How To Use Your Power Tools Safely

It’s hard to imagine doing renos and repairs without power tools. They are so integral to getting work done quickly and safely. Not everyone is so safe though when it comes to power tools. Beginners and professionals alike can put themselves and others at risk by misusing power tools.

Injuries happen. So do fatalities in some cases. If you are going to use power tools, here is how to use them safely.

Wear Your PPE

Every power tool comes with a short list of personal protective equipment that should be worn. Safety goggles and gloves are the usual. You may also want to wear a mask depending on the project you’re working on.

Watch Out For Trip Hazards

A lot of power tools come with cords, cables, or hoses. Unless you have conveniently-made cordless power tools, you will want to be aware it is attached to the plug. Furthermore, never carry the tool by its cord or pull on the cord from the outlet.

Unplug As Soon As You’re Done

Don’t wait to unplug your power tool. Do it as soon as you are done a task to ensure there are no accidental starts. Any time you are cleaning or servicing a power tool, you will also want to verify it’s unplugged and has no power source.

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Keep Your Perimeter Clean

Where you are working should be kept clean and dry at all times. As you make a mess in your work, clean it. Injuries occur even to the most experienced of workers in cluttered, slippery, unclean areas.

Don’t Use A Damaged Tool

If your tool is old and still functioning like it did on day 1, use it! If it’s starting to fall apart, don’t. Power tools eventually start to break down, even the more high-end tools. When they do, it’s important to replace them. Do not continue using a partially broken tool.

Do Not Allow Others On-Site

Anyone inexperienced or who isn’t working with you on a project shouldn’t be near power tools, joking around your work area or job site, and/or behaving in a way that isn’t less than serious.

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Always Check Before Using

Before you start using a power tool, give it a look-over to make sure it’s still in good condition. Examine the handles and body for cracks, the cord for cracks, or anything suspicious. If something’s wrong, do not use it.

Use The Right Tool

Ensure you have the right tool for the work you’re doing. Using the wrong tool or using the tool in a way it was not designed to be used is a recipe for disaster. You can damage what you’re working on and/or cause an injury.

Power tools are essential to many DIY projects, home repairs, and handyman work. A miscalculation, damage, or improper use of a tool, however, can have serious ramifications. Always practice safety. Shop power tools on sale in Canada from

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