What is a Powerline Network Adapter – Buy it Today from PrimeCables!

Powerline network adapters are used to create Internet access points from the power outlets already installed in your home. If you’re in a household where Internet connectivity has been a struggle or is a challenge, using powerline network adapters is an easy way to increase that level of connection. Inexpensive, easy to install, and available today from PrimeCables, find a wide array of different powerline network adapters, cables, and so much more to enjoy.


The benefits of powerline network adapters are many, including no need to re-wire the home or complete any additional wiring. Using your existing electrical grid setup, a powerline network adapter can be set up anywhere and used to provide stronger Internet signals to desktop computers, gaming consoles, laptops, routers, media streaming boxes, TVs, and any device requiring a good strong Internet connection.


Things like video games and media streaming require a strong Internet connection. Unfortunately they don’t always get it. Depending on where your modem is set up and how your home is structured, you may not be receiving the connection strength you could. Forego paying thousands in re-wiring and select an adapter to use what you already got. When you shop your powerline network adapter today from PrimeCables, for a limited time, receive a ‘free shipping’ coupon on any order above $49 in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee.


If you’re new to the world of powerline network adapters, you may be recommended to start with the TP-Link nano powerline adapter starter kit for $59.99. Another possible option with high speeds is the TP-Link 300 Mbps Wi-Fi range extender AV500 powerline edition for $84.99. Any of these products are great for smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices who need an extra kick in Internet speed every now and again.


There are two more powerline network adapter options we would like to mention that may be of interest. There’s the TP-LINK AV1200 gigabit pass-through powerline starter kit for $129.99 comprising of two separate adapters. Then, there’s the TP-LINK AV1200 3-port gigabit pass-through powerline starter kit for $179.99.


Shop PrimeCables today to browse these products and so many others that can be used as powerline network adapters. Even if you don’t use it right away, feel free to take it with you and convert any power outlet into its own Internet access point just by plugging in. It’s that easy. See the lowest prices in Canada on adapters like this, cables, accessories, and more. Visit today!

What is a Powerline Network Adapter – read here!

What if we told you that you could convert any of your home’s power outlets into an Internet access point – thanks to powerline network adapters, it’s rather easy. Available today from PrimeCables, choosing the right powerline network adapter for your home can help spread Internet across the premises and improve the strength of your signals house-wide. Even better, it uses existing electrical wires to expand your network without you having to complete any additional wiring. It’s as easy as plug-in and play!


Powerline network adapters are great for desktop computers, gaming consoles, laptops, routers, and set-top boxes and TVs. Adding one of these ports to any room can help provide a faster Internet connection, something sorely needed for things like video games and media streaming. If you’ve always wanted a faster Internet connection but don’t want to pay potentially thousands of dollars to re-wire your home in Cat6 cables, adapters like these are highly recommended. Instantly transform your wall outlet into an Internet port, using the electricity already in the home to send and receive data. Increase speed and reliability in a moment!


As one of Canada’s top eCommerce sources for Internet connectivity devices and PC accessories, there are several powerline network adapters to browse. Available on sale for a limited time, see savings on the TP-LINK nano powerline adapter starter kit for $59.99. Featuring a miniature design that’s easy to play, see speeds up to 500 Mbps. Now, if that doesn’t grab you, there’s also the TP-LINK 300 Mbps Wi-Fi range extender AV500 powerline edition for $84.99. This twin-pack is a great Wi-Fi clone for any smartphones, tablets, or other digital devices in need of a kick up on Internet speed.


There are two more powerline network adapter options we would like to mention that may be of interest. There’s the TP-LINK AV1200 gigabit pass-through powerline starter kit for $129.99 comprising of two separate adapters. Then, there’s the TP-LINK AV1200 3-port gigabit pass-through powerline starter kit for $179.99. The latter comes complete with three gigabit ports to create secured wired networks. Any of the four powerline network adapters mentioned here are great for desktops, smart TVs, and games. No power outlet needs to go to waste! Included is the patented power-saving mode which reduces power consumption by up to 85 percent.


For a limited time, find the biggest and best savings on powerline network adapters via PrimeCables. Also, save on shipping with a ‘free shipping’ coupon automatically applied on any order above $49. Make the most of your Internet connection today with a powerline network adapter!

Laser Measure and Stud Finder 2-in-1 Combo on sale at PrimeCables.ca!

