A Complete Guide for Choosing a TV Wall Mount and Stand

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Finding the right mount for your TV has never been easier thanks to the large selection of TV wall mounts and stands at Prime Cables. Please feel free to browse extensively through our TV wall mount category. With free shipping on all orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada, save money today on all 4K, LED, LCD TV wall mounts.


If you’re not already mounting your flat-panel TV in your home, we recommend it and here’s why. These aren’t the bulky and heavy TVs of yesteryear. A flat-panel TV is light enough and thin enough to be easily mounted, creating a more theatrical viewing experience for you and your family. Also, it saves a ton of space and can help elevate the general aesthetics in a room.


When you’re browsing TV wall mounts and stands, it bears keeping in mind what kind of movement you want the TV to have. Many consumers prefer a fixed position, while others may want to have some motion to their wall mount. Though a fixed position can save on cost and works for most families, many opt for motion-friendly TV wall mounts which allows you to modify a TV’s position in accordance with where you are stationed in the room. Beyond the fixed v. motion TV wall mount consideration, you also want to ensure that the item you select is able to carry the size and weight of your TV. Not every wall mount is built the same and each comes with recommendations on what size TV they can safely carry. It’s important to follow these restrictions as a mount can bend and sag with a TV too heavy, or worse, may break causing property damage or personal injury.


If you have any concerns about a TV wall mount dropping your television monitor, know that if they are properly installed, they are built to last. There also shouldn’t be any problems as long as the TV is accurate in its placement. Fortunately, installing a TV wall mount does not require specialized training and can be easily done by any adult. Be sure to read instructions on where to place screws or bolts. Also, it makes sense to anchor the TV to studs in the wall. We say this because standard drywall or plaster may weaken over time, causing the TV to eventually fall. If you do have any reservations about installing a TV wall mount yourself, there are plenty of professionals and home theater businesses who would be able to help.


After you decide on what kind of TV wall mount you need, it’s as easy as buying and taking a few minutes to set it up.

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