HDMI Cables, USB Cables, and More on Black Friday Sale Canada-Only

We’re not one to wait. The best Black Friday 2019 deals in Canada have already started at PrimeCables. HDMI cables, USB cables, Apple cables, speaker wire, Ethernet cables, and more. There’s no better place to pick up new cables for your home theater system, smartphone, or Internet connection. Do you need a hook up?

HDMI cables

High quality HDMI cables that are built to last can in fact last decades. Unfortunately, some of who’ve purchased low quality ones for our home theater system may not be getting the best picture or may be in need of a replacement. Get your HDMI cables now from Canada’s top source.

USB cables

USB sync and charge cables for your smartphone, tablet, and mobile devices eventually either end up lost or they break and need replacement. It’s only a matter of time, for those of us with pets, that one gets chewed through. Find Nylon braided high quality USB cables on Black Friday sale today.

Apple cables

Apple-certified USB cables are golden for any of your Apple devices. If you require an Apple-specific cable, we can almost guarantee we have it in stock. Before stock veers towards being sold out, pick up yours.

Speaker wire

Speaker wire is a unique way to customize your home theater sound setup. If you’ve always wanted to build your own surround sound system or re-develop your home audio listening experience, speaker wire’s what you’ll need to connect speaker to speaker.

Ethernet cables

Ethernet cables are the fastest wired Internet connections in the world, even beating WiFi in instances where multiple people are online simultaneously. If you feel like you may not be getting the most from your Internet or you simply want to switch to a wired Internet connection and eliminating the limitations of wireless, check out some Ethernet cable.

Computer cables

We also have a number of specialty cables we’re pulling out of the warehouse and putting on display for Black Friday deals including things like DisplayPort, VGA, DVI, Toslink digital audio cables, RCA, digital coaxial, 3.5mm audio cables, hard drive SATA cables, and more. If you’re looking for cables, we probably have it somewhere in our catalogue!

Why Black Friday?

The holidays are coming up and Black Friday’s the day where all the best deals you’ll find this season are. For the majority of us, we probably use at least two or three cables daily to charge and power our devices or equipment. Internet cables, home theater cables, and more are discounted until Black Friday waiting to be shipped. Do you need new cables – pick yours at PrimeCables.

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