Surge Protector Or Power Strip, What Do You Need?

A home theater system. A work-from-home desk. An office. All these areas call for at least a few more plugs than what your routine wall outlet allows. If you have to choose between a surge protector and a power strip, would you know which one is best? – this is what we’re here to ultimately find out.

  • A power strip adds outlets.
  • A surge protector defends against electrical current spikes that put your devices at risk.

This is the key difference. A power strip does not necessarily have any surge protection in its intricate design. That said, it can. Just like a surge protector can have multiple outlets and resemble a power strip even though its focus is more in line with voltage spike protection.

A dead giveaway on whether you’re looking at a power strip or surge protector is a joules measurement. Joules measure the amount of protection given to what’s plugged in. Only surge protectors have a joules measurement. A single surge can exceed a joules limitation or it can occur across multiple surges.

Please note that joules deplete over time. The more power strikes that hit your surge protector, protection diminishes. Thereby, every surge protector eventually turns itself over to a glorified power strip.

Why A Power Strip Is Better

The benefits of a power strip are fairly obvious. More outlets equate to more devices. You can safely plug in more devices without causing a safety issue on your electrical grid.

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A power strip also has a circuit breaker and an on/off switch, helping conserve power when they’re not in use. This is ideal for businesses or people who have a lot plugged into an outlet. Shutting down power saves on electricity costs.

Lastly, a power strip is a lot cheaper to buy than a surge protector. This relies on the brand, however. To buy a surge protector online, you can find a deal that’s comparable to some power strips.

Do you need surge protection – it depends. Surges are caused by many things. Faulty wiring. Lightning strikes. High-powered devices turning off. If your home is fairly new, a sudden surge damaging your devices is unlikely. Do you know of anyone who has had a power surge kill an appliance or device suddenly – neither have we. This isn’t to say it doesn’t happen and small surges can weaken certain technology over time.

It’s up to you to decide whether more outlets a la a power strip or surge protection is your goal.

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