Do You Need A Sit-Standing Height Adjustable Desk Or Riser For Your Ergonomic Office?

Whether you work from a public office or work from home, you face the same issue many Canadians face every day. That is the fact that many of us sit down for hour after hour while working.

Numerous studies show us how sitting is bad for short-term and long-term health. Hunching will strain the back, neck, and shoulders, potentially paving the way for chronic pain. Being bent at the waist will tighten the hips and abdominal muscles. You also will have elevated risks of cardiovascular and heart-related diseases.

The only way to stop sitting so long while continuing to work is through a modification like a sit standing height adjustable desk ergo riser ADR for monitors 35” wide.

Benefits Of A Height Adjustable Desk Ergo Riser

A height adjustable desk ergo riser allows you to alternate from sitting to standing. You can maintain better posture this way, keep your limbs loose and body active, and easily switch positions every 45-60 minutes.

This is done through the height adjustability of the desktop as it raises and lowers according to what you want.

The downside to height adjustable sit-standing desks are how expensive many are. After all, a motor’s being added to a regular computer desk with added functionality. It’s got to lift the weight of everything that’s on top of your desk which means a lot of extra design considerations. A workaround is what’s called a riser.

Why A Height Adjustable Riser Is Better Than A Sit-Standing Desk

A sit standing height adjustable desk ergo riser ADR for monitors 35” wide costs a lot less than a desk, first and foremost. A riser will easily shave hundreds off the price of an ergonomic desk. A riser’s a smaller version of a sit-standing desk, a motorized surface that you place on top of an existing desk and allows you to raise and lower it to your desired settings. Here are the benefits of a riser compared to a desk.

  • Use the desk you already own, allowing you to keep its storage and aesthetic.
  • Work more comfortably, no matter where your office desk is positioned and how large your existing workspace is.
  • A riser has less usable workspace to move up and down but this can be an advantage when it comes to decluttering your desk and keeping things looking modern and professional.

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What Is The Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk? – See Here

A desk built for gaming. That’s what you get with an L-shaped gaming desk. While a large office desk is perfectly suitable for things like studying, researching, and working, when you game, average-sized office desks don’t quite have enough space nor are they customized to the gaming experience.

What Do You Look For In A Gaming Desk?

  • A versatile shape and design are important because you want to be able to have lots of space on top without it taking more space than it needs to in the room. An L-shaped gaming desk works because it can fit into a corner very neatly.
  • Multiple monitors mean having ample space. An office desk might work if you’re open to possibly compromising where you put what. An average office desk isn’t made for a multiple-monitor setup.
  • Features can be important on a PC gaming desk. Height-adjustability. A drawer or tray. Storage. Some place to put your headset. You can, of course, fit these features to an ergonomic gaming desk with ease but having them already come with the desk skips a step.
  • Weight support. Especially if you intend to lay on a desktop or mount it underneath, a gaming desk has to be able to safely carry the weight of what’s on it. The larger the desk, the more important that is.
  • Aesthetic and appearances. If you’re going out of your way to buy a gaming desk as opposed to just using any ole’ office desk, it should look cool. Again, this is the sort of thing you may be able to outfit on your own but to already have a cool-looking desk saves you having to dress it up. What is a gaming desk supposed to look like – whatever you want!
  • Ergonomics matter. People don’t sit at their gaming desks for ten minutes at a time. An ergonomic gaming desk is one that’s made to adjust to the user, helping them with posture, offering extra leg-room, and offering the possibility of putting up mounts and adjusting the angle of your gaming view.

What Gaming Accessories Do You Have?

Gamers come packing a lot of accessories that need space. Keyboards, gaming mats, and headsets all count. You may also have one or multiple monitors, mounts, and other equipment needing to be set up. For that, you need size.

While buying gaming accessories online next time, if you don’t already have an L-shaped PC gaming desk, check it out.

The ergonomic L-shaped gaming desk from is particularly advantageous. Built with a high-grade carbon fiber surface, in the design are a cup holder and headphone hook. A thick steel frame provides stability and for the price, there’s nothing that remotely comes close in quality.

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Back to School Supplies and Deals For The Fall Semester

A new semester’s ahead. Schools are about to reopen in the fall. When they do, whether a student’s heading into a year of post-secondary or are about to embark on a year at the elementary, junior high, or high school level, some back to school deals are universal.

Here are the best back to school supplies to pick up for yourself before the school year starts.

