Lose Weight, Burn Calories, and Track Your Health with a Smart Wristband

Smart wristbands are a fitness accessory every person looking to lose weight and control their health should have. Why we say this is because they provide a monitoring system that gives insights, activity times, and calorie counting. It’s like having your own personal trainer and dietician, with a wealth of other information to help a user stay on track.

A smart wristband isn’t your average wearable

When we think wearables, most of us think smartwatches. A smart wristband isn’t a smartwatch. Your wristband connects to an app on your phone. As long as you’re wearing it, it can track physical activity, non-physical activity time, sleep, and diet information. It also blends in information like healthy food scores, water logging, local restaurant menus, and enhanced tracking of one’s calories. This wristband takes the concept of a smartwatch to the next level, simplifying the design so that you can forget you’re even wearing it.

Jawbone® UP24® Wristband, Coral Pink

What are the advantages of wearing a smart wristband?

There are many advantages of the Jawbone smart wristband, none the more important than maintaining a holistic approach to health. You can choose to add information such as meals, mood information, and other data – but you don’t have to. As long as you’re wearing it, the wristband is always giving feedback in real-time. Any time tap into your app and see your progress. Though there are other brands of wristbands, the Jawbone exceeds in functionality allowing you to connect to multiple apps. Everything is integrated into a single place, making it easier than ever for you to keep up your health.

Jawbone® UP24® Wristband, Onyx

What information does a smart wristband give?

A smart wristband monitors a ton of health information. As long as it’s being worn, it will be counting and recording data 24/7. Just a few of the things you can monitor include active time in a day, idle time, active time calorie burn rate, resting burn rate, total calorie burn daily, steps taken, sleep time, and more. Your smart wristband can give you as much information or as little as you wish, depending on what you feel comfortable recording. It’s Bluetooth-enabled, compatible with iPhones and select Android devices, has a 7-day battery life, and is hypoallergenic.

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What Would You Do If You Could Work at your Laptop and Do an Exercise Bike at the Same Time – now you can!

We don’t often think about getting work done and putting yourself through a workout at the same time. These days though, active ergonomic workstations are growing in popularity. In achieving a perfect life-work balance, we combine activities whenever we can to save time. Here’s an opportunity for someone with a busy schedule and who’s unwilling to compromise their work or health.

An exercise bike desk workstation takes the ergonomic height adjustable desk craze to a whole new level. Although it may look like it’s going to be complicated to use or install, it’s not. No installation is necessary. The design itself is near-silent which is impressive considering so many exercise bikes tend to create a lot of disruption which naturally isn’t conducive to work productivity. It uses a magnetic tension tension control system, ensuring smooth movement without pause.

For this exercise bike ergonomic desk station, you’ll also find that everything’s adjustable. The desktop can be forwarded, backed up, moved up or down, and can be adjusted for a sit or standing position depending on what you’re in the mood for. You can also monitor what’s happening with your fitness while on the bike. The exercise bike carries a digital display with distance, calories burned, speed, and time.

If you’re stationery throughout the day for whatever reason and you’re concerned about the effect this is having on your health, this is a way to work on your computer, read, or write, while eliminating the requirement of you sitting there and doing nothing. You can customize your workout for personal comfort, with no pressure to overdo it. On one of these exercise bike workstations, the average person burns about 400 calories every hour. Even if you only jump on for one hour a day at about 5 times a week, that’s an extra 2,000 calories you’re going to work off.

We have a lot of responsibilities, especially with the older we get. Eventually, we’re tied down with a lot to look after – real estate, taking care of our significant other, taking care of our kids, attending school meetings, business trips, making and eating dinner, scheduling family outings and ensuring family time isn’t being forgotten, and of course, spending time with your partner ensuring they’re being treated well and that you’re maintaining these sort of connections to the people you love. The first thing that tends to go is our health. That’s how we gain weight, stop going to the gym, and sometimes get sick. Give yourself the gift of not setting your health aside. Pick up an exercise bike ergonomic desk this summer and live your best life!>>