5 Perfect Back to School Shopping Products you can Buy Today from PrimeCables

There’s no shortage of parents already involved, to some degree, in back to school shopping for this September. Though the school year just ended weeks ago, it’s never too early to get started. Who knows, you may end up saving a pretty good amount of money knowing when and where to buy, and how to capitalize.


For example, there are some pretty amazing deals you can find for back to school shopping in the PrimeCables catalogue. As a Canadian-made eCommerce company, PrimeCables has been a go-to destination for homeowners, parents, and tech enthusiasts seeking to buy Canadian. So in this article, we would like to count down 5 perfect back to school shopping products that you can buy today from PrimeCables.


Back to School Product #1 – USB Type-C Cables

Today every student uses smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets, wearables, and more. Any contemporary mobile tech device manufactured after 2015 will likely require a USB Type-C cable to sync and charge it. Though it might not be at the top of the list for back to school shopping, a USB Type-C cable ensures your smartphone is never dead during the school year!


Back to School Product #2 – HDMI Cables

PrimeCables has numerous HDMI cables to browse, making the home entertainment experience easy to handle. As a back to school shopping gift to yourself, search HDMI cables that match your needs, including HDMI micro cables and mini cables, to 4K, Ethernet, VGA, DVI, Flat-Type, and Ultra-Slim connectivity options. There are some priced as low as $2.99!


Back to School Product #3 – Power Cables, Adapters, and Surge Protectors

We’ve put these back to school products all under the same category. In the classroom, preparing a presentation at home, or whatever the case may be, you don’t want to see your entire A/V setup suddenly cut out. Buy high quality extension cords, surge protectors, power strips, power adapters, power cables, and power cords from PrimeCables all on discount.


Back to School Product #4 – Ergonomic Workstations

Being comfortable studying at home is a huge component to a successful school year. Shopping back to school with PrimeCables, you can buy numerous ergonomic products on discount including a height-adjustable sit-standing desk, office chair, monitor mount, and more. Re-design the way you study at your very own personalized ergonomic workstation solution.


Back to School Product #5 – Audio Cables

Any musician, filmmaker, or visual artist going to school to study and share their passion of choice, audio cables are an important component to the tech side of things. Browse PrimeCables’ discount high quality audio cables including speaker wires, digital coaxial, RCA, 3.5mm, and Toslink digital optical.

Canadians shop PrimeCables every summer to find the best deals, discounts, and promotions on products like these and others. For new and existing customers, feel free to stop in any time to begin saving!

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