4 Ergonomic Office Accessories Every Person working from Home Needs

Every Canadian working from home doesn’t just need an Internet connection to get their work done. Ergonomic office accessories can make a tremendous difference in their productivity, interest in their work, and level of comfort. Although working from home is a joy, it comes with its fair share of caveats as well. Here’s how to use office accessories to get around some of the working-from-home difficulties.

sit stand desk [price might be varies due to promotion timeframe]

Ergonomic office chair

An ergonomic office chair makes it easy to remain at a desk for up to eight hours or more. An uncomfortable office chair will not only be a thorn in your side but it’ll kill your productivity while giving your back major troubles in the long-term. Ergonomic chairs are designed to support a person’s posture while sitting, ensuring you don’t feel the same stresses on your body by sitting across long periods of time.

Ergonomic sit-standing desk

An ergonomic sit-standing desk establishes a dedicated workspace for you that isn’t the kitchen table. Too many people settle for working in spaces that aren’t strictly for working. This breaks down on focus and exposes them to distraction. Do yourself a favor and purchase dedicated ergonomic height adjustable sit-standing desk as a perfect match to your chair to ensure your body’s well taken care of and your focus is maintained on what’s most important.

Ergonomic lighting

Lighting is an underrated element of a home office work setup. The average home worker tends to work long hours which means lighting can certainly play a role in things like eye strain and productivity. Choosing the right LED bulb and ensuring there’s no color distortion is key. When combined with the right ergonomic office accessories, lighting will allow a worker to remain productive long into the night.


An underrated element of the home office are charging cables. Whether it’s for your computer, smartphone, tablet, music playing device, or anything else, you want to ensure you have all the USB cables, ergonomic office cables, HDMI cables, headphone cables, and/or laptop cables. Charging docks and similar elements can also make it easy to keep your devices charged.

For all these ergonomic essentials for a home office, visit PrimeCables. Believe us when we say it will make keeping a calendar and staying productive so much easier. Personalize your home office with the chair you want and the desk you want, and surround yourself with everything you need to keep focus without sacrifice your body’s comfort. Touch base with PrimeCables today.

4 ways to Maximize your 4K TV Viewing with a TV Wall Mount

To get the most out of your 4K TV, one of the things that works best is buying a TV wall mount. If you’ve recently bought your very first 4K TV, that’s awesome news. Be sure to set aside some money to give it everything it needs to look great and maximize the home entertainment experience. With any luck, a TV wall mount will work to bring your family even more joy and entertainment in the years ahead.


Setting up your 4K TV

Using a TV wall mount, you want to be careful where you set up your 4K TV as to minimize light glare, as well as to consider the arrangement of sofas, furniture, and doorways. Should you choose to purchase a TV wall mount with tilt included, this can help combat reflections of light from your windows or emanating from lamps or light fixtures. If you don’t have a tilt, you want to be more careful regarding where to place your TV and against what wall.

PrimeCables tv wall mount
PrimeCables tv wall mount

Now it’s cable-time for your 4K TV

After your TV has been properly mounted and set up, now you’ve got to connect your devices and any associated cables. Consider upgrading your HDMI cables while you’re here, ensuring they’re capable of 4K signals. Whether you’re connecting a satellite box, Blu-ray player, media streaming device, soundbar, or surround sound system, trying to figure out how these cables are supposed to work together may require a cable organizer.


Calibrating and testing everything


After your flat-screen is firmly placed in a TV wall mount and once you have your devices connected, it’s now time to test everything and calibrate your contrast, color, brightness, and color temperature. Especially with a 4K TV, you want to make sure you’re getting everything out of its picture. If there’s a setup disc or should you choose to rely on your eye to calibrate, the important thing is taking the time to get its’ settings just right.


Connecting your soundbar or speakers


The last thing that should come after your 4K TV and TV wall mount is a good set of speakers. 4K TVs get you great picture quality but they don’t promise anything about sound. Consider a multimedia speaker set, a surround sound speaker set, or a Bluetooth soundbar to really give your 4K TV everything it needs to be optimum as a home theater source.


Before you sit down for your next binge-watching marathon, help your home theater system perform just a little better with a more theatrical setup. Absorb yourself into your home entertainment system with these easy-to-do, cost-effective tips.

The comfiest portable laptop table to use in bed, on vacation and at school!

If you’re more productive working on your laptop in bed, then you gotta get the PrimeCables® Adjustable Portable Standing Desk and Bed Table for 17” Laptops, now just $14.99 on PrimeCables.ca.

PrimeCables monitor desktop mount
PrimeCables monitor desktop mount

Our multifunctional laptop workstation is a fully adjustable, portable mounting solution for your Macbook or Windows laptop, with a surface area of 52cm x 30cm, making it perfect for holding up to 17” machines. Featuring nearly 4 inches of height adjustment, 60-degrees of adjustable tilt (30 degrees in either direction), and weighing just under 2kgs., this foldable, portable laptop desk and bed table is suitable for setting up a mobile workstation anywhere you go!

height adjustable laptop desk
height adjustable laptop desk

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It’s popular with adults who stay up late or get up early and want to be able to surf the web, watch TV, or manage their emails in bed.

It’s practical for students who cherish all the R & R they can get, allowing them to work comfortably from home, when productivity is crucial.

It’s even fun for kids, who need a little extra support logging onto their laptop for schoolwork or entertainment.

