PrimeCables’ Shopping Tips – the only Place to get your HDMI Splitter Cheap and Good

3b9da-PrimeCables-CAB-CEHSP0102-HDMI-DVI-Splitters-HDMI-Splitter-1-2-with-Full-3D-and-4K-2K-340MHz-Metal-Shell-Real-HDMI-V1-4If you’re looking for a cheaply priced, affordable high performance HDMI splitter, you have come to the right place. PrimeCables is a premiere Canadian eCommerce brand specializing in cables, adapters, splitters, and more. A focal point of our business is in offering high quality products at some of the lowest pricing in Canada. High quality HDMI splitters are notoriously expensive and can be hard to come by. For consumers looking to save money while still having a high quality product on their hands, shopping with PrimeCables is the way to go.


Choose from across dozens of HDMI splitters and related products. Featuring advanced technology, capable of the highest definition of picture quality, built to list, and stylishly built, an HDMI splitter can add significant functionality to your home theater setup. If you feel as if your existing HDMI ports are limiting the devices you can plug into your flat-screen, an HDMI splitter is the ideal solution. Relatively inexpensive through the PrimeCables store, thousands of Canadian households, tech gurus, and media aficionados have turned to us for HDMI splitters. Through one of our splitters, receive an easy and reliable way to connect devices and to keep them connected.


When you shop with PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Some of the biggest selling products in the HDMI splitter category, these include the HDMI Splitter 1×2 with Full 3D and 4K×2K (340MHz)Metal Shell-Real HDMI V1.4 for $34.99, the PrimeCables® 4K Support HDMI splitter 1×4 Metal Powered Amplifier with EP chipsets for $46.99, and the Blackbird 4K 1×2 HDMI® Pigtail Splitter – Monoprice® for $29.99. Depending on what your needs are, you may want to mix different products complementary to splitters, such as switchers, extenders, audio distribution and sound system setups, and signals managers. We have it all at PrimeCables!


At these price points, you won’t find a higher quality HDMI splitter in Canada than what is available through PrimeCables. At the heart of everything we do is being able to bring pricing down to an affordable level. The new HDMI splitters in the PrimeCables catalogue can help distribute video as you see fit, providing you the chance to build the video and audio hub of your dreams. For every installation need, enjoy cheap HDMI splitters that won’t sacrifice reliability or quality. Shop today with PrimeCables for more information on how to split up signals up to 4K.

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