How to Build Your Own Sit-Stand Desk With An Electric Frame

Standing desks and sit-stand desk converters are an excellent resource for office workers searching for a way to stay fit.

If you can’t find the right height-adjustable ergonomic desk for you though, the next best thing would be to build your own.

How you do that is starting with an electric sit-stand desk frame.

What Is An Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame?

An electric sit-stand dual-motor height-adjustable desk frame provides the raise-and-lower mechanism.

With this mechanism, you have everything you need to supply it a tabletop and finish your ergonomic table.

What to look for in a dual-motor height-adjustable desk frame is size. You want it to lower low enough and raise high enough. If it’s electric, obviously it should work. Two motors are also evidently better than one which is why a dual-motor is more powerful than a single motor framework.

PrimeCables® Sit-Stand Dual-Motor Height Adjustable ADR Desk Frame Electric-White
Height Adjustable 620mm(24.4″) – 1250mm(49.2″) Height,
Frame- Base Only (Table Top Not Included).

Benefits of An Electric Sit-Stand Desk

There are manual ergonomic sit-stand desk frames but we think electric is far, far better. Here’s why.
– Electric raising and lowering is easy, compared to a manual crank.
– The price difference isn’t that noticeable.
– A built-in memory controller allows you to pre-set different heights
– Set time reminders to ensure you adjust your position regularly

Different Types of Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frames

In addition to your standard dual-motor height-adjustable desk frame, you have a few other potential options.

A popular type of ergonomic desk is the L-shaped desk. Fortunately, they do make L-shaped sit-stand desk frames.

Fit this into a tight space and maximize what you have, building an L-shaped desk as opposed to a traditional rectangular design.

Choose a three-legged V-shaped table base. This base plays on a triple motor sit-stand corner desk frame.

It provides ample support for a large V-shaped workstation and will make for a powerful electric desk.

What’s Next After You Have Your Sit-Stand Desk Frame

Once you have your desk frame, what comes next is the tabletop. Source your own. Wood is preferred though any variety of materials can be used. There are both cheap woods and expensive woods, with a wide variety of natural and finished looks.

You may also take it upon yourself to take the tabletop from another table you like and simply re-purpose it on top of an electric dual motor frame. Hey, if it works, it works! Assuming the sit-stand desk frame is constructed from steel, this means it can handle the weight of any standard tabletop.

It’s a very straightforward two-step process to crafting a perfect custom sit-stand desk for a workstation. Begin the building stages by choosing a high-quality sit-stand desk electric frame today from PrimeCables.

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