10 Considerations when Choosing a Sit-Stand Desk

how to choose sit stand desk


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There’s never been a more exciting time in the world of ergonomic sit-stand desks than today, as the market continues to grow on a daily basis with more and more people choosing to buy.


Beyond the obvious considerations such as pricing, there are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing a sit-stand desk. Browse this list to ensure nothing is being forgotten in the purchasing process.


how to choose sit stand desk
how to choose sit stand desk

HeightDifferent people will tell you different things about how high a sit-stand desk should be. Many insist on a height range between 22.6” up to 48.7”. If there will be people sharing the desk, a large height range such as that is recommended.



If it’s in an office environment, people like to spread out their own on their desk. If your sit-stand desk is going in a home office, depth is entirely up to you. In a public and professional environment though, it is recommended to use a 30” depth.


Yes, it’s difficult to tell how much noise a sit-stand desk will make while adjusting it. If you don’t know, ask. No one will want to adjust a desk like this if it’s constantly making loud, disruptive noises.


The faster the desk can rise and lower, the more motivation a person might have to use it. For some people, the speed of adjustment is a lower concern than others though and oftentimes, rightfully so.


Ease of movement

Think about how you want to be able to lift and lower your sit-stand desk’s height. Electric or pneumatic lifts are the quieter options. Hand cranks work just as well though.

Leg fatigue

For anyone who hasn’t used a sit-stand desk before, it’s extremely common to get tired standing. To combat this, a number of options can be recommended including wearing supportive shoes, adding a riser to support one foot, adding a gel mat, and others.


Different Ergonomic Settings

Some desks have a higher programmability than others, making them easier to adjust to set the right ergonomics for the user.



Does your sit-stand desk have weight restrictions – some actually do. You want to make sure that your desk can handle everything you want to put on it. Not all of them are going to be able to handle the weight of a desktop computer.



If you choose a height-adjustable sit-stand desk that requires power to function, make sure you have access to an electrical outlet.



Think about what you want to put on or around it. You don’t want to prevent height adjustments being made, out of fear of knocking over an unstable monitor or banging into a piece of lighting.

Keep these ten considerations in the back of your mind when making your sit-stand desk purchase!

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