PrimeCables’ Surge Protector with WiFi Smart Power sells for only $24.99 on our site and we’re in stock!

If you have been on the search for a surge protector to ensure your electronics are not harmed, PrimeCables has an excellent deal for you on their PrimeCables birthday party online. Though corporate retail is quick to provide limited surge protectors for upwards of $30 and above, at PrimeCables, we like to keep costs down for consumers. That’s why we’re offering the exclusive PrimeCables’ surge protector with WiFi Smart Power for under $25!

PrimeCables surge protector with amazon alexa google compatibility

The Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip Surge Protector App Controlled 3 Outlets 2 USB Fast Charging PrimeCables® has a standard list price of $49.99 however for a limited time only, we’ve brought it down to $24.99. This highly advanced surge protector is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, is all controlled through the app, and has a continuous fast charging USB port. Find the same product through a retailer like Wal-Mart and you’ll see the price spike well above $40 and maybe even $50. At a 50% discount, the PrimeCables’ surge protector is a steal!

Evidently, Canadian households buying surge protectors may do so with a wide range of needs in mind. To touch upon each of those needs, it requires a product that is very diverse. In application, this surge protector more than meets the needs of buyers.

No one wants a surge protector that is outdated and/or that’s unreliable. This surge protector is a noticeable improvement over other models at this price point. When employed in a household or commercial setting, you won’t need to worry about electronics getting fried or devices experiencing a jolt of electricity at any point. Manufactured to the highest quality and featuring all of the latest advancements in surge protector technology, this product was specifically designed with the consumer in mind. An affordably priced surge protector that provides the highest level of service, prepare your home with device protection methods such as this.

PrimeCables is a Canadian-based eCommerce site that specializes in the sale of cables, adapters, surge protectors and all types of electronics. Any order priced at $49 and above receives fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Also, when you buy the Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip Surge Protector App Controlled 3 Outlets 2 USB Fast Charging PrimeCables®, receive free returns and a 1-year product guarantee ensuring full customer satisfaction with your purchase.

Surge protectors have come so far as a piece of tech in the last decade. Having improved significantly over traditional designs, the PrimeCables’ surge protector for $24.99 is an awesome buy and a great way to add more connectivity to the household.

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