Top 5 Things to Consider While Buying Wireless Headphones on Black Friday!


With the advancement of the wireless technology headphones are the hottest product on the market wooing consumers with the amazing functionality they offer to ensure enhanced sound quality and ease of use. However since there is so much to offer when it comes to wireless headphones it is important to understand what are your specific needs then finding the right wireless headphones is easy.

Before you dive in to make your black friday wireless headphone purchase do not just look for the functionality and make a wrong purchase consider the features to that the headphones offer. There are two most common features that you should not avoid.



Battery: The use of any device solely depend on the battery life it offers. Almost all wireless headphones either have rechargeable batteries or have a charging docking station. You would ideally want a battery life of 8-12 hours for a 24 hour usage. So before making a purchase make sure the wireless headphones support the battery life you need.


Noise Cancellation: If you are looking for the portability and the ease of use aspect of wireless Noise cancellation is another feature that you should consider. As it enhances the sound quality drastically.


Currently the latest functionalities that wireless headphones offer which are popular in the market; Infrared, Bluetooth and Ultra-High Frequency. Each functionality has its pros and cons so it’s crucial to understand what suits your needs.


Infrared Wireless Headphones: These headphones use infrared technology by which the headphones and an external transmitter communicate constantly.  They come with a transmitter which plugs into the audio jack of the electronic device. They are ideal for use with TV, Gaming Consoles. Although Infrared Wireless Headphones deliver an extremely good sound quality as there is less interference. They are not so adequate when it comes to mobility.

UHF / RF Wireless Headphones: Ultra-high frequency wireless headphones utilize high frequency radio waves to transmit signals between the headphones and the paired electronic device. They come with transmitter attached to an electronic device. Constant close contact with the transmitter is not required for Ultra-high frequency wireless headphones which is a major advantage over Infrared wireless headphones. Also they are extremely mobile and can function over long distances. One of the many brutal disadvantages is they experience when in contact with other electronic devices and the sound quality is impacted.



Bluetooth Wireless Headphone: Similar to radio waves yet much more effective are the Bluetooth Wireless Headphones as they operate at a different band ISM. Although they support a shorter transmission distance about 33-feet; however the range can be modified depending on the devices. Another advantage is all smartphones, TV’s, Gaming Consoles are well equipped to pair with Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. In comparison to other primitive technologies the Bluetooth Wireless Headphones do not need a transmitter to function. For more home theatre related cables and equipments, feel free to visit Primecables’ site!

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