If you’re a fan of DIY projects, home renovations, or work in repairs, then you’re gonna love our 2-in-1 combo deal, featuring the PrimeCables® Laser Distance Meter & Stud Finder, on sale now for just $29.99 until September 11, including free shipping nationwide.


The Laser Distance Measurer, also sold separately, measures distance, area, volume, and angles thanks to its advanced Pythagorean measurement feature. With a range of up to 40m, this handy, lightweight, pocket-sized tool fits perfectly in your belt and your toolbox and only requires two AAA batteries to operate (not included). Measurements provided in inches, feet, metres and centimetres.


Accurate and reliable, use the PrimeCables® Laser Distance Measurer to figure out the square footage of any room for any project, the angle of staircases and frames, the volume of any kind of space, and more.


Use the PrimeCables® 3 In 1 Stud Finder to make fast and simple scans of walls for studs and joists. You can also use it to pinpoint live wires and metal behind walls with electronic signals, showing up on the easy-to-read LED display. Perfect for finding out the exact center and edges of your studs, it automatically calibrates using induction sensitivity. Lastly, it features a built-in marker slot so you can operate it single-handedly.


Find metallic pipes through concrete, locate electrical wiring and boxes, conduits, rebar, and ducts, in order to install frames, doors, windows, shelves, and décor safely and effectively. Lightweight and portable, too, it only takes 1 9V battery to operate, sold separately.


A great deal for the handyman or handywoman in your family or friends circle, now eight bucks off! Durable, comfortable and intuitive to use, this pair of devices is a staple for every DIY-er, home renovator or interior decorator.


We’ve got shipping warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so no matter where you live in Canada, you’re sure to get your purchase quickly. It usually takes a week or less, two weeks for remote locales. If you’re in a hurry to get it, you can always add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 to receive it in a day or two, tops.


Take advantage of our September shipping promotion and stock up on all the tools and appliances you need, since shipping is free on orders of $29.99 and up, coast to coast

For all your tools, testers, gadgets and gizmos, and really anything DIY, visit us today at PrimeCables.ca!

See New Power Tools on Deals, Discounts, and Promotions from PrimeCables

Make a list of all the power tools you have and all the power tools you think you need. Chances are you might see some holes in your inventory that are in need of address, or maybe you need a replacement. We can help. If you’re worried about the quality of some of your power tool accessories and/or are concerned that they could fail you on the job, here are some deals, discounts, and promotions from one of Canada’s top eCommerce brands, PrimeCables.

PrimeCables power tool accessories
PrimeCables power tool accessories

No one wants to see their tools break and fail them. In most case, even with heavy duty power tool accessories, eventually, they give out. If you think it’s time to make some replacements, browse deals like a magnetic tip slotted screwdriver for $1.99, a 12” American type tin man’s snip for cutting aluminum and sheet metal for $5.99, a 14” American type heavy duty straight pipe wrench for $6.99, a 10” heavy duty grip wrench for $6.99, a three-piece Set of American type pliers for $8.99, or a 8” industrial grade high leverage long nose plier with wire cutter for $7.99.


These are just some of the exclusive deals on power tool accessories you can find through PrimeCables. They’re far from the only ones though. PrimeCables has its own outdoor polyester tools bag organizer for $5.99, a professional 9-piece combination tools set for mechanical maintenance for $15.99, a 19” heavy duty plastic tool storage box for $10.99, hearing safety and noise cancelling earmuffs for $3.99, and high quality PTFE thread seal tape for plumbing for $0.49.


Too many of us buy tools, throw them in our organizers, and then never both to test them or replace them as they age. Sometimes, it’s absolutely necessary that we do. You never know what could happen or what you’ll need to fix. Maybe there’ll be a screw that just does not want to come out, a cable that needs securing, or a component that needs replacement. The accessories you’ll need to get every and any job done is a comprehensive list. It can easily become quite expensive. When you shop with PrimeCables, things will be a lot more affordable and browsing our eCommerce catalogue, easily see the tools you’re missing.


There are some pretty big reasons you want to go shopping with PrimeCables. Enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee across all purchases. Take advantage of PrimeCables’ summer-fall 2018 sale today and save literally hundreds on power tools and power tool accessories!

