How to Use Your Smartphone Camera to Make Pro-Level Videos

Everything you need to make a pro-level HD movie lies in your smartphone. If you have the skills, knowledge, and a few extra tools to get the most from your smartphone camera, you can get away with filming Hollywood-level movies on your phone and your audience won’t know the difference.

Plan And Storyboard

Even improv-based films have some degree of planning to them. Before you set out with a smartphone ready to film things, unless you want to end up with a ton of unusable and overly complicated footage, plan ahead. Storyboard some shots. Look at similar films to what you want to make for inspiration.

Handheld v. Stable

Handheld smartphone camera videos are the most common. They’re often shaky but come across as authentic and honest. For a lot of movie-making, however, you will want to stabilize everything. Invest in a tripod if you’re filming something stationary and or a smartphone camera stabilizer.

Editing Video Is A Learned Skill

Anyone can film an HD video. How you edit it is where things can break down between pro and amateur. Use a video similar to your own as inspiration on how to cut footage, how to pace a video, and to establish a starting point for how you’re going to edit the visuals you captured.


Zoom-in and zoom-out are effects used frequently in movie-making. This can be difficult to achieve on your smartphone if you’re trying to keep it stable. Some smartphone stabilizers incorporate buttons and features like zoom-in/zoom-out which can be exceptionally beneficial.


As a subject moves around the room, you may want to follow them. This is called tracking. Normally, handheld smartphone cameras can be problematic to operate with tracking. A handheld smartphone stabilizer safely holds your camera and allows you to track with more fluidity.

Create Movement With No Shaking

We associate movement with excitement. When a camera moves, we naturally pay attention. Unfortunately, try that with a smartphone in hand and you end up with lots of shakiness. That’s amateur. Try a tripod or a handheld stabilizer to eliminate shakiness without limiting your movements. A stabilizer can also aid with rolling, pitching, panning, and creating videos that normally you’d have to pay $100,000s to capture.

What Can You Film on Your Smartphone?

  • Make home movies and family videos.
  • Make vlogs, how-to videos, and YouTube influencer-style videos.
  • Live stream on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites.
  • Film music videos.
  • Film scripted videos.
  • Create business videos for your brand, company, product, or service.
  • Capture artistic videos of nature, landscapes, and more.

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