Upgrade your At-Home Computer Study Area with a Fully Adjustable Two-Screen Monitor Mount

Spend a week with our dual LCD monitor fully adjustable heavy-duty desk mount and you’ll begin to see why more Canadians are switching to a monitor mount aesthetic. Now imagine now only being able to lift your monitors into the air but being able to rotate, swivel, and tilt them according to the viewing perspective you want to take. That’s just the beginning of what you’ll find when you upgrade your at-home computer study area with PrimeCables’ monitor desk mount.


For those that have a workstation set up for themselves, look around the top of your desk and you’re likely to see quite the mess. That’s not necessarily a reflection of anything other than the natural way things tend to go with each one of us. Before we had our fully adjustable two-screen monitor mount, the tops of our desks were the same. If we’re being completely honest, we still have messy desktops. The only difference now is that we have a lot more space to work with because instead of having so much space being taken up by our computer monitors, they’re now suspended in air on a mount, thereby freeing up that space.


There are other advantages to having a monitor desk mount including being able to adjust the height according to your ergonomic position. When you buy from PrimeCables, you’re going to receive one of the highest quality monitor desk mounts at its price point, and something that is easy to set up and adjust as you see fit. There are a wide variety of fully adjustable two-screen monitor desk mounts available through PrimeCables, including the on-sale Dual LCD monitor desk mount heavy duty fully adjustable fits two screens up to 27″ for $29.99!


This upcoming school year, if you’re into graphic design, editing work, professional writing, music production, video production, or anything similar that requires multiple monitors to get the job done, this is exactly what you want to have. The more monitors you add to a desktop, the more space they take up. Install a dual monitor mount and keep that space freed up while having your monitors positioned perfectly according to your needs. Though dual monitor mounts are commonly used in the gaming market, anyone can upgrade their at-home computer study area with these products and be better off for it.


Shop with PrimeCables today to get the latest products and everything you need to keep your at-home workstation ready for the upcoming school year. At the end of the day, rest assured knowing you’ll finally have the perfect place to study, research, and work.

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