How to Buy Bulk Network Cable for a Retail Price in Canada


For the times when you are working on a networking project and you need bulk network cable, you might consider going to a local corporate retail chain if you need it today. The sad thing about that is, even though they can get it to you right then and there, you’re going to overpay and for a product that you can find online at a much better price point.


Since 2007, Prime Cables has been assisting networking projects purchasing bulk network cables across Canada. Now, with an expended selection of more than four dozen options to choose from, we are sure you will find what you are looking for from within our inventory. Now, you can get better deals on bulk network cables that will match and oftentimes exceed anything you will find in retail.


If you have never bought from an online retailer, know that when you buy from Prime Cables, if you don’t like what you receive, just send it back. We promise to provide a free return if you receive your bulk network cables and you do not like them. We also have a 365-day guarantee meaning that if you buy from us and experience an issue with any of these cables, get in touch with us as soon as you can. We will do everything we can to fix the issue and if we can’t, we won’t hesitate to send new network cables along to you immediately.


Another point that bears mentioning is those that come to us seeking bulk network cables do so with a schedule in mind. We absolutely understand. All project managers are working within deadlines and structures that must be followed. Getting you your network bulk cable fast is a must. That’s why with every order, we provide priority shipping from both of our shipping locations in Vancouver and Montreal.


Please feel encouraged to browse our selection. The network cables we offer are strong, made to last, and come from only the best Canadian manufacturers. With the warranty and return policies alone, know that you are in good hands with Prime Cables. Get high quality bulk roles of Ethernet cables at unparalleled value, 1,000 feet long Cat5e Cat6 bulk network cables, and more! Better yet, if you have questions or concerns regarding length, quality, or something else, feel free to contact us.


Prime Cables is a trusted Canadian brand offering bulk network cables at low prices, with uncompromising quality.

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