How to Find the Best Gaming Headset in 2021

Crisp sound quality. A comfortable fit. Some things are simple. What we look for in a gaming headset is just that.

How to find the best gaming headset in 2021 is to look at a few specific characteristics. You don’t want to spend money on something that isn’t going to fit on your head, that flat-out won’t work with your specific console, or that’s going to cause discomfort. Here are the details on how to search out your best headset for gaming.


There are a half-dozen of excellent-quality gaming headset brands. There are also knock-offs buyers will want to avoid. In between these on the spectrum are also some options that offer functionality at a lower cost than equivalent designs under a brand.

Sound Quality

A headset is nothing without sound quality. What you hear when you game is key to the experience. You don’t want to be struggling to hear in-game audio, no matter what you’re playing. This is why you want to avoid dollar-store headsets and bargain bin headsets. They oftentimes don’t come with the quality you expect.

C5b16 other brands cab gh 710 gaming accessories gh 710 wired stereo gaming headset xtrike me
GH-710 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset – Xtrike Me

How It Fits

Arguably equal to sound quality in importance is how a gaming headset fits. Soft-cushioned leather ear cups are the expectation most gamers have, however, some headsets are unfortunately less with just plastic on the ear. An adjustable headband is also important for individuals with large head circumferences.


There are gaming headsets over $100. If you want that sort of thing – for the brand or quality – they’re out there. That said, there are also far cheaper gaming headsets still quality-made, functional, and with crystal clear sound. Check them out at and other online retailers.

Wired v. Wireless

You may naturally want wireless headphones and wireless headsets for gaming. While nice to have, gaming’s a stationary activity. You don’t need wireless. Wired headsets are cheaper, provide better quality sound in a lot of cases, and are adaptable to multiple consoles.

B16b4 other brands cab hp 307 gaming accessories hp 307 wired stereo gaming headset xtrike me
HP-307 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset – Xtrike Me


Though brands like to have their gaming headsets look very fancy on the shelf, all in all, appearances don’t matter a whole lot to performance. That said, you may appreciate key features in the design such as it being backlit, colored a certain way, or matching other accessories you already have.

Proprietary Gaming Headphones

There are gaming headsets in Canada made for specific consoles. Be sure to look at exactly what you’re buying. Some headsets won’t work on everything they’re plugged into. Proprietary gaming headphones are great if you only have one console and you intend to use your headset strictly for this purpose. You won’t have the same adaptability though as you would on any non-proprietary headset.

Shop high-quality gaming headsets in Canada from Ensure yours supports your preferred gaming console, with the features that are important to you. There’s no guesswork involved. See all the info you need online before buying a wired gaming headset.

Why You Need a USB External Sound Card Adapter to Boost Your PC Sound

Have you ever been trying to listen to music on your computer and have struggled to get the volume, tone, or EQ just right? Yeah, if you’re like us, low quality audio’s a major pet peeve. If you’re a musician or an audiophile, you probably know what good sound is and a laptop computer rarely has it. Thankfully, there’s a USB sound card which plugs into your hub providing you with more ports, including sometimes 3.5mm output, input jacks, and coaxial and optical jacks.

A USB sound card with 7.1 surround sound. Imagine that! It’s a great booster to your computer’s audio quality. Perfectly sized and easy to install, it’s surprisingly powerful for such a little gadget. If your computer’s always pumping out terrible audio, trying to enjoy a movie or listen to music becomes a challenge. This is your way around it. A USB external adapter’s works magic to create a home theater-esque level sound. Years ago, to improve the sound quality, you would have opened up the computer and replaced the internal soundcard to get you there. No longer. Everything’s done externally and it’s as easy as plug-and-play.

Some of the ways in which this USB external 7.1 surround sound adapter is used includes to listen to concerts and music. You can also use it for gaming, if you really want to sink into that in-the-game immersive kind of feeling. Some use it for Skype for business and family, as the external soundcard has audio-out and a microphone input. If you’ve always wondered what your computer would sound like in a 7.1 channel environment, this is the cheapest and fastest way upgrading this aspect of your audio experience. You also have volume controls right on the adapter which means adjusting it is as easy as reaching over and thumbing up or down.

You can use this to connect headphones into or a home theater system’s worth of speakers, subwoofers, and more. In terms of trying to find a way around normal computer jacks and determining how to create a 7.1 surround sound audio experience from scratch, this solves a headache. A USB external soundcard like this means you can buy the surround sound system you’ve always wanted to have and connecting it to your laptop or computer becomes so simplified that it’s no different from connecting it to your TV. Your sound will come out crisper, clearer, and louder than before, regardless of whether you’ve got headphones sitting on your head or are on the couch surrounded by 7.1 channel speakers.

Are you looking to upgrade your computer audio? Do it today with a high quality USB external sound card adapter from PrimeCables!