Earbuds or Headphones

As a student, you have a lot of walking to do throughout the day. Between classes. From school. Going home. A lot of transition periods where you don’t have much to do. Earbuds or over-the-ear headphones will let you listen in on music, podcasts, news, and more as you make these trips.

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk

Build for yourself a home school setup you can use for studying, writing papers, doing Zoom classes, and more. An ergonomic sit-stand desk is your first step towards the ultimate at-home school area.

LED Desk Lamp With Clamp

Make it easier on yourself to stay up through those late-night study sessions with a heavy-duty clamp LED desk lamp. Though not on the best student discount, this sort of luxury item is worth including in your back to school haul.

Flat-Screen Or Monitor

Deciding between a flat-screen or monitor is an important decision. If you have a laptop, a monitor’s probably unnecessary. That is, unless you also have a desktop computer. With flat-screen back to school sales at, nabbing a decently-sized television is easy and affordable.

Single Monitor Desk Mount

A work desk isn’t the only thing you’ll need. As a student, you probably don’t have a large tabletop. Free up some space with a single monitor desk mount to lift your monitor and give yourself more area to keep paperwork, pens, notes, devices, and more.

HDTV Antenna And Smart TV Box

Every student needs some downtime. If they’re living in a dorm, get set up with a monitor and connect to it either an HDTV antenna for free over-the-air TV or a smart TV box with an Internet connection. There will be non-study nights where the best thing for a student will be to watch a movie. You’ll love having it all be so easy.

USB Smartphone Cables

Your smartphone is one of the best resources you will have for school. It’s a clock, scheduler, research tool, and entertainment product. Ensure you have a USB cable and smartphone accessories to keep it charged at all times.

Before you head to your first class or walk into your next dorm room, set yourself up for a perfect year. Visit today for back to school sales, discounts, and deals you won’t find anywhere else.

How To Create More Space On Your Desk

An office desk can get cluttered quickly. Fortunately, there are lots of budget-friendly ways to save space. Whether it’s large or small, here is how you can maximize the space available and free up some room.

Mount Your Monitor

Monitors are a necessity but they can take up a ton of space. A great way to create more available space on a computer desk is to use a single monitor desk mount.

Under-Desk Storage

Most of us need more than our desks can handle space-wise. A little bit of storage is a smart investment. You can choose to have some standalone or freestanding organizers, on-desk organizers, or under-desk storage trays. They’re all helpful.

Clamp Your LED Desk Lamp

Every desk needs a light. If your light is sitting on the desktop though, that’s an obstruction. A thin LED desk lamp with a clamp is much easier to set up and can be positioned to your far side, allowing the space closer to you to be totally free.

Clamp-On Power Strip Holder

Cables can get tangled quickly. It’s also not very convenient to have cables hanging down the back of your desk. A clamp-on power strip holder keeps your outlets at desk level, including available USB charging ports.

Deluxe Cable Management Spine

If you do have a lot of cables around your desk, use a cable management spine to hook everything through it. This can help minimize the mess, declutter the look, and keeps all power cords, audio cables, and computer cables organized.

Adjustable Keyboard And Mouse Tray

If you’re using your desk for things other than your computer, an adjustable keyboard tray can be quite the get. This allows you to slide your keyboard and mouse underneath your desk when it’s not in use.

Monitor Document Clip

Let’s say you routinely have paperwork to go over or want a set of notes accessible within view during your next Zoom call, using this ergonomic monitor document clip sets you up nicely. Mounted to your monitor, you can hold paper immediately next to it.

Under-Desk CPU Mount

A desktop computer is going to have a big case that needs to be put somewhere. If it’s on a tabletop, there’s no reason for it to be. If it’s sitting on the floor, this might not look so inviting. An adjustable under-desk CPU mount affixes it to the underside of your desk which saves you a mess.

Shop all these best-selling office accessories at and get the best deals on products that can save you lots of space. Clear off your desk. Make room for you! Look more organized.

Should My Child Have Their Own Desk At Home?

Is your child too young for a desk – this is a question a lot of parents ask themselves at a certain point.

A desk isn’t just a work desk. It’s a private space for a child. As adults, we desks as very work-oriented, professional areas where focus and attention are a necessity. No child has these associations. They see a desk and to them, it’s another area to play or like a toy.

There are a lot of other reasons to consider buying a children’s desk for your child’s room.

