Get Home Theater Essentials with our PrimeCables Sound Bar System

Home theater essentials include many things, like TVs, wall mounts, cables, adapters, amplifiers, sound systems, speakers, projectors, media streaming devices, and so much more. As one of Canada’s top home theater eCommerce sites, PrimeCables has everything you’d ever need to build the ultimate home theater entertainment center for you and your family.


This upcoming September, it’s our special home theater sale month. For September only, enjoy several amazing deals on everything from entry-level electronics to some of the most advanced home theater accessories in Canada. PrimeCables has hundreds of products that would suit any household looking for a home theater upgrade.

Bluetooth speaker mount
Bluetooth speaker mount

One of the top home theater essentials on PrimeCables’ list is a stereo Bluetooth soundbar. Plug in everything from your TV or projector to the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, DVD player, and more. Whether you’re familiar with a Bluetooth soundbar or not, they are a great option for anyone seeking a minimalist speaker setup with strong power behind it. Though it’s a subtle addition to the home theater setup, you’ll definitely know it’s there when you turn it on.


Buy the Stereo Sound Bar Bluetooth 2.0 Wired and Wireless Speaker 30 Inches – PrimeCables® today for only $56.99. Featuring multiple input option, a fully functioning remote included, superior sound quality, and modern, contemporary, slim design, set it up just underneath your screen. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a surround sound system, choose a Bluetooth soundbar and enjoy the same high quality sound experience without going all out.


At this price point, normally, the types of speaker systems you’ll find are pretty basic and don’t give the quality of sound so many of us strive for. Regarding this Bluetooth soundbar, we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you hear it. It’s not going to break the bank and its distinguishing features make it well worth a purchase. Though you can find more expensive models, bigger models, and more industrial designs, all things considered, this is a high quality product that has won many fans among those seeking an advanced home theater accessories setup. Also, any time you shop with PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee.


Browse numerous home theater essentials on discount for PrimeCables’ big home theater sale month this September. Enjoy exclusives and promotions, with some prices marked down by as much as 70 percent off. Shop PrimeCables today for deals on this Bluetooth soundbar speaker and more.

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