How to Choose a Sit Standing Desk like a PRO?

In the last decade, office ergonomics have jumped ahead with the latest innovations in sit standing desks. For when you’re looking to take your office setup to the next level, knowing how to choose a sit standing desk will ensure you buy the right one for your needs.


The first step in learning how to choose a sit standing desk is to recognize that it should fit your workspace. Know the maximum size you can accept into your workspace. Don’t buy something too big or too underwhelming.


The second thing to consider when buying a sit standing desk is to consider how it will impact you physically. The ergonomic purpose of a sit standing desk is to decrease fatigue, improve energy levels, and reduce discomfort and physical stress on the body. Everybody is a little bit different with regards to how they choose to maximize the capability of an ergonomic desk. When you’re working an eight-hour work day, you’re not going to be standing the whole time. Therefore, you want a desk that will be easily adjustable for you so that it can be modified from a standing position to a sitting one preferably within seconds.


Most people choose to partner a sit-standing desk with other office accessories to heighten the effectiveness of their ergonomic office setup. Remember, this is all about cutting down on physical discomfort and reducing the amount of time you sit. Whether that’s ten minutes every hour or longer, an ergonomic office setup should keep your body engaged. The average person spends up to 7-8 hours a day sitting while some of us may spend up to 15 hours a day. Prolonged sitting comes with many health challenges, including musculoskeletal disorders of numerous varieties. By adding ten minutes of standing time to your office routine every hour, you can mitigate the risks.


Another aspect of buying a standing desk that you want to consider is cost. Many corporate retailers heighten the prices on many sit standing desks to the point where they become unaffordable. Prime Cables is a Canadian-made marketplace, serving Canadians since 2007, with many sit standing desks and related accessories in our inventory. Please feel encouraged to browse through our sit stand desk guide here to get a grasp on what might be the best option for you. We have a range of sit standing desks at different price points and with different features.


Buying a sit standing desk will change the way that you do work. Improve your productivity and see your body retain more strength throughout the course of a workday. Anyone who has worked somewhere where prolonged sitting is required knows the pain and discomfort that sometimes comes with that. By alternating from sitting to standing and standing to sitting, reap the rewards of a body that is more engaged.

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