Update Your Home Office With Affordable High-Quality Tech

Hundreds of home office tech products exist to update your setup in 2021 to something that’s more you.

If working from home has become a way of life, this tech will make your day-to-day much more enjoyable.

Here’s how to make your home office more comfortable. Check out these trendy office tech products!

LED Lamp

Some shifts go late. Some nights last longer than we’d like. Struggling to see the keyboard is enough to tire out the eyes. Don’t let it. Have this LED desk lamp ready nearby, with adjustable brightness.


Some work-from-home setups require extra space from an external hard drive. To help you connect more hard drives, a 7-port USB hub that’s self-powered provides more slots to connect necessary drives and other devices to. Transfer data with ease.

7-Port USB 3.0 HUB with Individual Switch Power Adapter Plug – Black – PrimeCables®

Wireless USB Mouse

A wireless mouse is an excellent addition to the day-to-day of working at a computer. With an ergonomic design and a long-lasting battery, your wireless mouse will last months without a problem.

Electric Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Take a regular home office desk and make it height-adjustable with this electric sit-stand desk converter. Adjust from sitting to standing when you want. It’s the perfect way to burn some additional calories while you’re in front of a screen.

Electric Height Adjustable 37.4″ Sit-Stand Desk Converter – PrimeCables®

Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

Unless you have a want to be distracted, staying focused on work is a necessary priority when working from home. Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones go over-the-ear and block out unnecessary noise. Listen to music or podcasts. Listen to seminars or Zoom calls. It’s up to you.

Under-Desk Computer Mount

There’s no natural place to put a massive desktop computer. It’s inconvenient, regardless of whether it’s on the floor or the top of your desk. An under-desk computer mount is your answer. Save space with this cool way to safely store your desktop some place where it’s not going to accidentally get knocked over.

Clamp-On Power Strip Holder

The more you put into a home office, the more plugs and outlets you have. A clamp-on power strip holder allows you to put a power strip wherever you need it, angle it, and have access to things like chargers, USB ports, and more.

Dual Screen Gas Spring Desk Mount

If you have two monitors, they tend to take up a lot of room. A gas spring desk mount lifts your monitors off the desktop and frees up that space. It also gives you a whole new way to enjoy working in front of your screen.

Update your home office in 2021. Rejuvenate your feelings about working from home. The pandemic’s been difficult for a lot of people. Spend a little on yourself and get it back tenfold in what you feel when you have the pleasure of a work-from-home setup that matches your personality. Visit PrimeCables.ca today.

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