9 Reasons To Buy An Electric Sit-Stand Desk Riser For Your Office

We sit down every day. For hours. Some of us spend most of our days sitting. For work. For commuting. At home on the couch. Though we can’t avoid this sort of sedentary behaviour, buying an electric sit-stand desk helps to avoid some of the dangerous consequences, i.e. increased risk of cardiovascular disease and increased risk of overall mortality. Here are 9 reasons to buy a sit-stand desk online.

You Burn Calories

Standing burns more calories than sitting. By switching to a standing position, over a 3-hour afternoon, the average person burns an additional 174 calories per day.

You Increase Your Activity

A lot of us don’t have time to get to the gym every day. We’re doing other things. When you stand, it’s something you can do to give your body a little more activity and to engage your physical self.

Have More Energy

A height-adjustable desk challenges you to get up and stretch those legs. This keeps blood flowing, circulation happening, and reduces fatigue. If you struggle to stay focused, tackle a standing position for a bit.

You Eliminate Back Pain

Back pain in an office comes from two things – sitting and posture. An electric sit-stand riser addresses both, taking stress off the body and reducing the amount of time spent sitting and reducing back pain, particularly lower back pain, in the process.

Improve Your Productivity

When you stimulate the body and circulation, you’re also motivating the mind to be more alert and focused. This improves productivity. Also, not having the aches and pains of daily work contributes positively to focus and concentration as you’re not tied up processing pain and discomfort all day.

PrimeCables® Cab-ET101-BK-G3 is one of the best options for standup desk that will boost your productivity whilst improving the workplace confort and your health. It is perfect for offices, schools, home and most working environments.

It Strengthens Muscles

When we stand, we are supported by our legs, butt, and abdomen. You’re creating a minor workout for yourself simply by remaining standing and it’s not taking anything out of you in terms of energy or productivity.

It Doesn’t Come With A Rulebook

Just because you have an electric height-adjustable desk riser doesn’t mean you have to stand uninterrupted all day. Most of us can’t! Don’t do it! This isn’t an advertisement for prolonged standing. It’s to give you options and some adjustability, keeping you comfortable on your schedule.

It Will Help You Live Longer

Do you want to live – get an electric sit-stand desk! Ha! …well, it’s not quite like that but in a way, it is. People who sit for more than 6 hours per day are more likely to die at an earlier age in comparison with people who don’t. Another study revealed that sitting for under 3 hours a day increases life expectancy in some people by as much as two years.

They’re Cheap

A sit-stand desk isn’t very expensive. They do make manual height adjustable risers but electric risers are easier to operate. They cost a little more but you get an overall better experience and all the benefits already mentioned here.

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