What Are the Benefits of A ZigBee Smart Home Hub? – Read here

A smart home hub can be key to operating multiple smart home accessories through a single device. Though a hub isn’t needed to enjoy smart home accessories, it’s considered an asset. Here’s why.

Why A Smart Home

A smart home uses sensors, high-tech, and automation to craft a cohesive home. Smart home accessories, however, aren’t made to coexist with one another per se. You can buy smart products from different brands and then you end up with a mix-and-match.

What Is the ZigBee Smart Home Hub?

A smart home hub creates a network, just like WiFi or Bluetooth. On this network, smart home accessories from different manufacturers can interact with one another. This is where home automation really is possible.

The ZigBee Smart Hub is designed to interact with smart home sensors. This smart home hub supports all LivingSmart and LivingWise sensors and smart home products.

ZigBee is Stable And Reliable

ZigBee is the language that’s used to wirelessly communicate between devices. It operates independently from the WiFi and Bluetooth networks, and is its own network. By sectioning your smart home products onto a network like this, you guarantee stability and reliability.

Centralize All Smart Home Products

Every smart home product uses its own app or method to function. A smart home hub is one network for everything. You unite all devices, integrating them in a single easy-to-use app. You greatly expand what you can do managing a collection of smart home accessories.

What Smart Home Products You Can Connect

In real-time, a smart home hub will show you what’s going on with sensors on lights, curtains, windows, doors, and motion detectors. When possible, you can also control smart home appliances, air conditioners, and more.

A Single App For Everything

A smart home hub provides one app. That’s all you need. No one wants to use four or five applications to manage their smart home accessories. No, you just need one.

Customize Your Home Automation

A hub takes things further by allowing you to link devices, build routines, and customize home automation according to your needs and schedule. You don’t even have to be in the room making voice commands to do so, like you would with a smart speaker. So long as you’re connected to the app, you can adjust smart home accessories remotely.

Though much of the world has moved on to smart speakers, the idea of a smart home hub continues to live on. The functionality of a hub exceeds that of a smart speaker in many ways. PrimeCables.ca is an official seller of ZigBee smart home hubs in Canada and smart home accessories. Shop a smart home hub and more.

The Best All-in-One Smart Home Devices to Enhance your Home Security

Smart home devices can enhance your home security, but the hardware is often retailed as separate pieces, and the boxes covered in jargon; if you’ve been frazzled combining components at the shop, look no further than the LivingWise smart home solution!

livewise smart home accessories
livewise smart home accessories

Available now on PrimeCables.ca, the LivingWise home security devices are sold separately and in bundles, to save you the headache of setting up your very own first-time smart home security system.

livingsmart security camera system
livingsmart security camera system

You can combine any number of solutions to give you an affordable, independent security to your property, including window and door sensors, motion sensors, smart cameras, and smart electrical sockets. Everything you need to protect your house and home is available now, with all products eligible for free and fast shipping options!


Check out the impressive features of the LivingWise Smart Security Camera. This 720p motion-activated device has P2P Wi-Fi connectability, to stream directly to your smartphone in a private and secure manner whatever is going on in your home or office. It has two-way audio for security surveillance, night-vision, recording and an alarm equipped for malfunctions.


It’s one of the safest ways to monitor your residence when away from home or the office, and can even function as a monitor for your baby or pet. The camera detects human bodies and can send a text message to your phone if it is tampered with in any way. Boasting a 113-degree field of view, a six metres distance of sight, and recording at 30 frames-per-second, this smart security camera is the only solution you’ll need to wirelessly capture and stream what’s going on when you’re not around. At just $32.99, this is the one of the most cost-effective A/V home security solution available to homeowners, and order a 2-pack, for just $59.99, and receive free shipping anywhere in Canada.


You can also order the Smart Security Camera in a variety of combo packages, for example, one camera and two motion sensors, for $99.99, that will tell you if your windows or doors are being entered while you’re away from home; you can also get the camera and smart socket set, for just $49.99, which comes with a Wi-Fi controlled electrical socket so you can turn on/off any devices remotely in your home or office from your smartphone.


All these smart home solutions are DIY-style installations, which can be accessed and controlled through the LivingWise app available for iPhone and Android. If you’re looking for an affordable way to boost your home security, do it in style with LivingWise smart home solutions!

Cyber Monday Smart Home Deals are Coming!

cyber monday date 2017 November 27
cyber monday date 2017 November 27


Cyber Monday offers some serious savings this shopping season on smart home items and accessories!


Prime Cables has been serving Canadian consumers for over a decade and throughout the past few years, we’ve been building our inventory of smart home items. Cyber Monday smart home deals are finally here and we are so excited!


If this is your first Cyber Monday, get ready for some deep cuts on tech and smart home items. Save yourself all the hassles of in-person shopping on Black Friday and come to Prime Cables the following Monday to purchase what you need to get your home going. Among the items that we offer include home automation controller and kits, smart lighting and appliances, smart locks and door bells, monitoring sensors, and security and access items. Mix and pair your favourites. Browse our PrimeCables smart home selection to get a fuller grasp on what’s out there in the marketplace and build the smart home that is right for you.


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No matter if you are an experienced smart home user or are just dipping your toe in the water, Prime Cables’ exclusive Cyber Monday deals have something for everybody. Enjoy super-low pricing unavailable anywhere else. Browse today and visit back on Cyber Monday for some unadvertised surprises. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Also, if there is an issue with any of your purchased items, don’t hesitate to let us know and we will be sure to do what we can to rectify any issue. All purchases come with a 365-day guarantee! There’s no need to wake up at 4AM on a Friday to try and hassle your way down to corporate retail on Black Friday. Cyber Monday has much more to give!

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