Surge Protector Or Power Strip, What Do You Need?

A home theater system. A work-from-home desk. An office. All these areas call for at least a few more plugs than what your routine wall outlet allows. If you have to choose between a surge protector and a power strip, would you know which one is best? – this is what we’re here to ultimately find out.

  • A power strip adds outlets.
  • A surge protector defends against electrical current spikes that put your devices at risk.

This is the key difference. A power strip does not necessarily have any surge protection in its intricate design. That said, it can. Just like a surge protector can have multiple outlets and resemble a power strip even though its focus is more in line with voltage spike protection.

A dead giveaway on whether you’re looking at a power strip or surge protector is a joules measurement. Joules measure the amount of protection given to what’s plugged in. Only surge protectors have a joules measurement. A single surge can exceed a joules limitation or it can occur across multiple surges.

Please note that joules deplete over time. The more power strikes that hit your surge protector, protection diminishes. Thereby, every surge protector eventually turns itself over to a glorified power strip.

Why A Power Strip Is Better

The benefits of a power strip are fairly obvious. More outlets equate to more devices. You can safely plug in more devices without causing a safety issue on your electrical grid.

9ce92 power strip power strip

A power strip also has a circuit breaker and an on/off switch, helping conserve power when they’re not in use. This is ideal for businesses or people who have a lot plugged into an outlet. Shutting down power saves on electricity costs.

Lastly, a power strip is a lot cheaper to buy than a surge protector. This relies on the brand, however. To buy a surge protector online, you can find a deal that’s comparable to some power strips.

Do you need surge protection – it depends. Surges are caused by many things. Faulty wiring. Lightning strikes. High-powered devices turning off. If your home is fairly new, a sudden surge damaging your devices is unlikely. Do you know of anyone who has had a power surge kill an appliance or device suddenly – neither have we. This isn’t to say it doesn’t happen and small surges can weaken certain technology over time.

It’s up to you to decide whether more outlets a la a power strip or surge protection is your goal.

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5 Reasons Why Your Home Should Have A Surge Protector

Power surges are tricky buggers. In fact, you may not even notice when they occur. At any moment, your house could be hit and all it would be is a small flicker of the lights. A toaster overheating. A microwave with too much power. A cheap tech device that doesn’t safely manage its power. All these things can cause power surges.

Most of the time, with a power surge, your devices will be safe. That said, all it takes is one time. Anyone with important information on a computer, a medical device plugged in, or some expensive electronics, among other things, buying a surge protector makes a lot of sense.

Here are 5 reasons why your home should have at least one surge protector plugged in.

You May Prevent A Fire

Especially if you have old wiring or improperly installed electric cables, the right amount of electricity in a power surge can overload an outlet and cause a connected appliance to spark. Every year, thousands of fires are started from faulty and/or malfunctioning wiring like this. Surge protectors are your best bet to totally eliminate this hazard.

Some Power Surges Are Internally Generated

There are two types of voltage surges – external and internal. An external cause comes from outside your home’s electrical system. Those are much rarer than internal surges which will come from our devices. That type of surge sends power to your circuit breaker and spreads it out. This potentially damages other circuits that you may have thought were fully protected. A surge protector protects you both ways, ensuring whatever is plugged in is not subject to any malfunctioning electrical components outside of the device’s own design.

You Guarantee Protection

Most homes are wired in a way to protect devices from harm in the event of a power surge. A homeowner doesn’t have certainty though. When you use a multi-outlet surge protector, you have that certainty. You ensure whatever’s plugged in is fully protected against any sort of electrical issues that come from the breaker panel.

If You’re Already Buying A Power Bar…

If you’re already expanding the outlets you have available with a power bar, spend a few extra bucks and get a surge protector power strip instead. In some cases, they even come out to the same price. You don’t have to pay much extra and in addition to more outlets, you get surge protection. It’s a win-win.

Small Surges Degrade Performance

A home is hit by small surges every day. A few aren’t going to make a dent – most of the time. Wear and tear over the years can occur from these power surges on appliances like air conditioners, ovens, microwaves, toasters, and high-tech electronics. By using a surge protector, you guard against this gradual damage.

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The Benefits of A Surge Protector For Your Electronics

Surge protectors are used every day in commercial and industrial environments. Homes and offices also use them to protect things like home theater systems, tools and equipment, computers, and more. Do you need a surge protector – here is why a lot of people say yes.

Big Plugs

A surge protector typically offers big plugs, oftentimes spacing the sockets apart to accommodate larger plug sizes. If you’re using some expensive electronics or tools where you have had difficulty in the past plugging them in, a surge protector with wide spacing offers a lot.

They Add Outlets

If you need multiple outlets, there’s no reason not to buy a multi-outlet surge protector. Receive the benefits of a row or two or additional outlets as well as the protections against electricity surges.

They’re Superior to Power Strips

Power strips are cheaper to buy but also cheaper to make. Even if it has a circuit breaker, any power strip offers no real protection from electrical issues. They’re just a way to add outlets. Comparatively, a surge protector is far superior.

D5b2c primecables cab lts 8ts plugs sockets 8 outlets metal housing surge protector with 14awg 10ft cord 1350 joules primecables

1,350 Joules in Surge Protection

A surge protector is accommodating to large jolts of power and small amounts as well. With multiple grounded outlets and 1,350 joules in protection, this will keep flat-screens, laptops, appliances, and more safe. If you live in a home where there is an above-average risk for electrical issues, a large-plug surge protector certainly becomes a necessity.

