The comfiest portable laptop table to use in bed, on vacation and at school!

If you’re more productive working on your laptop in bed, then you gotta get the PrimeCables® Adjustable Portable Standing Desk and Bed Table for 17” Laptops, now just $14.99 on

PrimeCables monitor desktop mount
PrimeCables monitor desktop mount

Our multifunctional laptop workstation is a fully adjustable, portable mounting solution for your Macbook or Windows laptop, with a surface area of 52cm x 30cm, making it perfect for holding up to 17” machines. Featuring nearly 4 inches of height adjustment, 60-degrees of adjustable tilt (30 degrees in either direction), and weighing just under 2kgs., this foldable, portable laptop desk and bed table is suitable for setting up a mobile workstation anywhere you go!

height adjustable laptop desk
height adjustable laptop desk

It’s one of our hottest sellers, just read through some of our customer reviews!

It’s popular with adults who stay up late or get up early and want to be able to surf the web, watch TV, or manage their emails in bed.

It’s practical for students who cherish all the R & R they can get, allowing them to work comfortably from home, when productivity is crucial.

It’s even fun for kids, who need a little extra support logging onto their laptop for schoolwork or entertainment.

If you’re not using it every day of the week, you can stow it away without breaking a sweat, otherwise, you can install it in your bedroom or living room to make sure you have somewhere comfortable to work when you get home from work or school.

It’s safe, durable, lightweight, and collapsible. And the best part? No assembly required.

It makes a great gift, especially when bundled up with the PrimeCables® Foam Reading Pillow with memory foam and lumbar cushion, just $19.99. This easily transportable memory foam pillow provides excellent, comfy back support for long periods of sitting. Perfect for bedtime computing, flights and train rides, or just sitting on the couch watching TV, this versatile little cushion is surprisingly plump and convenient!


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We love providing the highest-quality and lowest-priced ergonomics accessories in the country. Whether you’re looking for a more ergonomic view for your digital devices by getting an affordable mount, or want to improve your posture, comfort, or workstation setup, we’ve got the solution for you.


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