Setting Up Your Tool Bench with High Quality Screwdrivers, Power Drills, and More this Black Friday

Dishing out some of our best deals of the Black Friday season, get ready to shop for some hand and power tools. Fill out your tool bench or tool belt, replacing what’s no longer working and adding some high-tech tools you may not have had before. Sure to grab the attention of any builder or DIYer, here’s a preview of these deals to whet your appetite.

Cordless electric screwdriver

For light household projects, a 36-piece accessory kit complete with a portable cordless electric screwdriver drill is a Black Friday dream. Although there’s nothing wrong with a manual screwdriver, you can make it easier on yourself when you go electric and hey, no wire or cords! Cordless and electric power tools make any job easier.

Cordless electric screwdriver drill + 36-piece accessories kit

LED head light and magnifier

For anyone working with smaller pieces – such as jewelry, watch repair, or even for general hobbyists – having a head light and amplifier can help you get your work done without lacking light. Adjustable to any head size, it’s key to allowing you to work in less than desirable conditions.

LED head light and magnifier

Multi-purpose 38-in-1 screwdriver phone repair set

For any general houseworking, repairing, and maintenance of smartphones and similarly small electronics, this multi-purpose screwdriver phone repair set is on big Black Friday sale. Have fun delving into smaller electronics, learning how they work and discovering the right repairs to get them to where they need to be.

Multi-purpose 38-in-1 screwdriver phone repair set

Ethernet cable tester and crimping tool

Re-designing your Internet connection in a home or business environment involves testing and crimping Ethernet cable. The lengths you need aren’t always what you get. This tool set gives opportunity to customize your wired Internet setup, bringing you to the exact amount of cable required.

Ethernet cable tester and crimping tool set

20-volt cordless power drill

Stocked with a number of high quality power tools on Black Friday sale, the most popular in the PrimeCables catalogue is a 20-volt cordless power drill. For when you’re working with no plug nearby or when you simply want more freedom than a wired tool can provide, charge this and after a single use, you won’t want to go back.

20-volt cordless power drill

Across the PrimeCables site, you will find page after page of Black Friday deals. This is one of the most anticipated Black Fridays of all-time. The great thing about shopping with PrimeCables is everything’s done at home. No waiting in lines. No rushing and pushing into a retail store. Grab some tea, have a seat, and click on your favourites as you pile them up in your cart. Make Black Friday your own!

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