Cut Aluminum and Sheet Metal with this Power Tool Accessory for under $6

Cutting aluminum and sheet metal is no easy task. Attempting to do it with anything less than a cutter is likely to lead to great difficulty. The next time you have a project coming up where aluminum cutting is required, don’t go scavenging the house for whatever you can find. Instead, go with a high quality cutter specializing in the cutting of aluminum, sheet metal, and similar materials. This way, receive a high quality cut that you won’t have to struggle for.

Sheet-Shearing-Cutting-Tool from PrimeCables.ca
Sheet-Shearing-Cutting-Tool from PrimeCables.ca

If you’re looking for a high quality aluminum and sheet metal cutting tool for residential and commercial use, consider the 12” American type tinman’s snip with dipped handle sheet shearing and cutting tool for only $5.99. See features like the tinman’s snip with American type, slip guards to maximize user comfort and protection, a metal material construction ensuring long-time use, and high visibility handles to play these pliers easier to locate.


Some things are far easier to cut than others. Wood, plastics, cardboard, cloth, leather, and marble are more easily cut than metals. When we begin talking about steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and similar metals, it requires more effort. Aluminum companies cut the material regularly. Consumers unfortunately don’t have access to the same equipment. In response to this, a smaller version of the same cutting tool is required. That’s what you get when you buy this shearing and cutting tool for less than $6 from PrimeCables.


As one of Canada’s top eCommerce names in this category, buy from PrimeCables to receive free returns on one’s cutters, a 1-year product guarantee, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49. An aluminum cutting tool might not seem like the sort of thing that is high on the list of things to include in one’s tool belt. That said, when you need it, it’ll be everything you’ve ever wanted.


See other premium model power tool accessories including screwdrivers, pliers, straight pipe wrenches, heavy duty grip wrenches, long nose pliers and cutters combinations, and more. The PrimeCables power tool accessories category has dozens upon dozens of potential options that are sure to please. Fill one’s entire tool organizer with all the basics and at the end of the day, you’ll see you’ve saved hundreds of dollars on some of Canada’s top high quality tool products.


As PrimeCables has continued to make a splash in the marketplace for its cheap prices and high quality products, consider this aluminum and sheet metal cutting tool a discount on us. Browse other stellar products today and save a ton of money on deals you won’t find anywhere else!


Buy Canada’s Favourite Screwdrivers for under-$2 and see what Customers are saying

Mechanics in Canada come to PrimeCables almost every day seeking cheap prices on high quality screwdrivers. Imagine being able to buy screwdrivers for under $2 that’ll give the performance you’ve always wanted. Receive more torque in an ergonomic perfectly fitted screwdriver that has the size and texture to minimize hand slippage.

Get the best power tools accessories from PrimeCables.ca
Get the best power tools accessories from PrimeCables.ca

Canada’s favourite screwdrivers are available today from PrimeCables for under $2. Key models include the magnetic tip slotted screwdriver at 150mm, 100mm, and 75mm. Designed to withstand high-impact applications, these screwdrivers are used for constructions, demolitions, renovations, and more. Though you may not use the tools for this use, every user wants to know they have a strong and good quality screwdriver on their hands. After all, no one wants to see them pull out a screwdriver to repair a part or complete a fix and have it break on them. PrimeCables’ screwdrivers won’t do that. Buy it and receive a healthy, strong design that’s hard to pass on.


Features include a magnetic tip design, a TRP handle for maximum torque and comfort, a premium chrome vanadium for smooth feel and corrosion resistance, and a precision-machined tip to ensure an accurate fit.


Any time a customer makes a purchase through PrimeCables, we recommend they leave a product review. Please feel encouraged to read online what users are saying about our under-$2 screwdrivers. Reading through our catalogue, we’re pleased to say they’ve been getting exceptional reviews. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites for mechanics, Canadian homeowners, and tech enthusiasts, PrimeCables is still experiencing a lot of growth. Browse other categories relating to power tools, tool accessories, appliances, and more, and save more money than you would shopping the same products in corporate retail.


Though we’re advertising a simpler, basic screwdriver in this article, there are more advanced models in the PrimeCables catalogue. Depending on what you need fixing, you may be more inclined to purchase something more advanced. It ultimately comes down to what you intend to use it for. Also, should you decide to pair up your screwdriver with more tools from our eCommerce catalogue, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.


Cables, gear, equipment, and more all require screwdrivers. They’re a necessary part of the tool belt. For one of the best screwdrivers in Canada, at least as it pertains to value to cost ratio, shop PrimeCables. Super strong and able to function in even the toughest of environments, we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well it performs.

