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Why PrimeCables’ Cables are the Best in Canada – get them on-sale this June

If there’s one thing we know at PrimeCables, it’s cables. We’ve got HDMI cables, USB cables, audio cables, video cables, VGA, DVI, RCA audio cables, network Ethernet cables, computer cables, DisplayPort cables, Apple, smartphone, tablet, and more.   Why PrimeCables’ cables are some of the best in Canada are for many reasons. First off, when it comes down to price,…

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Organize your Home Theater System with these Tips on Cables and more

As we add new screens, devices, cables, and accessories to our home theater systems, things can get tangled pretty quickly. Keeping things organized is a strategic endeavor and one requiring ongoing maintenance. Thankfully, an organized home theater and entertainment system is easy to set up. Here’s a few tips. Dust. Home theater screens like TVs, computer monitors, and other A/V…

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Feel Free to Check out our 24h PrimeCables Unbeatable Doorcrasher Deals in Canada!

Have you ever met a sale that was too difficult to pass up – we have! That’s the entire basis of why PrimeCables launched its company more than a decade ago. Though we have routine sales year-round, our 24h PrimeCables doorcrasher deals are among of the best in Canada.   Join us every day for the release of some truly…

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How to Keep Tangled Piles of Cables organized for your Home Theater System

Keeping a home theater system neat can be challenging with the many cables a homeowner needs to manage. For a larger home theater system setup, the amount of cables in the room can sometimes feel like they go on for miles. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep cables safely stored and tidy. To eliminate cable clutter in your…

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