Your Child Isn’t Too Young

As parents, we like to think of our children as teeny babies. Unfortunately, they’re not anymore. They will grow and grow and grow, and with that, no child’s too young to have their own desk.

Helps To Focus Them

A children’s work desk shouldn’t be forced on them in any way. Not at all. If anything, the opposite’s true. Let them discover it on their own and let them decide how they wish to use it. A desk gives them a place to focus. Also, if your child is prone to being over-stimulated or being over-excited, a children’s desk is a safe area you can put them to color and calm down.

Your Child Has Somewhere To Do Their Work

Children may have homework to do come fall. If they do, you don’t want them doing it at the dining room table. Providing them their own quiet space can be very beneficial to getting homework done.

You Entertain A Child’s Interests

Your child may be interested in arts and crafts, drawing, writing, or painting, and have nowhere to do it. A children’s desk gives them that space. It’s somewhere that only they can touch, different from any other tabletop in your home.

Adapts With Their Age

A multi-functional children’s ergonomic desk is height-adjustable. This means a parent can change its shape and size as the child grows. This avoids you having to buy them a new desk repeatedly as they grow.

Improve Posture

By saddling up with an ergonomic desk at a young age, a child’s already getting used to maintaining good posture while at a desk. This is going to help them in the long run in relieving aches and discomforts should they ever work a desk job or have to sit through extended educational courses.

You Save Other Tables From Damage

Accidents happen, as the saying goes! A child might accidentally scribble on their table or damage it with scissors while cutting, spill some glue on it, or do something that could result in permanent imperfections. If you have a dining table you want to hold onto, you won’t want children doing arts and crafts on it.

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What Do I Need For An Ergonomic PC Gaming Desk? – See Here

A gaming desk is any serious gamer’s home base. It’s the platform on which they build their gaming setup, complete with the accessories they need, foods and beverages they enjoy, and all the tech that puts them in the game.

Normally, we don’t necessarily associate the term ‘ergonomics’ with PC gaming desks. Most gamers tend to lean more towards the latest in tech rather than the latest in ergonomic desk design.

There are a lot of reasons to adjust that mindset. An ergonomic PC gaming desk is impressive to look at. An ergonomic desk will keep you comfortable, allowing you to play for an extended period.

A desk like this also fine-tunes placement of the accessories you like, puts them in convenient locations, and heightens your overall gaming experience.

What Do You Want In A Gaming Desk?

An ergonomic gaming desk carries several elements to it that make it such a perfect gift for any gamer.

  • A beverage holder to put your favourite cup of soda, water, or beverage in.
  • A gaming headset hook to always have a safe place to station your headset when it’s not in use.
  • A large gaming mouse pad that allows a gamer to place their mouse anywhere on their desk.
  • A small metal shelf where you can store discs, gaming accessories, or controllers.
  • Cable management holes are incorporated into the design of the desk to make it easy to move USB cables, HDMI cables, and gaming cables through.

That’s a basic gaming desk setup. If you want to take things further from there, there are LED lighting setups, multi-monitor desk mounts, under-desk PC desktop mounts, ergonomic gaming chairs, and more.

Needless to say, this can all get quite expensive and fairly quickly at that. This makes it all the more important to shop with brands with where you know you’re getting the best gaming accessories and the best desks at the best prices.

Every gamer is a little different with what they prefer at their desk. A lot of it comes down to aesthetics and what sort of games the person likes to play. For example, you wouldn’t have a large setup complete with all the bells and whistles if all you enjoyed was playing old Super Nintendo games.

You can also do a lot without spending a lot of money adjusting your space ergonomically to accommodate a gaming setup.

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Are Sit-Stand Desks From Worth The Money? – Product Reviews is a Canadian brand of work-from-home office products, home theater accessories, smartphone USB cables and accessories, and more. An area they specialize in is height-adjustable desks.

A height-adjustable desk, or sit-stand desk, raises and lowers to designated heights. Someone working at a desk like this can sit or stand throughout the day thereby burning more calories, increasing circulation, and avoiding the aches and pitfalls of prolonged sitting.

When you buy a sit-stand desk online, understandably, some may be skeptical. For the sorts of discounts offered by, surely, there must be something wrong with the product. Well, here’s what people who have bought these height-adjustable desks have to say.

“Highly Recommended!”

Finally, there is a way to burn a few more calories throughout the run of a day but more importantly, to feel better after work. When your back’s killing you at the end of a workday, that’s a huge problem. A sit-stand desk offers you another option.

