Got a Projector or Bookshelf Speaker – Meet Canada’s Top Projector Mounts

shop bookshelf speaker online ?
shop bookshelf speaker online ?

Many Canadians are upgrading their home theater systems to reflect something a little more advanced and a little more theatrical. Among the accessories being added are projectors and bookshelf speakers. With these comes the decision of what projector mount or bookshelf speaker mount  is appropriate for their setup. With so many options out there to choose from it can be difficult to decide on what mount is the correct choice. Though it may seem unimportant, a mount goes beyond just utility and can help add a tech-advanced, modern feel to any room.


There are numerous reasons you may want a mount for your projector or speakers. Many Canadians are keen on them because they create a more immersive viewing experience, making it feel more like you’re at the theater rather than in your home. That said, they do add up in cost quite quickly if you do not know where to look. Instead of spending a fortune on equipping yourself with projector mounts or speaker mounts, visit Prime Cables. In our speaker and projector mount category, we have several options to choose from under $30. We’ve quality tested every item in our catalogue, ensuring it meets our high standards and that they are built to last.


Before you start your search for a projector mount, it doesn’t hurt to give some thought to the room setup. Decide on what you want to buy for the room. If you don’t already have a defined idea for what you want to do with your room and/or if you want to entertain some alternatives, a look through our projector mount and speaker mount catalogue may give you some ideas.


There is no single selection when it comes to what the best projector or speaker mount is. Depending on your home theater system, any of these options may be right for you. For $9.99, you may choose from an adjustable satellite speaker wall mount with a maximum weight of 7.7 pounds; universal sound bar speaker brackets; or a heavy duty universal wall and ceiling projector bracket, supporting up to 44 pounds. At a slightly higher price point, for $19.99, there’s the universal ceiling project mount supporting a weight of up to 55 pounds. Also, for something a little different, you may choose to go with a height adjustable metal satellite speaker floor stand set of two for $25.99. To get more information on any of the recommended projector mount and/or speaker mount options, feel free to browse the Prime Cables catalogue thoroughly.

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