How To Install A Full-Motion Dual Monitor Mount

A full-motion dual monitor mount gives you maximum adjustability, allowing you to move your monitors with ease.

The beauty of a dual monitor mount is that you don’t need a lot of instruction to install it. So long as the specs match to your monitor, you are fully set to enjoy watching movies, gaming, working on your computer, and browsing the Internet in a whole different way.

Before You Buy A Dual Monitor Mount…

To properly install a monitor mount, the important thing is you have the right one. Mounts are divided up according to the size of monitors they hold. A dual monitor desk mount will only accommodate a certain size especially as the monitors have to sit side-by-side.

There are also weight restrictions to take into account. By putting too much weight on a mount, you compromise its integrity and run the risk of having a monitor collapse or fail to remain mounted.

A third spec to know – as if two wasn’t enough! – is the VESA specifications. A VESA pattern refers to how the mounting holes on the back of a monitor are arranged. You don’t want to drill mounting holes into your monitor, of course. The holes already have to be there. While you’re matching weight and size, do note whether the VESA pattern matches between monitor and mount.

How To Install Your Mount

Every mount is a little different but the best dual monitor desk mounts tend to use a clamp mechanism.

  1. Your dual monitor mount will install at the far edge of your desk. Tidy this area and get ready to set your mount there.
  2. Open the clamp mechanism and press the monitor mount into the width of the wood.
  3. Once you feel like it’s secure, tighten it from underneath. You may want to utilize some hand tools to ensure you’ve got it fully stable.
  4. After your mount is fully installed, the next step is to set each monitor in its mount bracket. Do the first monitor first, ensuring it’s stable and the screws fully in. Then, do the second monitor.
  5. Lastly, check to make sure your mount is strong and not struggling to keep your monitors up.
  6. As this is a full-motion dual monitor desk mount, you also will want to verify the arms are working correctly. If you notice difficulty in using the arm or are uncomfortable with its stability, check to make sure everything’s been properly installed.

It’s that easy. There’s really nothing to working with a full-motion dual monitor mount. The hardest part of installing a monitor mount is selecting the right one. You want to make sure everything’s fitting just right. Find yours at

Do I Need Two Monitors For Gaming?

Depictions of gamers in media, films, and advertising usually have them seated in front of dual monitors.

Do they actually need two monitors to game – no, not necessarily. No games require a dual monitor setup per se.

Do two monitors make the gaming experience a lot more enjoyable and easier to work – absolutely.

Browsing PC gaming accessories, consider the benefits you can get from two monitors. All you require to get set up is two monitors, of course, and a monitor mount. From there, you’re set. Everything you need comes in at under a few hundred dollars and with that, you completely change how you game.

In helping you decide whether you need two monitors for gaming, ask yourself these questions.

Do You Multitask While Playing Your Game?

If you sometimes do web browsing, watch videos, or like to have game information or walkthroughs up while you’re playing, another monitor on the table is more real estate and a much easier way to do that than with a ton of links on your desktop.

Do You Do Twitch Streaming When You Game?

If you like to do Twitch streaming while you game, a second monitor allows you to view chats, respond in real-time, and see other streaming tools. It gives you more freedom to play and communicate with other users or make changes to your settings as you go along.

Do You Enjoy Playing With Friends?

If you are indulging with multiple people on the controls, two monitors for gaming allows more visibility.

Do You Have Enough Space On Your Desk For Two Monitors?

A reason why a lot of gamers don’t get two monitors to start is because they’re worried about space. A single monitor takes up enough space. Now add in another. You don’t have a lot of area remaining.

An absolute necessity if you have two monitors for gaming is to buy a dual monitor mount. You elevate both monitors to the height you like and free up the space underneath them. It’s a massive win.

Is It Hard Getting Set Up With Two Monitors?

To set up two monitors, you just have to make sure they are connected to your computer. Afterward, in the ‘Control Panel’ settings, it is only a few clicks to get both monitors working in tandem.

If you’re looking to buy a dual monitor desk mount or shop two monitors for your gaming PC ergonomic desk, visit today. You will have a much more balanced experience gaming at a gaming desk equipped with the accessories you want. Check out the deals at!

The Best Monitor Mounts in 2021

Designing a high-performance workspace that’s flexible and productivity-driven involves a monitor mount. Elevating your monitor to an optimized height, you save on space and make ergonomics a priority. Here are the best monitor mounts in 2021 to get your monitor in perfect positioning.

Single Monitor Desk Mount on Articulating Stand

For the most affordable, best price monitor mount in 2021, check out this single monitor desk mount for under $20.

Though simple in its functionality, you can set it to a desired height and modify the angle left to right. Once in place, you are good to go.

Heavy-Duty Single Monitor Desk Mount

This is a height-adjustable heavy-duty monitor desk mount. It’s high-quality, cheaply priced, and easy.

Though some monitor mounts on this list have tilts and added functionality, this mount is almost singularly defined by its raising-and-lowering mechanism. If you’re limited by budget, this might be all you need.