If you’re not using it every day of the week, you can stow it away without breaking a sweat, otherwise, you can install it in your bedroom or living room to make sure you have somewhere comfortable to work when you get home from work or school.

It’s safe, durable, lightweight, and collapsible. And the best part? No assembly required.

It makes a great gift, especially when bundled up with the PrimeCables® Foam Reading Pillow with memory foam and lumbar cushion, just $19.99. This easily transportable memory foam pillow provides excellent, comfy back support for long periods of sitting. Perfect for bedtime computing, flights and train rides, or just sitting on the couch watching TV, this versatile little cushion is surprisingly plump and convenient!


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We love providing the highest-quality and lowest-priced ergonomics accessories in the country. Whether you’re looking for a more ergonomic view for your digital devices by getting an affordable mount, or want to improve your posture, comfort, or workstation setup, we’ve got the solution for you.


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PrimeCables’ Birthday Kickstart Sale – the Magnetic Car Mount


PrimeCables’ birthday sale is always a big deal for us. Every June, we release some of the biggest and best deals in Canada on select items in our product categories of cables, adapters, mounts and sit-stands, home theater accessories, network solutions, and tech accessories. This time around, we are launching a birthday kickstart sale including promotions and discounts on products such as a magnetic car mount.


Magnetic car mounts make for an amazing tool to help keep the phone in view at all times, embodying a sleek and easy to use design, and incorporating compatibility with smartphones of all types, GPS, and other digital devices. Sticking to any flat surface and acting as a reliable cellphone support for phone, buy the Magnetic Car Mount, 360 Degree Rotatable Universal Car Phone Mount Holder for $4.99 courtesy of the PrimeCables’ birthday kickstart sale!


Save over 70 percent off the regular price of this magnetic car mount and get a high quality product to boot. Though we offer deep price cuts, PrimeCables has never compromised on quality of product. This magnetic car mount does what similar products priced much higher do and it does not involve spending upwards of $20, $30, or $40 on it. As a magnet car mount solution, the product continues to receive high user reviews. Rest assured that once your smartphone has been magnetized and connected to the mount, it won’t be going anywhere. Even on sharp turns or hard stops, rest easy knowing that your smartphone is in good hands.


If you’re doing any in-car navigation through a smartphone be it Galaxy, Android, iPhone, or whichever model, a magnetic car mount is a necessity. The open road can be a dangerous one for those constantly glancing at their phones in their hand or on the seat beside them. By mounting the phone on the dashboard, a driver can obey the rules of the road while still holding onto their screens for navigation purposes.


The small size of this magnetic car mount makes it easy to place where the driver wants it. Cars are not always the friendliest in terms of placing mounts. If you’re limited on where a car mount can be placed, a small design like this is perfect for fitting it into where it needs to go.


PrimeCables’ Magnetic Car Mount, 360 Degree Rotatable Universal Car Phone Mount Holder is secure, adaptable to any dashboard surface, and ensures the smartphone is held in place gripped by magnets. Buy today from our PrimeCables’ birthday kickstart sale to enjoy over 70% off, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee.

Got an iPad or Android Tablet? Here’s a Tablet Mount Stand for Cheap

Tablet mount from PrimeCables

Taking the iPad and Android tablet game to the next level, investing in a tablet mount stand comes with many benefits. For one, it allows users to secure their tablet devices to something that will keep it from getting knocked on the floor or misplaced.


Also, it presents the screen in a way that makes watching videos easy. If you’ve ever had trouble propping up your tablet in bed to watch your favourite TV show or a movie, a tablet mount stand goes a long way in simplifying that viewing experience.


Any Canadian looking for a tablet mount stand for cheap need look no further than Prime Cables. In our tablet and phone mount category, we have over a dozen suggestions on cheap, affordable iPad and/or Android tablet mount stands. Let’s say you’re heading out in the car and you need a mount to hold the tablet in place while you drive, you can actually use your tablet as a GPS with Prime Cables’ Magnetic Car Mount, 360 Degree Rotatable Universal Car Phone Mount Holder for $4.99. These tiny magnetic mounts also work great in the office and around the house. Available exclusively through Prime Cables, purchase the PrimeCables® Ultimate Universal Cell Phone/Pad Magnetic Mount 5 Pack Family Value Pack for $24.69.


There are numerous other options to browse in our iPad and Android tablet mount category, including a Multi-functional Tablet Mount For most 7″-10.1″ tablets for $16.99, a Universal Aluminum Slide-In Tablet Wall Mount Holder for $9.99, a Universal Tablet Clamper Holder for $19.99, a Universal Tablet Desk Stand with cabinet/wall use for Portable devices for $22.99, and a MonoPrice® Universal Tablet Under Cabinet, Wall, and Desk Mount for $32.99. All equally impressive, depending on your lifestyle, one of these may appeal to you more than the others. Be sure to browse thoroughly to get a sense of everything that’s included!


Keep your hands free and pick up a tablet mount stand for cheap today through Prime Cables. All orders above $49 receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada so don’t hesitate to pair it with one or two other items to get the most out of your shopping experience. Be it iPad, Android, or otherwise, a tablet mount stand keeps images and text at eye-level from any angle. Adjust it as you see fit, take notes, eat and drink, and read without having to hold your tablet in place. Buy your tablet mount stand for cheap today and don’t look back!