Overhaul Your Home Office With These Trendy Ergonomic Accessories

A home office is a beautiful thing. They can also cost a ton if you’re shopping retail. Buy office accessories online at a much better deal and give your home office a bit of a remodel!

If you know you’ll be continuing to work from home, partially or full-time, now’s the time to save. Make your office more in-tune with focus, productivity, and comfort. Ergonomics does all that. Here are some trendy accessories you may want to get your hands on.

Ethernet Cables

If your Internet is not so reliable where you have your ergonomic office setup, connect with Ethernet. A wired connection is faster and more reliable than a wireless one. Buy high-quality Ethernet cables.

53afd network ethernet cables network ethernet cables

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk

An ergonomic sit-stand desk keeps your muscles moving and blood flowing throughout the day. You combat the dangers of prolonged sitting while burning calories, adjusting from sitting to standing and vice versa.

De28e sit stand desk solutions sit stand desk solutions

Power Strips And USB Banks

As we work, we want to make sure all of our electronics have adequate power, including smartphones. Charge your devices and power your computer with ergonomic office power strips.

D270a power charger adapter power charger adapter

Headphones And Earbuds

Whether you have an upcoming Zoom call or you just want to drown out the noise around you with music or white noise, buying some home office headphones or earbuds isn’t a bad decision.

8b81a headphone earbud headphones earbuds

Ergonomic Office Footrest

An ergonomic footrest helps you get a little more comfortable in your office chair. You put one leg up and it reframes your posture, taking strain off those places where you might already get aches and pains.

Single Monitor Desk Mount

Lift your monitor. Create more space. Minimize tension headaches and take some stress of the neck, shoulders, upper back, and even the eyes. A single monitor desk mount is a great home office investment.

Ring Light For Streaming

If you aren’t happy with your appearance on Zoom calls and want to appear more attractive, the desktop selfie ring light sits on a tripod and shines light directly on you from the front. This minimizes shadows and eliminates any uneven lighting you may be dealing with.

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Single-Serve Coffee Maker

When productivity is starting to drag a bit mid-afternoon and you’re starting to long for the morning when you could actually focus, turn on your single-serve coffee maker. Pop in some coffee grounds or a K-Cup and enjoy.

Shop all these offers and more for your ergonomic home office at PrimeCables.ca. See Canada’s lowest prices on office desks, chairs, and more. Organize your work-from-home setup with a remodel that’ll get you hyped to come into work every morning.

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