Why We Love Our Dual Monitor and Triple Monitor Desk Mounts

We’re not all blessed with mansions and tons of space on our desks or in our computer room. When space is limited, you’ve got to make the most of it and that’s precisely we love monitor mounts.

In your work or play area – regardless of whether you’re a gamer looking for multiple screens to survey the results of your strategy, or a professional musician or graphic designer in need of increased screen size – a monitor mount’s an easy answer to more.

How does a monitor mount work?

A monitor mount lifts your computer screens up off your desk and affixes them to an arm connected to your desk. This suspends the monitors at an ergonomic viewing angle while freeing up the space underneath them for you to put stationery, pens, pencils, or whatever else you need. A dual monitor mount works for two monitors and a triple monitor mount works for three.

Adapt everything to the most optimum angle

Let’s say you have 3 monitors you want to have set up on a monitor mount. Even setting them up across a table, not every screen is going to be at an optimum viewing angle. To solve this issue, use the adaptability of a monitor mount to angle your screens to what’s best for where you’re seated. These advanced triple screen desktop monitor mount infrastructures means they are easily movable and are recommended for anyone who is routinely changing positions.

Who are monitor mounts perfect for?

  • Are you a gamer who enjoys playing with multiple screens? Lift those up off your desk, creating the ultimate gaming workstation for you to coordinate your strategies and gameplay from.
  • Are you a graphic designer or video editor – if so, chances are multiple screens would provide a faster way to get things done. When you’re editing images or video, you need significant space to test different effects out. If you already have multiple monitors, we strongly recommend a multi-monitor desk mount for your professional workspace.
  • Are you a professional musician or music producer? If you’re in the studio working on your next masterpiece, you need multiple monitors to record, mix, and master everything down. A triple monitor mount’s will spare you headaches switching between programs and provide you the chance to chase creativity with no restrictions.
  • Do you have a home office? Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to have a dual LCD monitor mount to provide you with two screens from which to work. If you edit documents, have to conference in on Skype regularly, or have to review different work, multiple monitors may prove beneficial.
PrimeCabels® Dual LCD Monitor Mount
PrimeCabels® Full motion Triple Monitor Mount

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