How to Keep Tangled Piles of Cables organized for your Home Theater System

Tangled data cables in your home theater
Tangled data cables in your home theater

Keeping a home theater system neat can be challenging with the many cables a homeowner needs to manage. For a larger home theater system setup, the amount of cables in the room can sometimes feel like they go on for miles. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep cables safely stored and tidy. To eliminate cable clutter in your home theater system, here’s where to start.


HDMI cables of an appropriate size


HDMI cables too long can needlessly dangle, adding to the mess behind the TV. Don’t get a cable with a lot of slack to it unless you need to. Sometimes, shorter HDMI cables are the way to go. That said, there are some who recommend longer cables and coiling up any excess with ties.


Prime Cables has a number of inexpensive HDMI cables of all shapes and sizes to browse, short and long alike, and at huge discounts compared to physical retailers. Be sure to measure the distance you need between your HDMI ports and the devices you want to plug in, prior to making any purchasing decisions.


Get some Cable Ties


Very inexpensive, cable ties and cable organizers keep things from tangling. Always have some permanently set up behind your TV as you see fit. Keep a few on hand for any temporary devices you may have to plug in, especially those that have cables prone to tangling. Place ties on every foot of a group of cables running near each other. Before long, instead of individual cables sprawled everywhere, you’ll have groups displayed in a coordinated fashion.


A properly designed surge protector


Invest in a surge protector power strip that works for your home theater setup. No need to buy awkwardly shaped bricks. Buy a surge protector that is able to handle every plug-in as needed and that is not going to present a fire hazard in the home. There are a wide variety of surge protectors available in the marketplace so be sure to look thoroughly before deciding on what’s best.


These three tips are what we found work best for keeping cables from tangling in the home. Keeping a home theater system tidy should not require having to untangle wires bi-weekly. Invest in some ties, get HDMI cables of an appropriate length, and ensure you have a good size surge protector on hand. By following these strategies, it’s more than possible to keep things organized.

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