The Benefits of A Surge Protector For Your Electronics

Surge protectors are used every day in commercial and industrial environments. Homes and offices also use them to protect things like home theater systems, tools and equipment, computers, and more. Do you need a surge protector – here is why a lot of people say yes.

Big Plugs

A surge protector typically offers big plugs, oftentimes spacing the sockets apart to accommodate larger plug sizes. If you’re using some expensive electronics or tools where you have had difficulty in the past plugging them in, a surge protector with wide spacing offers a lot.

They Add Outlets

If you need multiple outlets, there’s no reason not to buy a multi-outlet surge protector. Receive the benefits of a row or two or additional outlets as well as the protections against electricity surges.

They’re Superior to Power Strips

Power strips are cheaper to buy but also cheaper to make. Even if it has a circuit breaker, any power strip offers no real protection from electrical issues. They’re just a way to add outlets. Comparatively, a surge protector is far superior.

D5b2c primecables cab lts 8ts plugs sockets 8 outlets metal housing surge protector with 14awg 10ft cord 1350 joules primecables

1,350 Joules in Surge Protection

A surge protector is accommodating to large jolts of power and small amounts as well. With multiple grounded outlets and 1,350 joules in protection, this will keep flat-screens, laptops, appliances, and more safe. If you live in a home where there is an above-average risk for electrical issues, a large-plug surge protector certainly becomes a necessity.

They’re A Great Buy for ‘Free Shipping’

Receive fast, free shipping anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49 from Are you buying something from us and you haven’t gotten to the ‘free shipping’ minimum yet – add on the metal surge protector just under $20. This brings you a little closer!

They’re Not Expensive

A surge protector is affordable. What it protects, however, can be very costly to repair. For unexpected power spikes, this is what you want in between what’s coming out of your wall and a power cord to electronics.

They’re Heavy Duty

A lot of surge protectors can be heavy in weight and in heavy-duty casing. This eight-outlet metal-housing surge protector is a great example of this. It’s meant for industrial work environments, though is also usable in homes, offices, and anywhere else.

They’re Portable

A surge protector can be moved. Some are heavier than others but they are always easily portable which makes them great if you have to use them on a job site that’s always moving.

There is no reason not to get a surge protector. Divert unwanted or excess electricity away from your devices and electronics. Find 5-outlet, 6-outlet, 7-outlet, and 8-outlet surge protectors today from

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