Benefits of A Nylon-Braided USB Cable

Nylon-braided USB cables. You may have seen them. Wrapped in a strong thread, they’re impenetrable.

There is a lot going for Nylon-braided USB cables. Here are just a few of the benefits that are important to keep in mind when searching the aisles or combing through online shopping to purchase new USB cables.

They Aren’t Disposable

The cable that comes with your smartphone is not like your phone. It didn’t take years of development. It’s not an expensive cable. It’s not even a particularly great cable but it is the minimum required to charge your phone. A Nylon-braided USB cable is not so disposable.

The Best Quality USB Cables Available

If you’re looking for an Apple-certified, MFi-certified iPhone USB-C cable that has no match in quality, this is it. You have the same reliable, quality USB tech inside the cable. It just happens to be wrapped a little differently.

They Aren’t Fragile

Live with a USB cable long enough and through all that bending, eventually it snaps. When it’s braided, it can be bent almost indefinitely without damage. You can wrap it, take it with you in cold weather, put it in your purse or bag, and carry it with you in travel without having to repeatedly worry about bending and breaking the cable.

Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified For iPhone iPad 3 FT (1m), Orange – PrimeCables® – 2/Pack


Piggybacking off the prior point, we are talking about Nylon-braided damage-resistant sync and charge cables. The #1 thing that damages the interior wiring is kinks and tangles. Nylon successfully avoids this simply by the feel of the material. It’s easy to wrap and unwrap, never tangling.

They Aren’t Premium Priced

A Nylon-braided USB cable doesn’t cost much more than a standard USB-C cable. They’re accessible to anyone who wants one.

Long-Term Durability is Exceptional

Some Nylon-braided smartphone sync and charge cables come with details on lifespan. Nylon USB cable has a bend lifespan of 6,000+, for example. The long-term durability is excessively high.

Industrial-Grade Nylon

A large part of the reason why this type of USB cable is so effective at remaining functional for extended periods of time is because the Nylon used is industrial-grade. It’s amazing what manufacturers have accomplished simply by paying a little more attention to how to wrap smartphone cables.

Resistant to Pet Chewing

A USB Type-C cable in a Nylon braid is resistant to pet chewing and extreme temperatures. Lightweight and tangle-free, it’s not the sort of cable that you’re going to come home to destruction from a pet having got a hold of it.

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