Shop these under $5 Deals on Power Tool Accessories available only from PrimeCables

There are some basic tool accessories you should always have in your tool organizer. For these basic sets, the list of under-$5 power tool accessories deals is plentiful. The issue though is that these are rarely high quality or heavy duty products.


If you want to make your everyday life better when it comes to handling tools, you need more than a cheaply made product. That’s why Canadians who don’t want to trade off quality for price, they visit PrimeCables. Search the lowest prices in Canada on screwdrivers, pliers, and more. See fast, free shipping on orders above $49 to anywhere in the country. Also, PrimeCables provides free returns and a 1-year product guarantee across all purchases.

Get the best power tools accessories from PrimeCables.ca
Get the best power tools accessories from PrimeCables.ca

Consider a magnetic tip slotted screwdriver for high-impact applications for $1.49, multi-purpose heavy-duty scissors and cutting shears for $3.99, comfort earmuffs for noise cancellation and safety protection for $3.99, high quality thread seal tape for plumbing pipelines for $0.49, a mini tube pipe cutter for cutting copper and aluminum for $3.99, professional sharp bypass pruning shears for $4.99, and the 9” heavy duty smooth round rod caulking gun for $3.99.


Imagine having all these each for under $5 in one package, assembling the perfect heavy duty toolkit. Those are not the only under-$5 deals in the PrimeCables power tool accessories catalogue either. There’s also the retractable steel measuring tape with magnetic hook for $2.99, replacement snap-off blades for $0.89, an 8” adjustable wrench for repair and assembly for $3.99, grinding disk for metal for $4.99, and others. If you’re able to go above the under-$5 mark to the under-$10 category, there’s plenty more power tool accessories deals to consider and take advantage of as well.


Needless to say, power tool accessories don’t always come cheap. For these basics though, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for them. A combination of these will let you quickly repair, cut, and unscrew almost anything standard. The best known brands providing equal quality products will cost significantly more. Instead, pay less with PrimeCables, and get the same quality you want and expect. Save money, get a high quality tool, and buy from one of Canada’s more established, reputable brands. To wherever you’re traveling, you’ll be glad to have these tools in your possession.


PrimeCables has all the basic tools and more. Different sizes and types, find anything you need to cover all the basic fixes. Keep it simple with PrimeCables and never have to spend above five bucks on the tools mentioned. Shop with us today to begin saving!

4 Power Tool Accessories you Don’t ever Want to Leave the House Without!

Multi-purpose power tool accessories adaptable to various different situations are extremely handy to contractors from all backgrounds. We never know when we might need a tool to connect a cable, get equipment moving, or to complete a parts replacement. Before a contractor leaves for work, here are the 4 power tool accessories they will want to ensure they have.

power tool accessories from PrimeCables.ca
power tool accessories from PrimeCables.ca



A good screwdriver that can withstand high-impact applications in construction, demolition, and renovations is a key accessory most of us wouldn’t dare leave without. If you work in an environment with a lot of power tools, inevitably you will need a screwdriver for something. Consider one or two sizes to have your bases covered when it comes to use.




Cutting aluminum and sheet metal is something you may eventually have to do. Consider buying a good cutter with sheet shearing cutting capability and that’s specifically for use in aluminum or metal. Unlike some of the other handyman projects you might run into, cutting aluminum is one job that requires a specific kind of tool. This isn’t something you can make work with another tool. There is no substitute. Therefore, be sure to get a high quality cutter for maximum preparedness.




Pliers are a basic power tool accessory yet they can be quite expensive. PrimeCables has a three-piece American type plier set for less than $9. Included in this three-piece plier set is a combination plier, long-nose pliers, and diagonal pliers. With so many different uses for pliers out there in the world, this is one tool you’re going to want to have in your tool belt or in your toolbox at all times.


Heavy duty scissors


These scissors aren’t made for cutting around the house. Perfect for industrial application, heavy duty scissors from PrimeCables are premium quality cutting sheers. Ideal for the garage, workshop, boat, camp, toolbox, and/or the garden, there’s no shortage of places to use these.


See more Power Tool Accessories with PrimeCables


On the job, a lot of things can happen. It might not always be the nicest way to get started on a job but we must all be prepared for the worst. These are some of the tools and accessories that can save your butt when you need to resolve a situation immediately.