They’re A Great Buy for ‘Free Shipping’

Receive fast, free shipping anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49 from Are you buying something from us and you haven’t gotten to the ‘free shipping’ minimum yet – add on the metal surge protector just under $20. This brings you a little closer!

They’re Not Expensive

A surge protector is affordable. What it protects, however, can be very costly to repair. For unexpected power spikes, this is what you want in between what’s coming out of your wall and a power cord to electronics.

They’re Heavy Duty

A lot of surge protectors can be heavy in weight and in heavy-duty casing. This eight-outlet metal-housing surge protector is a great example of this. It’s meant for industrial work environments, though is also usable in homes, offices, and anywhere else.

They’re Portable

A surge protector can be moved. Some are heavier than others but they are always easily portable which makes them great if you have to use them on a job site that’s always moving.

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Should I use a Surge Protector to Support my Gaming Station – we say yes!

For gamers, there’s nothing more valuable than their console and all the electronics which surround it. Although it’s unlikely, if there’s ever a power outage at home or let’s say your wall outlet is hit with a surge of electricity, you always want to be protected.


Surge protectors are not expensive and yet, they carry so much value because of what they protect. When you use a surge protector, you don’t need to worry about your gaming console being at risk in a power outage because it won’t be. Whatever’s plugged into it, rest assured knowing it’s all under heavy protection.

PrimeCables surge protector
PrimeCables surge protector

Surge protectors are always about putting safety first. Power surges can be avoided, to some degree. That said, you never know when it could happen or how that might affect hardware. Anyone with computers, gaming consoles, or similarly expensive electronics, using a surge protector is a necessity.


For anyone looking for which surge protector you should buy for your gaming station, we’ve got options. Shop products like your basic 10-outlet surge protector power strip for $14.99 or go with something a little more advanced like a 6-outlet wall mount surge protector with dual USB charging ports for $11.99. Either of these are recommended buys for gamers and customizable according to need. You won’t have to be scared the next time your breaker trips or your power goes.


If neither of those possibilities resonate with you, no worries. There are dozens of other surge protectors available, including our 72-watt 10-port USB smart charging station for $39.99, the uniquely designed 6-outlet surge protector side socket with swivel for $9.99, an 8-outlet surge protector power strip in high quality aluminum housing for $12.99, and the massive 12-outlet home office surge protector with 8” power cord for $39.99.


Some of the features you’ll find in these surge protectors are heavy cord you can rely on for performance, 450J surge protection, some come with built-in wall mounting features, permission to power multiple devices, and a multi-amp circuit breaker.


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PrimeCables surge protector with amazon alexa google compatibility

The Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip Surge Protector App Controlled 3 Outlets 2 USB Fast Charging PrimeCables® has a standard list price of $49.99 however for a limited time only, we’ve brought it down to $24.99. This highly advanced surge protector is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, is all controlled through the app, and has a continuous fast charging USB port. Find the same product through a retailer like Wal-Mart and you’ll see the price spike well above $40 and maybe even $50. At a 50% discount, the PrimeCables’ surge protector is a steal!

Evidently, Canadian households buying surge protectors may do so with a wide range of needs in mind. To touch upon each of those needs, it requires a product that is very diverse. In application, this surge protector more than meets the needs of buyers.

No one wants a surge protector that is outdated and/or that’s unreliable. This surge protector is a noticeable improvement over other models at this price point. When employed in a household or commercial setting, you won’t need to worry about electronics getting fried or devices experiencing a jolt of electricity at any point. Manufactured to the highest quality and featuring all of the latest advancements in surge protector technology, this product was specifically designed with the consumer in mind. An affordably priced surge protector that provides the highest level of service, prepare your home with device protection methods such as this.

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PrimeCables is Making its Own Outlet Wall Surge Protector


Living in Canada, particularly through the winter months and in some regions with the onslaught of snowstorms, you can never be sure when you may lose power. A surge protector goes beyond the normal capabilities of a power strip and provides a consumer with more value.


Prime Cables is proud to announce that it has manufactured its own surge protector available today!


The (2Pack) PrimeCables® 3-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector w/ Phone Holder & Dual USB Charging Ports is priced at $19.99, currently on sale from its market price of $69.99. This is a wall mountable three-outlet surge protector that will protect all of your electronics from any dangers associated with losing power or having power restored. This also comes with a universal 2-port USB charging station, can charge up to 2 smartphones at a time, and comes in a cradle design to keep your smartphone safe and off the ground while charging.


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Prime Cables has developed this three-outlet wall mount surge protector with a number of philosophies in mind. We wanted to build something that would meet the highest of industry standards and even go beyond that in certain ways. The fact that this came with a wall mount and cradle was important to us because we did not want to provide you with something to just toss on the floor. By mounting it directly to the wall, you save space on countertops or floors. Through the use of two, you can use each in different areas of the home, maximizing the available outlets according to how you need to use them.


Protect yourself from the damage that come with power surges. This power surge protector has been purchased by Canadians to protect their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, printers, hard drives, modems, and other hard to replace equipment against damage, data loss, file corruption, and system crashes. Without a surge protector, each of these devices remains exposed.


Please feel encouraged to browse Prime Cables catalogue for more information on its outlet wall surge protector as well as other items and accessories. We pride ourselves on being a Canadian-made brand, serving Canadians nationwide since 2007. This surge protector is among the newest items to our growing collection.