Gas Spring Monitor Desk Mount

A gas spring monitor mount provides smooth full-range motion in a way that other mounts don’t.

When you need to reposition your monitor depending on the activity, such as if you use your workstation for multiple uses, a gas spring full-motion mount may be worth it. That said, it does come down to your work needs and what’s vital to your day-to-day.

Heavy-Duty Full-Motion Dual Monitor Desk Mount

If you’re working with more than one monitor, you can buy multiple individual monitor mounts. Sure, that works.

To simplify things though, a full-motion dual-monitor desk mount can hold two monitors at the same time. For added functionality, choosing a gas-spring dual monitor mount is recommended although you’re adding a lot on cost when you go gas-spring over standard mount.

What Monitor Mount in 2021 Should I Buy?

Your workstation is ultimately yours to figure out. You may already have the perfect work setup and don’t want to mess with it too much. A single monitor mount that’s very basic may be all you need to complete the look.

Of course, there are others with makeshift work-from-home desks that are supremely cluttered. Especially if you’re using more than one monitor, you may want to redesign the area with the mount at the center of your new workstation.

It also is worth it to mention that they make three-monitor mounts, four-monitor mounts, and six-monitor mounts if you really want to design a massive collection of monitors. For graphic artists, musicians, filmmakers, creative types, and others, two or more monitors may make a lot of sense.

Check out on-sale monitor mounts at this season and pick up what you need. Working from home isn’t fun unless you invest a little in crafting a space that’s yours. Find ways to maximize your productivity. Orient your monitors in the correct configuration and at the correct height.

Types of Monitor Mounts

A monitor mount modifies the classic home office desk or workstation into something more advanced, trendy, and immersive.

There are several types of monitor mounts available, not only in size and shape but also in functionality and the amount of screens it can carry.

Single Monitor Desk Mount

If you want the most basic monitor mount or the most affordable monitor mount, try this single monitor desk mount. It’s very basic. There’s not much motion or tilt. It’s stable though and it works. The articulating stand does provide some ways to adjust the angle so it’s not all bad.

Single Monitor Desk Mount Adjustable Articulating Stand – PrimeCables®

Dual Monitor Gas Spring Mount

A dual monitor gas spring mount uses a gas spring design to lift up and hold monitors in place. Offering 360-degree functionality, gas springs are one of the most stable monitor mount types available. Your monitors are in strong, reliable hands with a mount like this.

Dual screen Gas Spring 360 degrees desktop mount For most 17″-30″ LCD monitors PrimeCables®

Aircraft Aluminum Desktop Mount

An aluminum dual screen desktop mount carries two monitors, up to 27” in size, and switches between portrait and landscape orientation. The white color presents a concise look that suits various décor themes, should you be concerned about look.

Full Motion Dual Screen Desktop Mount for 10″-27″ Monitors, Aircraft Aluminium, White – PrimeCables®

Full-Motion Dual Monitor Mount

A full-motion dual monitor mount looks like a ‘T’ at the edge of your desk. The ‘dual’ indicates it can carry two monitors. The motion also allows one to angle monitors as they see fit, accommodating glare and other issues. Form a ‘T’, a ‘V’, an ‘L’, or other configurations.

Full Motion Dual Monitor Desk Mount for 13″-27″ Monitors – PrimeCables®

3-Way Adjustable Mount Bracket

If you intend to do a lot of movement with your monitor – such as if you’re using it for multiple purposes – try a 3-way adjustable mount bracket. Swivel, rotate, tilt, and adjust without wearing down the gears or worrying about stability.

Adjustable Tilting Desk Mount Bracket

For a similar mount, this adjustable tilting desk mount bracket allows one to adjust the angle of LCD monitors to match the viewing perspective. It’s a high-end model that is well worth the consideration if you need a bracket to maximize rotation.

Triple Screen Monitor Mount

A triple screen desktop monitor mount carries three sides up to 30” in size, with the ability to tilt, swivel, rotate, and adjust up to 90 degrees any way. Some prefer to use multiple single monitor mounts around a desk, however, if you decide to tack on three monitors on a mount to save space, it’s a fine approach.

Triple Screen Desktop Mount for 10”-30” (25” in width)Two Sided Mounts Swivel ±90° – PrimeCables®

Quad Monitor Articulating Arm Desk Mount

Do you have four monitors or more at your desk – don’t think you can’t mount them. This quad monitor articulating desk mount can save a ton of space and provides a stable, full-motion articulating arm on which to set your monitors. Swivel, tilt, move upward or downward, and/or rotate.

Essential Quad Monitor Articulating Arm Desk Mount – Monoprice®

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Create More Space With A Dual Screen Gas Spring Monitor Mount

Desktop computers are powerful machines but any desktop computer user will tell you those setups take up excessive space.

Once you get a monitor, your keyboard and mouse, speakers, any other devices you may be using, and the desktop tower, there’s barely any space left on the desk.

The best and most affordable solution is to start with tackling the monitor. One, two, or more monitors are wide and space-taking. These days, it’s not entirely necessary as monitors are lightweight enough to be mounted.

