDTV antenna is a big choice. Each has its pros and cons.

An indoor TV antenna is convenient, does not require any sort of special mounting, and the installation is very simple. The drawback is its kilometre reach can be limited. An outdoor TV antenna has an extended reach, however, requires a lot of work to put up and adjust to the optimized angle.

What Channels Do You Get With An HDTV Antenna?

HDTV antenna channels vary per region. You are relying on the signals and broadcast towers around you.

CBC, NBC, PBS, FOX, GRIT, MyTV, HSN, The CW, ABC, CTV, and Global are some TV channels someone might receive. A lot of these are high-definition, if you are using a high-definition TV antenna.

What Can Affect Signal Strength On A TV Antenna?

To get the most from your HDTV antenna, understanding what affects signal strength is very important.

You can have a building obstructing some signals from reaching you. Proximity from the TV transmitter also has a role to play as does distance from any signal. Dense forests can cut down on TV channels. The terrain you’re on has an effect. The orientation of your home and antenna placement is also key.

Experiment with your HDTV antenna. Adjust the positioning. Try it in different spots. Angle it in different directions. After a few scans, you will have a decent grasp on where to put your HDTV antenna.

Watch live TV whenever you want. Watch it free at no cost. No monthly subscription. No bill. An HDTV antenna is all you need. Shop high-quality indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas at PrimeCables.ca today.

Is an Outdoor TV Antenna Better than an Indoor One – See the Benefits

Despite impressively modern designs and functionality, the perception of TV antennas are that they are old-fashioned, bulky, and aren’t overall a great option for free over-the-air TV. High-definition TV antennas have come a long way over the years.

Subscription streaming services aside, a little over-the-air TV access isn’t a bad thing with local news and programming something you won’t necessarily find on any service like Netflix. Surprisingly, indoor antennas work rather well at finding and receiving signal. Even so, there are limitations. Is an outdoor TV antenna better than an indoor setup – well, yes. Here’s why.

How does an outdoor HD TV antenna work?

Any HD TV antenna is a transducer which means it receives electromagnetic waves and then converts them into electricity signals. An outdoor TV antenna is both a receiver and transmitter. Any waves – radio or TV – intercepted by an antenna is converted to either video or audio according to what’s possible by the type of the wave.

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Why to get an over-the-air TV antenna in the first place

Using an indoor or outdoor TV antenna, you’re immediately saving on cost with free TV. No subscription or cable bill. If you don’t watch a lot of TV, here’s your solution and you still get up to 20 channels – a lot of which are local – with news, sports, and common television programs.

PrimeCables® Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Can’t I just use an indoor TV antenna?

An indoor TV antenna is a more budget-friendly, affordable solution. While it works well, it also compromises a lot. For example, an indoor antenna isn’t mounted on any kind of high point meaning that there will be interference. Signals have to travel through walls and objects, which reduces signal quality.

Why an outdoor TV antenna is a better option

An outdoor TV antenna is better than an indoor model because it operates interference-free, boasts a higher frequency, and will provide a better signal quality.

If you live in a major city like Toronto, you can receive a lot of signal from an indoor antenna. In more rural areas though or even outside of the downtown area, you’re going to start seeing worse and worse capture.

Outdoor TV antennas reach further, and will ensure you’re getting the maximum quality and amount of signals as possible.

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An outdoor TV antenna is well worth it for anyone who doesn’t watch a lot of TV, who want to reduce their cable bill or get rid of it altogether, or who wants an upgrade over an indoor model. Pick up yours today from Canada’s own PrimeCables.