Create More Space With A Dual Screen Gas Spring Monitor Mount

Desktop computers are powerful machines but any desktop computer user will tell you those setups take up excessive space.

Once you get a monitor, your keyboard and mouse, speakers, any other devices you may be using, and the desktop tower, there’s barely any space left on the desk.

The best and most affordable solution is to start with tackling the monitor. One, two, or more monitors are wide and space-taking. These days, it’s not entirely necessary as monitors are lightweight enough to be mounted.

How Mounting A Monitor Works

A gas spring monitor mount installs at the far edge of your desk. It’s essentially a device which suspends your monitor in air where it hangs with strength and stability.

The result is the obvious benefit of more space at your disposal as well as an all-around cooler-looking workstation. For work, a tidier desktop can mean better productivity. For gaming, a mounted monitor equates to more immersive and arguably exciting gameplay.

Dual screen Gas Spring 360 degrees desktop mount For most 17″-30″ LCD monitors PrimeCables®

What to Know About A Gas Spring Desktop Mount

A gas spring monitor mount can be made to hold one monitor, two monitors, or more. Some monitor mounts are equipped to hold as many as six monitors and more.

Alternatively, what most people do – if they have two or more monitors – is use a few different mounts, assigning monitors in pairs.

When browsing monitor mounts, look at what size monitors a mount can hold and what VESA specifications they accept. That’s right, there are different sizes for mounts and you can in fact purchase the wrong one for your needs.

Also, look at weight. A mount that’s not strong enough to hold your monitors will only result in disappointment.

With any dual-screen gas spring mount, you also want to know what movement there is. ‘Full-motion’ is considered 360 degrees but not every mount has full rotation. Furthermore, if you’re intending on using the mount in a non-traditional way, you may also want to know how many degrees it shifts upward and downward.

Why A Monitor Mount is Better For Your Health

We rarely bring our screens up to a comfortable position. We too often adjust ourselves to see what’s on the monitor.

This is the wrong approach. When you’re in front of the monitor for hours at a time, this puts unnecessary stress on the neck, shoulders, upper back, and even sometimes the lower back. Mounting the monitor gets it to an optimal viewing position. This is ergonomics 101.

Make your desktop the space you’ve always wanted. Comfortable. Functional. Natural. A dual screen monitor mount will keep your neck aligned, prevent slouching, and get you excited about sitting down in front of your desktop the next time you have to. Visit us today.

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