This Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat is Awesome – Buy it this Black Friday!

ac588-PrimeCables-Cab-STM01-1-Monitor-Desk-Mounts-Anti-fatigue-Standing-Mat-Multi-Purpose-Comfort-Mat-PrimeCables-Rebuild and reinvigorate your desk workstation with Black Friday deals from Prime Cables. This year, we are offering a combination offer of a sit standing height adjustable desk ergonomic riser with an anti-fatigue standing mat for $225.99!


The advantages of a sit-standing height adjustable ergonomic desk are well established. Prolonged sitting increases the risk of contracting numerous negative health conditions. Having an ergonomic-designed sit-standing desk and limiting sitting time significantly reduces these risks.


Now combine this with an anti-fatigue standing mat. These mats are designed to help relieve the effects of standing regularly throughout the work day. Though you might not think about the necessities of an anti-fatigue mat, they make a huge difference in reducing fatigue, preventing problems with posture, reducing body aches, stimulating circulation, maintaining your energy, and improving the general comfort of work.


Multiple studies have been conducted analyzing anti-fatigue standing mats and their ability to reduce discomfort. Those of us that are not used to standing for prolonged periods can experience severe fatigue over time. Anti-fatigue mats have been shown to give subjects significant extended productivity and matching that with a sit-standing desk, you’re going to see major benefits in your productivity, yes, but also in the way your body feels after a long work day.


The sit standing desk comes 35” wide, with 12 available height adjustment options, support grooves for any smartphone or tablet, an advanced design to ensure that clamping injuries are non-existent, and knobs for easy height adjustment. The anti-fatigue standing mat is a soft foam layer that will adapt to the contours of one’s feet and has claims to relieve fatigue by 50% and higher. Together, they come with free shipping to anywhere in Canada and will arrive at your front door in no time.


Anti-fatigue mats are a must-have for any ergonomic office setup. Create a more productive environment for yourself while reducing back pain and stress when standing for long periods of time. The prevention of injury and fatigue are key to maintaining strong productivity.


These types of mats have been used in the past in heavy duty manufacturing and warehouse environments. As ergonomic setups are incorporating standing positions into their daily routines, it’s important to have something that is going to prevent the discomfort that comes with standing for an extended period of time. This dual combination offer is a Black Friday exclusive. Capitalize on the low cost offers provided by Prime Cables and save yourself hundreds of dollars in the process!

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