4 Ways to Use A Right-Angle USB Cable For Your Device

A right-angle USB cable is a welcome choice for smartphone and tablet users and to anyone experiencing a constant bending of their cables when plugging them in.

A right-angle USB-C cable provides the chance to safely plug in to areas that are tight or that would normally compromise the integrity of a regular cable. A regular cable sticks out forward which is perfect if you want your device to be in front of the port and perpendicular. For positioning that’s parallel though, you need a right-angle.

Here are 4 ways to use a right-angle USB cable around the house, office, and when you’re commuting.

Small, Thin Countertops And Surfaces

Some of us charge devices on wide surfaces while others have thin or longer surfaces. Where there isn’t enough space beside your charger to safely put your device, a right-angle USB cable allows you to wrap around and place your device somewhere safe without bending the connector.

Mounts, Holders, And Stands

There are all sorts of device mounts, holders, and stands, some portable and open and others closed in design.

These carriers do not always accommodate the charging angle of a device. Now you have options. If it’s challenging to charge your device because you’re concerned about a bent USB cable, try a right-angle USB cable instead.

Though not a panacea for every mount, carrying case, holder, or stand charging issue, any premium right-angle USB cable provides another option to charge your device in its case or container.

While Traveling With A Power Bank

When you’re traveling and you have your device plugged in, you put it on your car’s console or throw it in your bag without giving it much thought.

Unless your smartphone is secure in your pocket, you’re probably bending the cable in transportation simply by having it loose and unsecured.

Though no immediate damage is being created, this is causing wear-and-tear on the internal connector inside your smartphone port. You bend the cable back and forth repeatedly throughout a course of travel.

A right-angle USB cable hopefully can eliminate some stress, maintaining the charge while reducing this wear-and-tear.

Charging Your USB Device in Bed

A lot of us have USB plugs to the side of our mattresses or at the top. Trying to plug in your smartphone requires some crafty maneuvering to get it connected for some. This is a great opportunity to pull out a right-angle USB 2.0 cable.

At a 90-degree angle, there is no bending and no issues maintaining a connection. Your right-angle cable will last longer this way and it will be better maintained while in use than a straight cable.

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