On PrimeCables’ 4th Birthday, we are selling our HDTV antenna even cheaper!



HDTV antennas do not come cheap. There are some that fetch upwards of hundreds of dollars, especially for outdoor HDTV antennas which are known for having extended ranges. Instead of spending all of that money on an antenna that may not get you your money’s worth, save it with PrimeCables.


For PrimeCables’ 4th annual birthday celebration and sale, we are selling our HDTV antennas even cheaper. Browse thoroughly to discover indoor and outdoor antennas at the lowest prices in Canada. Keep in mind that when PrimeCables goes cheap, it’s only on price! Receive high quality antennas such as this Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna PrimeCables® FM/WHF/UHF for big discounts. The aforementioned indoor TV antenna is selling for $27.99 however for a limited time, receive it for only $4.99. That’s your very own HD TV antenna for under $5!


In terms of quality, the Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna – PrimeCables® is an amazing starter antenna. Firstly, it boasts a convenient design that essentially allows you to hide it from view wherever is most convenient. Though it might not look like a powerful antenna, it comes with an impressive range and the ability to receive high-definition TV broadcasts from local towers. Assuming this is for a residence near a broadcast tower, a person could potentially pick up as many as fifteen to twenty channels.


The setup is also really easy. All you need to do is unwrap, plug in, and scan. The indoor TV antenna comes with free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and if you can pair it with other items to meet a minimum threshold of $49, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


Considering the discount bringing the price of this HDTV antenna under $5, one would be significantly challenged to find anything similar at this price point that works as well as the Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna – PrimeCables®. Receive free network TV without those ugly-looking rabbit ears. Go for something a little more modern and effective. Cutting the cord has never been easier thanks to the fact that 1080p HD TV is just a click away via an antenna. Unlike options which might have to be affixed to the wall or ceiling, this antenna is not such an eyesore. Check it out for yourself and read the reviews. Buy from PrimeCables today to get an indoor TV antenna for under $5 that will still get you crystal clear 1080p high-definition signal.

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