“High Quality And Easy To Assemble.”

There aren’t any discernible quality issues with these ergonomic desks. They set up fairly easily, function as advertised, and there aren’t any surprises in terms of shape, condition, size, or anything else.

“Arrived Super Quick.”

Sit-stand desks in Canada include fast, free shipping to anywhere in the country when ordered through or on the ShopperPlus app. You won’t be waiting in the wind for this one.

“Using It For A Few Days Now And Am Pretty Happy With It.”

If you’ve never used a sit-standing desk and this is your first time, it’s an adjustment of course. After a few days’ use, you will see first-hand how well it’s built, how efficient it is at doing the work in raising and lowering, and the impact this has on your productivity.

“I Have Multiple Monitors. They Feel Safe On The Rise Up.”

So long as what you have on the desk falls within the weight specifications of your ergonomic desk, you shouldn’t have any difficulty or concerns about safety raising your tabletop and/or lowering it.

“This Is The Second One I Ordered. I Love It.”

Height-adjustable desks on sale in Canada are in high demand. The proliferation of home work offices has meant a lot of people having to make adjustments to how they work. A sit-stand ergonomic desk is a way to delineate and establish a workspace.

High marks all around! If you’re looking to buy an ergonomic desk online, check yours here. The height-adjustable desk has an almost-perfect customer rating of 95/100. That’s not by accident. Visit today to find a work-from-home desk that suits your requirements.

Should I Buy A Sit-Stand Height-Adjustable Desk For My Business Space?

Sit when you want. Stand when you want. A sit-stand height-adjustable desk moves with your mood. It allows you to do the work you want to do but without sacrificing your health in a prolonged sit-down position.

What Is The Best Sit-Stand Desk For A Business Space?

Any sort of height adjustable desk is designed to raise and lower at your leisure. Some are manual. Others are electric. Some are risers that are positioned on top of an existing desk or surface. Then, others are closer to being their own standalone desk.

What’s Most Important To An Office Desk?

  • Premium, luxury office desks exist. They’re made for executive-level office positions. Standing desks are not plentiful in this category but they do exist.
  • Price, on the other hand, is what guides a lot of office furniture buying decisions. has some amazing deals on ergonomic desks and sit-stand desk accessories worth checking out. You can definitely save a few bucks here. Best on value.
  • Function may be most important to you. If so, you may want an electric sit-stand desk. These are the easiest to operate and do not require any effort on your part to raise or lower.

Benefits Of A Sit-Stand Desk

  • Be able to work for longer periods. As you shift your body’s positioning, you remove the constant stress we are putting on our frame. This helps us to remain focused for a longer time.
  • Improve mood. When you aren’t struggling to stay working through discomfort, mood is improved upon. In addition, you have the stimulation from standing which puts more circulation into your legs and helps to keep the blood flowing which is not a bad thing either.
  • Avoid the dangers of sitting too long which is associated with a wide variety of chronic conditions as well as daily neck pain, back spasms, shoulder pain, and muscular degeneration.
  • You instantly lower your risk of several diseases and conditions by switching to a height-adjustable desk. These include lowered risk of weight gain and obesity and lower risk of heart disease. Some studies have shown it can also aid in lowering blood sugar levels although more research is admittedly needed on this point.

What Will Fit In My Business Office?

Look at your business space. Consider the area available. You may only have room for a riser. Work-from-home desks are often like this. The size of your space, the size of the tabletop, and whether you prefer it to be electric or not is often the three main factors used to decide what height-adjustable desk you will buy.

Alternate your day between sitting and standing. Do it on your time. Do it with a high-quality cheap sit-stand height-adjustable desk from Give yourself every tool to be productive this season.

9 Reasons To Buy An Electric Sit-Stand Desk Riser For Your Office

We sit down every day. For hours. Some of us spend most of our days sitting. For work. For commuting. At home on the couch. Though we can’t avoid this sort of sedentary behaviour, buying an electric sit-stand desk helps to avoid some of the dangerous consequences, i.e. increased risk of cardiovascular disease and increased risk of overall mortality. Here are 9 reasons to buy a sit-stand desk online.

You Burn Calories

Standing burns more calories than sitting. By switching to a standing position, over a 3-hour afternoon, the average person burns an additional 174 calories per day.

You Increase Your Activity

A lot of us don’t have time to get to the gym every day. We’re doing other things. When you stand, it’s something you can do to give your body a little more activity and to engage your physical self.

