V-Shaped Desks vs. L-Shaped Desks, Which is Best For You?

In an effort to create more natural, ergonomic, and space-saving home office setups, the invention of v-shaped desks and l-shaped desks came to be.

As expected, a v-shaped desk is shaped like a letter ‘v’ and an l-shaped desk is shaped like a letter ‘L’.

Traditional desks are often very bulky. To get them into some smaller office spaces, they aren’t always the best use of the available space. An L-shaped desk follows the trail of the walls, encompassing the outside of a room and maximizing this space. You receive a bigger desk, exhibiting more storage, more desk space, and more opportunity to work productivity without bumping around into other things in the room.

An L-Shaped Desk Saves Space On Top

L-shaped desks are designed to not only save space in the room but also to extend what a worker’s working with on top. You have more place for paperwork and belongings. If you’re employing multiple monitors or additional devices, an L-shaped desk ensures you have the available space.

Furthermore, if you want to save even more space on your desktop, both monitor mounts and under-desk mounts can get the necessary elements of a computer and ergonomic home office desk setup out of the way.

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Why A V-Shaped Desk May Be Better

A v-shaped desk works just like an l-shaped desk with the exception that it follows a ‘v’. Room configurations don’t always accommodate a perfect ‘L’ but it may work for a ‘V’. In this case, evidently, a V-shaped desk is the better option.

You still get all the uncluttered, open desktop space of an l-shaped desk on a v-shaped desk. Though sizes vary, they are similar – if not identical, in most cases.

A v-shaped office desk is indeed a unique shape as well and can be combined in multiples to format a very large circular-esque workspace. If you are working with one, two, or more people, crafting a team-based v-shaped office desk workspace can be vibrant from a design perspective.

Beyond that, it also positions a desk around you. Anyone who enjoys getting behind their desk and facing the room as opposed to facing your wall, the v-shaped desk works better than an l-shaped model.

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What’s the Most Ergonomic Desk in Design?

A case can be made for either l-shaped or v-shaped desks as the better model. Each is convenient, space-friendly, and innovative. They also offer unique features as a sit-stand desk in height-adjustability and electric remote control.

Look at the room you’re working with. Consider what you want for your office. You have lots of selection for both v-shaped and l-shaped desks at PrimeCables.ca. Choose the model that matches your expectation for what you need to see. Get rid of bulky office desks today.

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