How are We Different from Staples Sit-Stand Desk – a Discussion


Buying your first sit-stand desk oftentimes leads you to major corporate brands such as Staples. Sit-stand desks have become increasingly popular in part due to the support of these brands. The difficulty however is that the models offered through these major corporate retail chains oftentimes are overpriced, are not the best, and they plain and simple lack in customer service.


Part of the reason we started with Prime Cables was to provide Canadians with a Canadian alternative. Instead of buying American, choosing to support a Canadian sit-stand desk business actually has many benefits that go beyond simply supporting homegrown talent. We work hard to be able to provide citizens of every province with the lowest prices on sit-stand desks. All shipping is fast and free, every desk comes with a quality guarantee, and compared to the selection at Staples, for brand name sit-stand desks, we can provide them to you 50 percent off!


Past the price, there’s also more selection at Prime Cables. Instead of having to choose something that ‘sort of’ fits what you’re looking for. Find exactly what it is you want, tailored to your personal style and utility. We have a number of accessories as well that can be paired with your sit-stand desk, easily applicable to both a home office environment and a multi-person business.


When you’re looking for work to be comfy, productive, and engaging, choosing an ergonomic sit-stand desk will be the start of your journey towards being fit and energized. Each of the Prime Cables models were designed for the person looking to take their office to the next level. Go from sit to standing with ease and pair up a model with your existing office furniture. Some of the best-selling models we provide include the PrimeCables® Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk Riser ADR (26″ 680mm Wide) and the Rocelco® Height Adjustable Standing Monitor Ergonomic Desk  Black. If neither of these two models appeal to you, please feel encouraged to browse through our other height-adjustable options. Here is an opportunity to transform your workspace while partnering with a brand that considers Canada its home.


So remember. The next time that you want to visit Staples for sit-stand desks, you’re probably better off saving a couple bucks and getting a better quality riser at Prime Cables. Choose the size, style, and design that works for you, your laptop/monitor setup, and all you need it for!

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