Have More Energy

A height-adjustable desk challenges you to get up and stretch those legs. This keeps blood flowing, circulation happening, and reduces fatigue. If you struggle to stay focused, tackle a standing position for a bit.

You Eliminate Back Pain

Back pain in an office comes from two things – sitting and posture. An electric sit-stand riser addresses both, taking stress off the body and reducing the amount of time spent sitting and reducing back pain, particularly lower back pain, in the process.

Improve Your Productivity

When you stimulate the body and circulation, you’re also motivating the mind to be more alert and focused. This improves productivity. Also, not having the aches and pains of daily work contributes positively to focus and concentration as you’re not tied up processing pain and discomfort all day.

PrimeCables® Cab-ET101-BK-G3 is one of the best options for standup desk that will boost your productivity whilst improving the workplace confort and your health. It is perfect for offices, schools, home and most working environments.

It Strengthens Muscles

When we stand, we are supported by our legs, butt, and abdomen. You’re creating a minor workout for yourself simply by remaining standing and it’s not taking anything out of you in terms of energy or productivity.

It Doesn’t Come With A Rulebook

Just because you have an electric height-adjustable desk riser doesn’t mean you have to stand uninterrupted all day. Most of us can’t! Don’t do it! This isn’t an advertisement for prolonged standing. It’s to give you options and some adjustability, keeping you comfortable on your schedule.

It Will Help You Live Longer

Do you want to live – get an electric sit-stand desk! Ha! …well, it’s not quite like that but in a way, it is. People who sit for more than 6 hours per day are more likely to die at an earlier age in comparison with people who don’t. Another study revealed that sitting for under 3 hours a day increases life expectancy in some people by as much as two years.

They’re Cheap

A sit-stand desk isn’t very expensive. They do make manual height adjustable risers but electric risers are easier to operate. They cost a little more but you get an overall better experience and all the benefits already mentioned here.

Buy an electric sit-stand riser or electric height-adjustable desk at, Canada’s ultimate ergonomic office storefront.

What Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk is Right For My Home Office? – Read Here!

Height-adjustable desks are hitting it big in 2021, upgrading home offices to something extraordinary and more productive.

There are literally dozens of ergonomic desk home office options to choose from. To decide on what the right sit-stand desk is for your unique office situation, fortunately, doesn’t have to take long. Use this guide to sit-stand desks to consider the height adjustable desks available to you today.


The aesthetic of a home office desk may matter more to some than it does to others. Desks are made from a variety of materials, such as wood and metal. Color-wise, black, grey, and adaptable shades of neutral colors are go-tos.

Manual or Electric

Height adjustability requires a mechanism to raise and lower the desktop. This can be done manually which will save you a few bucks. It can also be done electronically, if you want to maintain some simplicity.

Small Space or Large Space

A sit-stand height adjustable desk doesn’t always fit into small spaces. If you do have a small space, consider an ergonomic frame that fits neatly to the dimensions you have. A corner standing desk with a small-to-average-sized desktop is perfect.

Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Electric Frame (Included Table Top) – PrimeCables®

Size of the Tabletop

The tabletop on your sit-stand desk matters a lot. You have to maximize available space, to prevent cluttering and ensure you remain productive even in the most disorganized of environments.

L-Shaped or V-Shaped

They also make L-shaped ergonomic desks and V-shaped ergonomic desks to fit into all sorts of professional settings. If you do have the space, a modular, sleek ‘V’ or ‘L’ provides maximum desktop space and looks executive-level.

Dual-leg Height Adjustable Electric sit and stand frame for L shape Desk Top Black – PrimeCables®

Convert An Existing Desk

If you already have a home office desk you love, you can convert it into a standing desk with a converter. A sit-stand desk converter sits on top of an existing desktop, providing a secondary desktop on which you can set your things and work at either a sitting or standing position.

Customize With A Tabletop

There are also ergonomic sit-stand desk frames that do not include the tabletop. This is advantageous for people who are looking to add their own tabletop and/or to customize the aesthetic of their home office desk.

Built-In Compartments

Some desks have built-in compartments and even outlets. The more advanced the design, the greater the cost however. If you’re looking at affordability as your top priority in selecting an ergonomic desk, we recommend steering clear of anything more than a built-in drawer.

Make your office pop! Give yourself an ergonomic sit-standing desk that can adjust height-adjustability in seconds. In any home office, a sit-stand desk would look wonderfully at ease. Find everything you need at