What is the Best External Power Bank in 2021 For Your Needs – Read Here

External power banks from brands like Anker, PrimeCables.ca, and others are highly rated and offered at excellent prices.

Though portable batteries aren’t the most popular or trendy tech in Canada, they’re a very necessary part of someone’s on-the-go bag. If you travel often and over extended distances, having an external power bank can be the difference from having your phone on or off.

The best external power banks are fast, long-charging, and in a protective casing. If you’re searching for a power bank to carry with you, here are the best portable smartphone chargers available.

4,000mAh External Power Bank

The PrimeCables.ca 4,000mAh portable external battery charger and power bank is a top favourite. Palm-sized, it fits easily into whatever you’re carrying. With overcurrent protection and automatic charging, it’s also simple and safe to use.

4000mAh Portable External Battery Charger Power Bank -Black PrimeCables®

2,000mAh External Power Bank

For something a little smaller, the Select Series Portable Cell Phone Charger is a strong external power bank option. Though only 2,000mAh, it’s small enough to carry with you in your pocket. Boost your battery with the shape and size you desire.

5,000mAh External Power Bank

The 5,000mAh external power bank provides a little more output and has faster charging capabilities with a USB Type-C connection. You won’t find a faster-charging external battery than this. A life-saver, you’ll be so glad to have it when you’re seeing your smartphone run down its juices.

10,000mAh External Power Bank

The 10,000mAh external power bank is USB Type-C cable-equipped and built to last. If you’re seeking a power bank with the maximum amount of time and charging power with it, the 10,000mAh model has it. Power and charge USB-powered devices with ease.

10000mAh Portable External Battery Charger Power Bank USB Type-C USB A Dual Output – PrimeCables®

10,000mAh Car Jump Starter and Smartphone Charger

Travelling in a vehicle, you don’t know when your battery might need a boost. This portable external power bank will not only charge your phone but help you jump-start your car as well. Equipped to handle 12V up to 5.0L gas or 2.88L diesel, this is a handy tool to have in travel.

20,100mAh External Power Bank

Once we start climbing up past 10,000mAh, things get expensive very quickly. The Monoprice Obsidian Speed High-Powered USB-C power bank is one of the best in quality but it isn’t very budget-friendly at over $100. What you get though is up to 45W in output and three ports for smartphone charging, tablet charging, and even laptops.

Find the best power banks on sale in Canada from PrimeCables.ca. Small and compact, some options have the capacity to charge your device from 0 to 100% twice over and beyond. Your smartphone will always have access to a top-up in battery charging with an external power bank nearby. Order yours today.

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