Don’t ever leave home with your screwdrivers, cutter, pliers, and heavy duty scissors! For more power tool accessories on sale, visit PrimeCables. See fast, free shipping on any orders above $49 and get the highest quality tools at the best pricing in Canada.

What’s a Pipe Wrench and what is it Used for – a Quick Guide from PrimeCables

The pipe wrench has a long and storied history. It has been used throughout the twentieth century on everything from some of Canada’s biggest constructions to residential homeowner-led renovations.

Buy piper wrench online with fast shipping in Canada
Buy piper wrench online with fast shipping in Canada

A pipe wrench is an adjustable wrench that can be used to turn soft iron pipes and fittings with a rounded surface. The fact that it is adjustable means that it can lock to any frame. Keep in mind that a pipe wrench is not intended to be used on hardened steel hex nuts or similar fittings as it will, in all likelihood, ruin the head. Pipe wrenches are classified by the length of the handle, available in sizes typically ranging from about three inches to far higherpower

If you’re looking for a high quality pipe wrench in Canada, consider browsing PrimeCables. In our eCommerce catalogue, you’ll find a wide range of power tool accessories including a heavy duty pipe wrench that is suitable for all types of pipe work. The 14” heavy duty straight pipe wrench from PrimeCables is available for purchase today for only $6.99.


Features of the PrimeCables straight pipe wrench include a supreme polish finish, precision milled jaws, a cast iron frame and drop forged jaws, comparable durability and ease of use, and easily replaceable parts ensuring longevity. These are just some of the reasons why Canadians are interested in this exclusive offer. Also, when combined with other products in the PrimeCables catalogue, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.


Though there are largely six different types of pipe wrenches, it’s the straight pipe wrench that is the most diverse and basic. With this pipe wrench, you can work on all types of pipes. If you’re not regularly working with pipes, you may not have use for a wrench like this. If you are regularly around pipes and require such a wrench, the PrimeCables model will never fail you. This is the ultimate accessory to use on any pipe. There could be an entire book written on the projects on which the straight pipe wrench has been used. For those that need it, they’ll never want to go without it.


Visit PrimeCables to learn more about the advantages of the straight pipe wrench, to read what other customers are saying about the PrimeCables model, and should you decide to buy, save money. Always have a straight pipe wrench in your bag before you get started on your next pipe.

Get the PrimeCables® Angle Grinder for under $50!

Our Angle Grinder Tool is a fancy little power tool that helps you grind down surfaces and cut through material with its 4.5” universal disc and no-load speed of 12000RPM and is only available at PrimeCables.ca!

Cheap, standard, and comfortable to use, the PrimeCables® Angle Grinder is now just $24.99. This corded power tool features a powerful motor operating at 6.5A, as well as a dust cover, ventilation, two-stage safety switch, adjustable, ergonomic handle, spindle lock, aluminum disc housing, and rotatable blade guard.

PrimeCables angle grinder

It’s exceptionally practical and works right out of the box. Just lock in the disc, plug the cord into a socket, and get to work! The full package includes the Angle Grinder, grinding wheel, two carbon brushes, replacement wrench, the detachable auxiliary handle, protection guard and user manual. At $24.99, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else in Canada!


A little more about the PrimeCables® Angle Grinder: the 6.5A motor delivers enough juice to rev up the grinder to 12000RPM, to get even the toughest jobs done. The detachable handle can be installed on either the right or left side, giving you the grip you need for every job. It also features an intelligent locking trigger for power on/off, so you can turn it on without having to hold the button down and keep your hands steady to guide it. And the spindle lock provides for quick and easy disc and accessory changes.


The box comes with two extra carbon brushes to help extend the service life of the motor. It’s safe and durable, too, with its protective guard to keep excess material from getting sanded down during operation, enhancing your dust control. The unique duct design of its ventilation ensures air circulation, preventing the tool from cutting out due to overheating.


Add it to your shopping cart now and keep browsing through our massive catalogue of tools, cables, and gadgets, because when you place an order of $49 and up, you get free shipping nationwide. We’ve got warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever you are in Canada, you get what you need quickly. If you need it sooner, you can add fast shipping to any item for just $5.95 and get it in a day or two, anywhere in the country.


For all your home improvement, home renovation, and handyman projects, shop with us today and get the best in budget power tools, accessories, and inspiration, only at PrimeCables.ca!