Why 2021 Is The Year To Get An HDTV Antenna

We’ve all thought about it. Cutting the cord, that is. Getting rid of our cable bill. That’s the life!

Every month, Canadian households spend $100s on a lot of channels they don’t watch, programming they haven’t any interest in, and an overpriced bundle sold to them by corporations like Bell and Rogers.

For the average home, if they got rid of their cable bill, that adds over $1,000 into savings. This is money you can reinvest in yourself and your interests, use to pay down debt, or put towards groceries and the essentials.

People who quit their cable bill are surprised to learn how freeing it is. What they don’t have to watch live, they can often get online through various means or through an HDTV antenna if desired.

Should I Cut The Cord?

The biggest fear behind cutting the cord and getting rid of cable is what you lose – all those channels.

Most of us have grown up for years – decades even! – with the same cable subscription. We’re accustomed to having live TV to watch. You aren’t going to lose that by cutting the cord. An HDTV antenna picks up the slack.

An indoor HDTV antenna sets up by your set. It picks up free over-the-air TV signals, just like your radio does in the car. All the time, TV signals are being sent through the air and into receivers throughout Canada. They cost nothing to pick up. Channels like CBC and CTV are readily available to be watched.

On top of all this, a TV antenna is a one-time purchase. There’s no monthly fee.

More and more Canadians are choosing to cut the cord and save a ton of money while still enjoying basic TV channels with an HDTV antenna. Especially if you live in a city with strong TV signals or if there’s a signal-receiving tower nearby, you will have no problem picking up a few channels if not a dozen or more.

Do You Still Want To Pay $100s For Cable TV?

Ditch your cable. Replace it with an HDTV antenna and some streaming services. Netflix. Crave. Amazon. And so much more. These streaming services exist with 1,000s of hours of movies and television for you to enjoy.

The only thing that isn’t covered with streaming is live TV which you would get through your antenna.

At the end of the day, anyone can try this. An indoor HDTV antenna costs less than $10 to purchase. So give it a trial run! At the very least, you’ll probably have your cable company begging you to come back with a promo offer in a month or two.

Cut the cord. Get free TV. Pay less. Shop high-quality, far-reaching HDTV antennas today at PrimeCables.ca.

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