How Mounting A Monitor Works

A gas spring monitor mount installs at the far edge of your desk. It’s essentially a device which suspends your monitor in air where it hangs with strength and stability.

The result is the obvious benefit of more space at your disposal as well as an all-around cooler-looking workstation. For work, a tidier desktop can mean better productivity. For gaming, a mounted monitor equates to more immersive and arguably exciting gameplay.

Dual screen Gas Spring 360 degrees desktop mount For most 17″-30″ LCD monitors PrimeCables®

What to Know About A Gas Spring Desktop Mount

A gas spring monitor mount can be made to hold one monitor, two monitors, or more. Some monitor mounts are equipped to hold as many as six monitors and more.

Alternatively, what most people do – if they have two or more monitors – is use a few different mounts, assigning monitors in pairs.

When browsing monitor mounts, look at what size monitors a mount can hold and what VESA specifications they accept. That’s right, there are different sizes for mounts and you can in fact purchase the wrong one for your needs.

Also, look at weight. A mount that’s not strong enough to hold your monitors will only result in disappointment.

With any dual-screen gas spring mount, you also want to know what movement there is. ‘Full-motion’ is considered 360 degrees but not every mount has full rotation. Furthermore, if you’re intending on using the mount in a non-traditional way, you may also want to know how many degrees it shifts upward and downward.

Why A Monitor Mount is Better For Your Health

We rarely bring our screens up to a comfortable position. We too often adjust ourselves to see what’s on the monitor.

This is the wrong approach. When you’re in front of the monitor for hours at a time, this puts unnecessary stress on the neck, shoulders, upper back, and even sometimes the lower back. Mounting the monitor gets it to an optimal viewing position. This is ergonomics 101.

Make your desktop the space you’ve always wanted. Comfortable. Functional. Natural. A dual screen monitor mount will keep your neck aligned, prevent slouching, and get you excited about sitting down in front of your desktop the next time you have to. Visit us today.

Why We Love Our Dual Monitor and Triple Monitor Desk Mounts

We’re not all blessed with mansions and tons of space on our desks or in our computer room. When space is limited, you’ve got to make the most of it and that’s precisely we love monitor mounts.

In your work or play area – regardless of whether you’re a gamer looking for multiple screens to survey the results of your strategy, or a professional musician or graphic designer in need of increased screen size – a monitor mount’s an easy answer to more.

How does a monitor mount work?

A monitor mount lifts your computer screens up off your desk and affixes them to an arm connected to your desk. This suspends the monitors at an ergonomic viewing angle while freeing up the space underneath them for you to put stationery, pens, pencils, or whatever else you need. A dual monitor mount works for two monitors and a triple monitor mount works for three.

Adapt everything to the most optimum angle

Let’s say you have 3 monitors you want to have set up on a monitor mount. Even setting them up across a table, not every screen is going to be at an optimum viewing angle. To solve this issue, use the adaptability of a monitor mount to angle your screens to what’s best for where you’re seated. These advanced triple screen desktop monitor mount infrastructures means they are easily movable and are recommended for anyone who is routinely changing positions.

Who are monitor mounts perfect for?

  • Are you a gamer who enjoys playing with multiple screens? Lift those up off your desk, creating the ultimate gaming workstation for you to coordinate your strategies and gameplay from.
  • Are you a graphic designer or video editor – if so, chances are multiple screens would provide a faster way to get things done. When you’re editing images or video, you need significant space to test different effects out. If you already have multiple monitors, we strongly recommend a multi-monitor desk mount for your professional workspace.
  • Are you a professional musician or music producer? If you’re in the studio working on your next masterpiece, you need multiple monitors to record, mix, and master everything down. A triple monitor mount’s will spare you headaches switching between programs and provide you the chance to chase creativity with no restrictions.
  • Do you have a home office? Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to have a dual LCD monitor mount to provide you with two screens from which to work. If you edit documents, have to conference in on Skype regularly, or have to review different work, multiple monitors may prove beneficial.
PrimeCabels® Dual LCD Monitor Mount
PrimeCabels® Full motion Triple Monitor Mount

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PrimeCables Birthday Shopping Tips Day 2 – PrimeCables’ Dual Screen Mount

After using a dual screen mount for a few days, it can be difficult to make the transition back to a single mount or a single screen. It goes without saying but in a world of screens, for those of us that are routinely glued to a desk, having two screens mounted is not such a bad thing.

Be it for music producers, video editors, graphic design and illustration professionals, gamers, writers, and even for just the average consumer, using a dual screen desktop mount has numerous advantages. Firstly, you get to enjoy the benefit of two screens. Secondly, you get to mount them at optimum eye level. Thirdly, it speeds up productivity. No matter what it is you might be engaged in, the ability to multi-task across two screens on a dual mount is hard to pass up. It can make things noticeably easier, which is why so many consumers with the PrimeCables’ dual screen mount can’t be bothered to go back to a single mount or a single screen.

PrimeCables 4th birthday anniversary sale
PrimeCables 4th birthday anniversary sale

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